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Learning how to communicate [Class training]

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Merrze had been strengthening her body, but she had yet to finish training her for being in tune with nature and animals. She had been with her pet Fluffy for a long time, but she was too reliant on him. Unfortunately he had his limits and did not fit every situation. Yet she would only take an animal she trusted as a partner, for in order for her to work in unison with a creature she needed to have a strong bond with them. She didn't want to use animals, she wanted them to choose to stay by her side. To assist her in her journey for power. She needed more variety, so in order to improve her beast handling skills the women decided to go spend some in nature to better interact with the animals there. It was still only the morning of her training though. The sun was rising and the fanalis was just waking up. The light slightly peaked into her tent, breaking through her eyelids causing the girl to groan in displeasure.

Sitting up in the bed the fanalis white hair was ruffled, she looked tired and in mess.She ignored how her appearance would be, it was a trivial matter right now. She would roll herself from the bed of animal skins and go towards her chest, Unlocking it she pulled out some normal rags. She put on a par of baggy pants, and just wrapped her chest up and then draping a loose shirt over herself. With that she grabbed the bandanna from the inside before locking it. The air was moist and slightly cold, but she knew she wouldn't need anymore clothing. She wrapped her hair up while proceeding to exit the tent. A brisk breeze rolled by touching her face. The sun rising still looked like a jewel rising from the Horizon. It was a beautiful start to days away from it all.

She would pat her pets, kissing them both on the forehead. They would slumber without knowing she was gone, but her troop knew she would gone for a few days. She found it necessary to study the other animals out there and get to know them. she needed to found out how other creatures ticked and how to get along with them. Hopefully it would only take her a couple of days, time was essential after all. The stress of getting stronger and acquiring strong assets has made Merr stronger, but it had also provided her with more troubles.

With a quick glance at the camp the fanalis would start to run, jetting away from the camp at incredible speeds. Even going so fast that the earth behind her was getting torn up. The cold wind wrapped around her, but the cold feeling which tried to seep into her body melted away. Her heart was starting to race, the friction of moving warmed up her body. The fanalis decided she would keep running until a few hours had passed. As time crawled on she would find herself a fair distance away from the camp. Her feet sore, her body covered in dirt, and her lungs exhausted, she decided it would be a good time to rest, there was no need to go any farther. Whew, I'm so exhausted, I wish I had something to eat before I left. This is the price I pay for not taking care of myself sometimes.

The sun sat in the middle of the sky, the cold still poured in around, the days weren't always very warm around this time of year. Some animals would also have migrated away at this time so it would make finding some animals more difficult. There still seemed to be some herds still left in the area, the more stocky animals by the looks of it. Grazing off into the distance she could see what seemed to be a pair cows grazing. The fanalis lowered her body closer to the ground so she could stare without being  noticed. The goal was to watch right now.

Hours passed, and with that pass of time she followed the herd, slowly and sneakingly. How they interacted with on another, what their normal daily activities consisted of. Night was approaching, now most of them were lying down, but the action was not yet over. She had planned to go hunting, to try and pick off one of the cows without disturbing them, but in the distance she saw and heard the slight steps of a pack. Surrounding them was a pack of wolves. The red lioness decided she would stay hidden, and see how things went. She wanted food, but if the girl went in now she be attacked by the wolves. The warrior didn't want to kill more than what she would eat so the white haired girl would stay in the onlooker position for the time being.

They circled in, attacking the herd of cows, the large animals weren't as fast but there were more, so they stampeded. The large animals bumping into the wolves, knocking them away causing some confusion. Its not that the wolves were doing their wrong, it looked as if the season had been harsh on them. Their numbers were small and this leftover herd had more than triple their numbers. They would need more assistance, as at the end they only managed to get two cows. That wouldn't be enough to feed the entire pack. Along with the on looking beast tamer didn't want to steal their food from them With this she would form a plan in her head. After the wolves left the lioness would follow the pack of cows, keeping a stalking eye on them for her plan. First would come rest, the next day is when she would be able to feed and put forth her plan.

