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Settling disputes [job]

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1 Settling disputes [job] on 28/02/17, 11:31 pm


The morning was brisk, the clouds rolled by like any other day in Kou. Just like any other day in Kou, the war was breeding more trouble as always. This time the trouble it was bringing was the citizens that began to revolt. With the civil unrest the people began to turn against the troops that protected them. It was because of the people who will killed, believing that they were doing nothing but harm the people began to attack and fight back. This was something that Merrze would definitely have to step into, if she didn't more people than necessary were going to die There was a good chance the soliders wouldn't be able to overpower them without killing them or possibly attracting more attention. The white-haired lioness on the other hand might be able to solve this enigma. She would easily be able to overpower the group of citizens even if they did have an advantage.

In a hurry the fanalis could be seen running towards the city, she had been leading her troop to the city to join the armies. As they approached nearer they heard farmers taking about an ongoing riot they had heard about. It would normally seem like something trivial to most or of little insignificance to someone as strong as the fanalis. However, this was exactly something she should be stepping into f she had the power to do something. These people needed to be stopped without being killed or it would only help fuel the flames of war. That's exactly what Gao wanted, to try and get the people on his side through hate and malice. This feisty warrior would not let the lives of people be taken when they were just angry at the troubles they were caused by the war. It was also likely that if they were killed that it would also give Gao more supporters.

Her feet pressed against the ground, up kicking dirt as she ran with a great force. She was entering the city and the place was starting to get far more crowded. The dirt which she was running on barefoot turned to roads with rocks and other stones. The hard material digging into her bare feet.. getting between her toes, digging between . The area flooded with noise like a great wave, it could be heard in the distance. She was approaching a great source of strike. She would quickly pick up speed whilst approaching the place. Once she had turned a corner there it was, a group of people gathered around and fighting.

The clamored about, struggling to get past the armed men, with the pedestrians wanted some sort of fight. As it looked things were starting to escalate as they hit some of Yoshis men with their tools or whatever weapons they had equipped. Striking down, causing scars and bleeding. It was time to put an end to this conflict before someone get killed. She took a deep inhale and would approach them. Hopefully things could be solved with words but Merrze would be prepared for combat. Barehanded she would plan to take out all of the citizens and not kill a single one of them.

She walked calmly to them and would begin speaking for possible terms of negotiation. "Listen I know you're upset but attacking these guards will do nothing. These men have families, they are just doing their job doing what they need to do to protect the people."

One of the people said roughly back at Merrze. "Why should we care, these government dogs have the choice of who they do and don't kill. They could've went easier in trying to subdue people. They've been killing people, they need to pay for their actions with their bodies" The man would then continue to badger the troops before him.

She gave a heavy sigh, it was time for some unsightly stuff the fanalis thought. Pacing over there she would kick the knee of the man who talked back to her breaking it with ease. With shrieks of pain the remaining 8 of them would attempt to come at Merrze. They noticed something bigger and stronger had come here to disrupt their attack on the guards. They didn't realize that attacking the white haired warrior would most likely be a fatal mistake. With angry chants they would raise their weapons, and begin marching towards the her as she would soon get in stance to prepare for their oncoming attack.

AS they would start to gather around the fanalis, they would prepare to use strike as one. She just gave a slight smirk towards them as they started to go in for their attack. Within a quick moment she would strike the ground with her fist using the technique Fist of the giant AS the fist would strike the ground the earth would tear up around her slightly sending a shortwave out to the remaining 9 who stood around her. They would all fall down shrieking in pain as their legs were damaged to were they would no longer be able to riot against her or the fellow troops of Yoshiro. She had managed to quell things quickly by incapacitating the rioters who had caused trouble.

It was not the most positive way to handle things,it was still most likely the best decision. The people who had spoke out and began to attack most likely wouldn't be willing to listen to reason. They had gathered weapons and attacked men just trying to do their job. It was sad that things had to resort to violence, it was war though so that meant violence was going to happen nonetheless. War would also tear the people of a country apart, it would make it were cooperating would be hard for either side no matter how things ended. Who knows what types of trouble that would cause for them, how the people react at either outcome. One things was for sure though. Gao had to be stopped, and this fanalis was going to do her best to make sure of it.

Even though the people had attacked the military men they had decided to pick up the wounded men and women who decided to fight. Even though they were n different sides, and they were getting hit earlier they decided to help. After all the troops existed for the purpose of benefiting the country and protecting its citizens They would do such a kind act yet the war would still slander all of Yoshiro's men as dirty murderers. AS people who wished to destroy this country and rule it under an iron fist. One thing was for sure, when things were over people who have to learn how to live with one another again. Many might even have to flee the country in fear they will be killed by the political leaders.

The job had seemed to be finished for the day which made a sigh of relief exit from her mouth. Things would most likely dwell on her for. She was conditioned to the world, she was used to the pain an issues. Yet Merrze still worried and though about what she could do that would help the people. To show that they have the ability to take a chance, this was their country after all, and what was a king without his kingdom. The constant struggle and thoughts in her head would make the woman confused. At least since things were calmed down she would be able to go report like she had originally planned to come here for before she found out about the dispute that had took place.

Now ready to head towards the camp of in the distance there would be a group of men finally catching up to Merrze after sometime. Now that everyone was together they began to walk towards the base camp. She had done a few tasks in the war to help Yoshiro, now it was time to let her plan be known. She was coming with her people and to announce how she would help win this war for Yoshiro and the people that cared about prosperity of the nation. They would walk for sometime before it would appear before her. With their stuff all gathered Merrze would approach the door. In her most booming voice she would scream out to them.

"Those who are inside, my name is Colonel from the fanalis corps of Reim, I come here to inform you though that I have come her for personal reasons. I have come to offer my assistance in the war. Not only do I bring my own power to the table but I also bring with me here a group of 100 capable men and women. So what say you, are you prepared for the tides of war to turn in our favor once again." Her words echoed but the doors would begin to creak slightly. Her speech may have bee a little crude but it seemed to work. She got the point across and why she was here, and she was here to get business done.

Stamina: 530/560
word count: 1528/1500own first with kick to knee, knocked down rest with ability used.
abilities used:
Knocked d
Miathios Style: Fist of the giant
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The User must be standing on solid ground, the ground must also be breakable.
Scaling: For every 10 stamina the size of the ability is increased by 5 meters.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30|15 stam

  • The user slams their fist into the ground creating a shockwave that is 8m insize around the user, dealing B-tier damage to anyone standing in it.


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