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Grand Stake Out [Job]

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1 Grand Stake Out [Job] on 27/02/17, 11:17 pm



Job Name: The Emperor's New Armor
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has decided he will be joining the front lines of the war soon and has ordered a new suit of armor be forged for him. However, the man he ordered the armor from has already given his support to Gao Yuan Zu and hired mercenaries to keep Yoshiro’s soldiers away. Yoshiro has sent one of his elite soldiers to convince the man to work for him despite his pledge to Gao Yuan Zu. Choose which side you stand on! *+3 influence to the side you support*

Enemies if you support Yoshiro:

Enemy Name: Hired Mercenaries (x4)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: Just an average-looking mercenary. Each of them carries simple gear with random weapons or shields of C-tier quality.
Slash ~ The mercenary steps forward and slashes with their sword vertically dealing B-tier damage.
Cut ~ The mercenary steps backwards dodging a blow and then leans in to slash horizontally dealing C-tier damage.
Parry ~ The mercenary uses their shield or weapon to bat an incoming attack off to the side defending against B-tier damage.


Enemies if you support Gao Yuan Zu:
Enemy Name: Tao
Rank: A-Tier
Needed damage to take down: A-Tier
Description: An elite soldier dispatched by Yoshiro. He is wearing top notch equipment with a B-tier spear, a B-tier sword, and a B-tier shield. He moves as fast as a C-tier fanalis.
Painful thrust ~ Tao lunches forward on one foot stabbing with his spear to deal A-tier damage.
Blade’s dance ~ Tao spins in places with spear in one hand and sword in the other. His spear stabs outwards dealing B-tier damage in a 360 degree arc. The sword swipes side to side parrying B-tier damage from the opposite side of his body that his spear is attacking from.
Dragon’s Breath ~ A magoi manipulation technique where Tao imbues the dust at his feet with magoi and then kicks it towards his opponent. The dust is hardened by the magoi dealing B-tier damage in a 1m wide fan that travels 2m away
Shone as radiant as the sparks of this Civil War of the Kou Empire, that of the hung up lit ball that was renowned as the sun. "Hm... Its a hot ass day! Oi Trently! You heard about those hearsay words that have been flung about!?" Inquiring an issue at hand in regards to Yoshiro, Shian's glands of sweat teared down his heat struck face. "Hm? What are you on about? Flung about?" In an unaware questioning manner, Trently tilted his head just slightly as he stared at Shian whom had been honing his physical and mental state; lashing out on a sturdy block of wood. "Damn! If I don't become tougher then I'll end up wasting when the Civil War's actual climax starts! You too Trently! Hurry your ass up and train with me!" Dawning out an angry blade, Shian amounted a force to reckon with onto these blocks of wood. "Hm... Then I suppose.. Hiah!" Unsheathing that of an brilliant blade, gifted to his hands by his now late grandfather, Trently jutted his blade into a robust tree that was truly grained into the soil of the earth. Scars that took shape as a strike was shot at the tree's bark, it was a routine that Trently and Shian had done ever since the start of the Kou Empire's Civil War. Vigorously, both Trently and Shian sunk in an effort to improve as they swung their swords almost simultaneously. Fading into an obscure shard, that of the hearsay spoken about would not breeze over their shoulders until it's time initiated into an overdrive motion. "Hm..." Dark it was as a shadow's cast blanketed over the Kou Empire, night's fall advanced the woven thread that was this tale.

Those whom sought to ride out into the vast fields of in which brawling battles partake, an reliable armor to accompany you would be an absolute true privilege. "Ohohoho! Did you hear lately? Yoshiro ordered an armor of the full body yet due to Gao Yuan Zu's recent uproar, almost all of the renowned blacksmiths favor his faction instead of that vile Yoshiro's! Wouldn't be surprised if Yoshiro orders an elite to handle those fools! Ohoho!" Speaking on behalf of the rumors, an ear full was caught by Trently whom was striking out on an stroll alongside Shian; a fellow mate of his. "Hm..?" In a sole motion, Trently flustered his head backwards in interest. "Oh, if I may ask? Where is this occurring?" Departing into the two's conversation, as he left Shian temporarily, Trently spoke. "Huh? You think you'll be able to handle elite Yoshiro soldiers? Don't make me laugh kid! Oho! You'll just be robbed of your life, its not a type of task a mere soldier can handle! Though if your still interested then I can't stop you! Its known as Lion's Den!" Apprising the youth of the troubled blacksmith, Trently set off almost immediately upon hearing of the blacksmith's establishment. Alongside Shian, the duo headed for this blacksmith in search of being hired to fend off any of Yoshiro's soldier that may be dispatched.

