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Building the guild Job 2

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1 Building the guild Job 2 on 26/02/17, 07:26 pm


Job Name: Source Checking
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Real Estate
Job Overview: After talking with the man you go to the outside of town and meet up with the lackeys of the bandit gang and take them out to learn about the location of their base.

Enemy Name: Cold Claw Grunt (x4)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Four scrawny looking men, who are all around 160 cm tall and move at an average speed, each carries a beaten up axe each that does up to D-tier damage.

  • Claw Strike - Two grunts strike from opposing sides to pinch their axes down onto the enemy to do C-tier damage together.
  • Frantic Attack - Out of pure panic a grunt will throw their axe at an enemy to deal C-tier damage to anything the axe will hit.

Ani wasn't able to gain much information from the merchant about the band of bandits. She only knew that they had taken over one of the merchants strongholds and that they had been attacking his trading routes. She was also able to get from him after a few hours of drinking to jump start his memory that the name of their group was the Cold Claw bandits. They had a flag which was just a crab's claw with a snowcapped mountain forming on the claw. She took this information as little as it was and began to cross reference their name and flag with various gang hangouts in the city.  It was going to be a few days she knew, as they were pretty good at hiding their tracks she had learned. She sat at her home for a few days only leaving really to go to nearby markets and taverns. Though she didn't do this for her leisure, she would go there and meet up with her contacts, usually she was able to go straight in and take care of her jobs, but this time around it was proving to be more difficult from the fact that she wasn't sure whom she had to beat up. Though after about a week of preparing she was soon able to meet up with one of her contacts who told her that there seemed to be a few grunts for the cold claw gang that would hang out around the outside of the town. She knew that this was her chance to gain some information about their leader.

She knew that there was a chance that the grunts could catch wind at her if the organization had any informants of their own, so she prepared to fight them that night. She didn't have much time to go back home to grab Hoyo or her weapon. She had to make it to the edge of town soon, so she could meet up with them before they would leave for the night. She strapped down her leather armor and made sure that she was in a fit enough condition to go handle all these people on her own. "Maybe I need to start practicing in that magoi manipulation thing, then I wouldn't have to worry about how the fight will go without my weapon." She said to herself a bit out loud as she began to shift through the alleyways happy enough to use the shortcuts as a way to ambush her enemies. It wasn't long however till she would make it to the edge of town. She didn't see anything of obvious importance at first, so she was worried that they could've already left and began to search around. Her luck had not failed her and soon enough she saw four grunts hanging around a barrel, where they toying around with a squirrel. She moved forward a bit seeing that they were torturing it. She bit into her lip a bit roughly as she saw that they were being cruel to the innocent animal, but she waited and clenched her fist.

She saw that they weren't all that impressive in general, but she could see that they each had what looked like shoddy axes. Though Ani wasn't going to underestimate them knowing that it was still incredibly easy for dull weapons to hurt another person if you weren't fighting smart enough, or with enough tact. She adjusted her straps and slowly walked passed the various buildings that outlined the outskirts of the town. Once she was close enough she assumed that jumping in on them and distracting them first would be a rather reasonable strategy in order to catch them off guard and pull of a decent enough attack. She pushed forward jumping  somewhat whilst letting out a battle cry as if to strike some fear into their hearts. She could tell that it worked somewhat from the fact that they jumped back a little. She smiled and cracked her knuckles, using her amazonian figure to intimidate the enemies. Soon enough though they noticed that she was carrying no weapon, or had a beast with her. The bandits got a little cocky and encircled her, and then all four of them attacked in pairs. the pairs each doing a claw strike towards Ani. She didn't have much time to react, so she took all four hits an axe into each one of her limbs. She groaned and smirked as she soon lifted her leg into the air when they pulled their axes out. "Caught in my trap!" She proclaimed as she brought down her thunderfoot knocking out all of the soldiers.

Ani groaned once the battle was over, seeing how easy the bandits were knocked out by one attack had her a bit disheartened about what their leader could be like. Ani patched up some of her wounds with cloth that she had in her pouches, it wouldn't stop the damage that they had done, but it would be enough to stop her from bleeding. She tied up all three of the bandits before taking on behind another alleyway. There she was interrogating the smallest of the grunts figuring that he would break the easiest. She was right and soo enough she was able to get the grunt to spill any and all information he had on their organization. Apparently they were new to Kou and they were just setting up operations. She learned of the strongholds location, and that their leader apparently held a magic weapon that did devastating damage. Ani thought that a magic weapon wielder could be a bit of a pain, but would definitely give her an interesting fight. She smiled and knocked the bandits out again before turning them over to the guards of the city. Ani was starting to get excited, her blood was boiling at the prospect of fighting with someone as strong as her, or even stronger. She smirked and soon went about planning her strategy for invading this stronghold that was only being held down by their leader.

Ability used:

Tier: C-tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks:Ani must lift her knee up  to her waist
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20/ 10 to sustain

    Ani slams her foot into the ground creating a shockwave  starting from .3 meters  around her  that is 5 meters in diameter that deals C-tier damage to anyone within the range.B-tie

Ability used:


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