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Building the Guild Job 1

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1 Building the Guild Job 1 on 26/02/17, 06:34 pm



Job Name: Real estate
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: While looking at locations for a place to set up a base of operations word of a man who has an interesting deal set up for you has reached your ears, meet up with this man and see what he is requiring of you.

Something peculiar had happened to Ani this morning when she had woken up in her place of stay in Kou. She had received a random letter from someone, she wasn't sure who as it was just sitting on a table inside of her dining room. She was surprised at first, but after she opened and read the letter she realized that it actually had quite a bit to do with her business in Kou. She had given word to a few fellow beast tamers and around at bars that she was looking to found her own organization, and that they needed some sort of base of operations in order to do so. The letter had detailed that there was a man who would be waiting inside the nearby tavern with information that could help the young Imuchakk woman. She was interested of course, so she sat down thinking to herself for a good while before eventually coming to the decision that she should at least meet up with this man and she what he had to offer her. Soon enough the curious woman got up and walked over to her stuff, before picking up her standard leather outfit and soon enough getting dressed so she could go out and meet the mysterious man. She thought about it for a moment and decided that there was no reason for her to bring along Hoyo, after all this was just a meet up and if Ani needed to harm anyone she could specifically use her natural strength to deal with any threats or teach them a lesson.

The bar was a bit distanced away from Ani's shelter, but she knew that it was  a safe place, she had been to the tavern a few times whenever she was done with taking Hoyo out for a walk, or come back from studying some of the animals from the wilderness of Kou. She walked for a while, passing by the faces of citizens some staring at her long blue locks and amazonian figure while others just brushed her off. She hummed softly thinking to herself, she was a bit excited about this and couldn't wait to meet the man and see what kind of deal he was wanting to offer her. When Ani got to the tavern she walked inside stopping for a moment before she saw a man wearing the red turban. She walked over and sat down in front of him before he began to speak. He was a merchant, he had various strong holds where he kept supplies and would often stop sometimes during long periods of stay. One of his older strongholds was attacked by a gang of bandits, claiming as their territory. The man said that if Ani would take care of the bandits who jeopardized his route she could keep the stronghold for herself. He gave her as much information he had about the bandits, but it was barely enough. Regardless Ani accepted these conditions and promised the man that she would take care of them. After all, she would get to enjoy a good fight and take a step towards her goal.

WC: 525/500


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