"Yo! Is this Lion's Den!?" Barging an open slab of wooden origins wide ajar, Trently flamboyantly burst out that of a question he owned for the establishment. "Ah! Yoshiro! We shall never serve your foul state of mind! Uh- Oh... Wait! Are you by any chance of Yoshiro's elite? You don't seem to be a tough one huh? Wait! No! You must be fooling me! You're only disguised as a puny kid to catch me off guard! Ahahaha! Well, you won't catch this old man by the neck! If you don't want your head chopped off then I advise you high tail outta here punk! Hiah!" Soaring a sole edge of a sharpened metal at Trently, it ran off it's course into a wall behind the youth. "Eh..." Shivering a fret down his spine as he churned his head backwards at the stuck knife in the wall, Trently could of swore that it was the end of his life at that second. "Ah! You have it all wrong old geezer! I've only come to help! Uh, well you see! I overheard that Yoshiro has had elites after you lately, if you don't mind ah. Hoped you can hire me to safe guard you and your forge. Ehehehehe!" In a rubbing fashion, Trently flowed his hand along the back of his neck as a tear of sweat trickled down his forehead. "Oh! Why of course! Eh, you think you can handle an elite though kiddo? What you have? Magical Sword? Magical Shield?" An inquiry to Trently's promise of protection, the elderly man gawked his head forward as he examined Trently. "Ah, I sadly left my Magical Sword at home! Don't worry though! Still have my trusty katana! You can count on me!" Unveiling on how he left Kutter's Katana back at home, Trently spoke on about how the old timed man could trust him. "Hahaha! You're a funny kid, you know!? Aight! You have the job buckaroo!" Approval onto Trently, it was assigned to the Yanaihara; duties in shielding the Lion's Den from the harm of Yoshiro's reign. Jammed into a petite barrel, Trently initiated his stake out task in guarding the Lion's Den. Steps of an unknown individual neared and closed in onto the range that Trently's ear could pick up. "Hm!?" Pasting an ear to the barrel's walls, Trently definitely distinguished a source to those steps. Peeking out an eye into the barrel's hole, Trently discovered that of an elite. Garbed as that of an elite, it was obvious that this figure had been sent out by Yoshiro Zu in order to have his armor be forged for when the heated battles began.

Escaping out the barrel that in which he was contained inside, Trently pierced an entrance to the outside that would grasp the elite's immediate attention. "Suspected that there would be an ambush of the sorts! Disregarding that however, you don't stand a chance against me child! Whom are you? Grandson of that elderly blacksmith here? What a sorrow filled fate you own that you shall perish by my blade!" Unwinding downward onto Trently who stood in opposition to him, an impact had been done in in which where Trently previously was located. Stamping on a talisman that activated with a flow of magoi, Trently bounced high above the Yoshiro elite's strike. Swooshing the empty and blank air where Trently stood, the elite flung his head around in curiosity. "Hiah!" Lashing out onto the elite as he dove down, the combatant lifted up his shield and defend against this blade that Trently violently threw. "Not bad at all kid! But not good enough!" Piercing Trently's shoulder with a hardy whirling blow, Trently suffered B-Tier worth of external damage. Tightly, Trently held on to his grandfather's dear katana, ducking out under a horizontal strike, Trently swung another vertical slash but was fended off by the man's shield. "Shit! You aren't bad! Yet I cannot allow you to force actions upon an innocent!" Leaping backwards, Trently bled from his shoulder. "Hmph! Puny!" At this time period, Trently had removed his talisman before diving down initially on this original strike. Mocking Trently, it only fueled the youth's eternal flame, rising out in an intense heat and light. "Dezu Atama!" Lunging out at Trently with his spear, Trently sidestepped and tapped onto the elite's arm. Disabling it's usage for temporarily, in a way to provide Trently the ability to limit his amount of combinations of his sword and spear. "Dragon's Breath!" Hardening the dirt that had been kicked at Trently with imbued magoi, it ran itself at Trently at a rapid pace. "Kunren Tori!" Driving a revolving blade at the elite as he leaped into the air once more with the talisman from earlier, in a diving fashion. Bulking a wall of defense up, the Yoshiro elite did not want to receive any fatal wounds by the hands of Trently. Stomping his foot down onto the shield, Trently landed behind the figure and shot his ability right into his leg. "Agh!" It shot from the wound of his, blood spurted and burst out of the wounded area in which Trently whirled his blade into. Descending to the dark night's ground as blood ran into the soil, it wouldn't be long until officers of Gao Yuan Zu's faction arrived and interrogated Yoshiro Zu's directed elite. "Hmph! Guess you aren't the run of the mill kid after all! Here you go chump! Although you probably just received an easy soldier, you still did great!" Gifting Trently with reaps of huang for the efforts in which he put forth.

WC: 1524
Magoi: 165
Stamina: 190

Abilities Used:

Yameru Shishi
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The only requirement is to be able to smack the target's selected limb with a sufficient amount of force with a blade, branch, or anything able to wielded that wont break on contact.
Scaling: 10+ Stamina for a two post duration of effect and 20+ Stamina for a three post duration
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Torento viciously smacks the limb of his target with any type of blade he is currently wielding. The force of the smack causes various vibrations to travel throughout the target's selected limb, stunning the selected limb for one post, rendering it useless for the time being.

Kunren Tori
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Trently must be able to spin the hilt of his blade while performing the technique.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 20 Stamina + 20 Stamina (A-Tier Scaling)

    Torento must lunge or thrust his blade or sword into whichever direction he wishes while drilling the hilt and blade at the target. This causes extreme tearing of the skin and muscle that can greatly harm the target. The target has difficulty ignoring the damage and harm done due to the massive tearing, bleeding, and wounding of the whole technique.

Feather Paper [Magic Item]:

Name: Feather Paper
Tier: C
Type: Magic Item - Talisman
Magic Type: Gravity
Appearance: A small piece of paper with several markings written in black ink. There is a magic circle on the back side. The paper itself is only 20cm long and 8cm wide.

  • Feather Mark - Feeding magoi into the paper causes it to stick to the next surface the user places it on. It will then cause the target to become weightless for 1 post. If the user places it on themselves, they can feed more magoi into it to continue the effect. This does not grant flight, however it does allow the user to to lift things they otherwise could not or jump higher than they would otherwise be able to. Unfortunately, it also makes it easier for the affected target to be blown away or knocked back making it a double edged sword if used on oneself. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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