With the next day now here she made sure to wake up early. Quietly she would step close to the sleeping cows. She would choose the one that was farthest from the group. As she stepped up to it she would grab its head, whilst covering its mouth. With a quick action its neck would be twisted ending it's life. There was not a single whisper from the beast as it was dragged, Merrze had her first meal. Preparing a clean blade it was gutted in quick succession, making sure to precisely  out chunks of its flesh. There would be a portion for her, the one who had gathered this fine meal, the rest would go towards the pack of lurking wolves. It was time for things to be put into action.

The meat set aside for herself was scarfed down in an instant. Grabbing the scraps the girl would slink off, making sure to not make a single sound. The beasts slumbered as she approached the pack of canines, but quickly they would sense the strange presence, and the odor of a delicacy to them. Their eyes flashed open, darting towards her. Staring hungrily they would approach her, wondering why she had approached them with food. The one the seemed to be their leader came forth to her, its body hunched into a pouncing position. She offered the meat, but the beast had another idea and leaped onto her. It tried to latch onto her jugular vain, With a quick movement she grasped it by its fur, slamming the creature into the ground not to kill it but to show it submission. Then while it was down she offered the food to it again, shame was in its eye but it started to eat the food.

She signaled to them, and then the cows, to signify she wish to help them acquire food for themselves so they don't starve. The offer of meat and her show of power taught them for sure, that there would be nothing to lose in trying to work with her. "I only wish to help you, if you want more food follow me, I will teach you to overcome your strengths and work together even better. What you lack in power you can make up for in cunningness." She declared to the group, they seemed skeptical but she was a strange woman.

The pack followed after her, approaching the bovine heard which seemed to just be awaking. She waved her fingers, showing them to circle around and try to ambush them. After getting their order they would go and try to push the cows a certain direction. With a quick burst Merrze would arrived near them. She would bring her foot down on the creatures skull cracking it. The large mammal was dead with that single strike, the wolves looked astounded. Then she would kick from it striking another cow in the head. The two large beasts laid on the ground, their blood spilling. The wolves on the other hand didn't seem so successful. They had only managed to catch one of the cows, so in total there was three to share. It would take a bit, but she would work with them to understand how they hunted, and how to assist them into being better.

Two whole days had passed since she began. Slowly but surely the wolves were learning how to hunt with her. How to be more reliant on each others certain strengths and how to trick and surprise the cows. They would circle around again, some of the wolves would distract the herd. While they did that Merrze and two of them would manage to sneak in. Then quickly they would surprise them causing internal disruption. If they didn't know what was happening inside them they wouldn't know how to react to whats going on around them. They precisely began to pick off which ones were weaker, which ones seemed to be lost in the pandemonium. As they would handle that task Merrze would stay inside the herd knocking out two of the bigger ones.

Once they had finished their ambush they would reap the rewards. This time the hunt had been bountiful giving them plenty of sources of nourishment. Before them was two large bulls, and then a set of three smaller cows. Merrze would barely eat an entire bull, as she was conserving food, but this would be enough for the rest of the pack. They howled with happy tones , celebrating this bovine feast. It was the most successful hunt that had happened in a long time during this winter. They dined in digging into the flesh of their bounty. Tearing of pieces of meat, going as far as sucking the marrow out of the bones as they finished the meat. Enjoying and using every part of the animal was important, and it would provide them with a enough nutrients for the passing days.

They had finished their bountiful meal, now with the moon high and their tasks done they would prepare for sleep. It was a beautiful night for her to end her training as well. Over the passing days she had learned how they function, who ate first and what parts each other got to eat She had learned how a group of animals could function together most of all she learned how to command a group better. With training each of their strengths became obvious to her, how to best use each  of their skills to accomplish the objective. It was a difficult task, there were many of them. Many most likely had disdain for her as she was an outsider. Yet, they were pulled together, learning how to rely one one another instead of just simply all going on the offense hoping to overpower one or two cattle. With an ecstatic smile and the moons light spread like wings she would close her eyes. It had been fun but now it was over. The fanalis had done the best she could, she knew when working with the animals to utilize their strengths more. To allow them to also make up for her weaknesses in combat. The female could not accomplish every task on her own. Partnership was inevitable and important, even if it was with beasts, every asset is important to her.

Word count: 2,073/2000


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