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Preparing for the war [Job/Private]

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1 Preparing for the war [Job/Private] on 28/02/17, 10:34 pm


The air was brisk, she stood there before her soliders. The white haired woman had called a meeting among them. Many of them stood there with resolute looks just looking ahead at the white haired woman. She was their leader and they respected her, doing what she asked of them. Yet today's matter was something of a more different nature. Normally she would lead them to help her out with her personal tasks. Yet, now she was asking them to join in a war they had no real reason to join in. Many would most likely assist her. The warrior would could not in good conscience allow them to just follow her blindly into such a dangerous battle without taking their thoughts into consideration. She stomped her feet firmly against the ground gathering stragglers attention. Then in a power and resolute voice she would bestow the plan upon them.

"I will try to keep this brief ladies and gentlemen, you all know why I have gathered you here this day. The war in Kou has been something that I have ties too. Many of you most likely have no ties to it at all, or care for it.Yet I plea, that you will all join me in my endeavor to win this war. The odds seem like they may be stacked, things will always seem like that. It seems like a useless war, that is just a dispute between power hungry people." Her voice boomed, echoing around. With a quick pause for breath the monologue would soon continue.

"In the beginning of my journey I arrived in the city of Reim, when the  original war had taken power. I had seen the type of beliefs that Gao had and how he planned to attack that place. The place that I called home, so I prepared to fight in war, a task I had never thought I would ever have to do. We won that war on both sides. Reim won, and so did Kou allowing Yoshiro to take control of the thrown. Yet somehow the tyrant who was killed has resurrected and is trying to claim power once more. My soliders, we cannot allow this to happen. We shall not let a man of such evil take control. It may not be our country but it is in fact our world. Many of you have followed me to create a better world. The first step will be here, to assert ourselves and lets ourselves be known."

The 100 troops gave a slight jeer, the fanalis would give out one more shout before things would come to an an end. "So who here has the guts to join me on my mission. Who wishes to help me, and rise above the challenge for our cause and this world!"
With this shout they would all gather and scream. They might not have cared about the war. Or the people of Kou, but they did support their leader. They knew she was a strong and righteous woman who only wanted to do her best for the people. So they would join this fight, they would join this war.


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