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Come Getchur armor [Job]

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1 Come Getchur armor [Job] on 24/02/17, 07:20 pm


Job Description:
Job Name: The Emperor's New Armor
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has decided he will be joining the front lines of the war soon and has ordered a new suit of armor be forged for him. However, the man he ordered the armor from has already given his support to Gao Yuan Zu and hired mercenaries to keep Yoshiro’s soldiers away. Yoshiro has sent one of his elite soldiers to convince the man to work for him despite his pledge to Gao Yuan Zu. Choose which side you stand on! *+3 influence to the side you support*

Enemies if you support Yoshiro:

Enemy Name: Hired Mercenaries (x4)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: Just an average-looking mercenary. Each of them carries simple gear with random weapons or shields of C-tier quality.
Slash ~ The mercenary steps forward and slashes with their sword vertically dealing B-tier damage.
Cut ~ The mercenary steps backwards dodging a blow and then leans in to slash horizontally dealing C-tier damage.
Parry ~ The mercenary uses their shield or weapon to bat an incoming attack off to the side defending against B-tier damage.

The fanalis woke up in a tent, standing at a camp with her followers. They all sat there, waking up and making food for themselves. The sky was grey, with a slight light pushing through the clouds, it was a dreary day. The low roar of the newly created campfire was the only source of warmth on this cold day. As they all gathered around eating their gruel, or what ever food they had managed to make the fanalis would join them by the campfire. sitting around it were four troops, all of them in rags or chain mail, weapons at their side. They wre chatting while sitting lazy around the fire eating what good they had. Standing over the fire was a large black cauldron with what seemed to be some sort of stew in. Boring food, but its food she thought to herself. Sitting down the fanalis grabbed one of the crudely shaped wooden bowls and poured some of the soup into it. Looking incredibly unappetizing as it sloshed in there. "I see the chef has blessed us with another gourmet meal." She tiredly said wile the others laughed.

"You know what its decided, after the war I'm using whatever we collect to buy us some quality food." the girl said to the men gathered around.Speaking back starting discussion among them.

"You know boss, I think that would be a good idea, the food looks likes its a alive." groaned of of the men, of average build with a shaved head.

Another pointed the his spoon at him taunting "Yeah someone as old as you needs to eat better, you're already slowing us down."

"Oh shut it ya punk, at least I didn't put my helmet on backwards." He taunted back. The men jeering, poking fun at one another why the damp air, cloudy skies and the paste-like food had failed at worsening their moods. As the female warrior laughed at her men she started to scarf down the food in front of her. Managing to hold it down, as she was used to terrible food, she had decided to get a drink to wash down the atrocious meal. She brushed aside the opening to her tent walking in, near her bed was a wooden chest. The fanalis approached, cracking it open to fetch some brandy from the it. Pulling out the old bottle the girl would down a small swig after she popped off the top, not that hit the spot for her.

With a sigh the white haired girl knew it was time for her to prepare for the work of the day. She had heard that a man Yoshiro had designated to build him armor was skimping out. The artisan was finished with the task but had refused to give the armor to the emperor, siding with Gao. Truly disgusting that appalling man was alive and trying to gain power of Kou once again. Yet this fanalis had planned to intervene in this plans. She would do her best to assist Yoshrio, by supplying him with some of her troops and fighting to her full potential. First she would have to go fetch the equipment from the armorer, most likely there would be opposition awaiting her. With that quick thought she gathered her armor from the chest, and would start to dress herself.

First she clothed herself with the black dress that was inside, removing the ordinary rags she had normally chose to wear. after which she would apply a vest of chain mail, then equipping the breastplate, and the other pieces of armor. After fastening everything tightly she seemed to be prepared for combat. With a quick examination again things seemed to be on correctly, she would grasp her sword from the side of the bed putting it on her back. Now, prepared for combat she would march out of the tent.

She greeted her soliders with a quick salute, her pets, a lava golem which did nothing but make sarcastic comebacks and a fire breathing dog. Both resting, They tended to sleep a few hours longer than most of the camp. Patting each of them, she wold say goodbye passing the animal trainer she had on hand. "Make sure that they both get food while I'm gone, make sure to remind the others I will be gone for a few hours, I have to go do a job for the war effort."

"Got is boss, and remembuh, you can rely on us guys, we're here to help you out not watch the pets all the time." he jokingly said to Merrze,

She chuckled at him a bit before continuing to head away from the camp. The walk would most likely take a few hours so it would be best to get going as soon as she could. The day was calm, the skies were gloomy, filled with an air of melancholy, but with the happy mood of her camp, the girl knew the day would surely be an exciting one.

The Sun's position had moved along, now sitting in the middle of the sky, now completely sealed away by the clouds. Two hours of boring walking had passed, While many would have thought it tedious to run she found it fun, it was good exercise, she was also quite fast so that helped make things easier. Over the horizon would appear the shop of the blacksmith, like Merrze had thought it was being camped by a band of mercenaries by the look of things. There appeared to be four of them, all clad with armor and weapons. Not to difficult in strength by the looks of it, and they did have numbers but she was sure she could take them down. But it was always good to have her sword as reassurance for the battle. She formulated her plan of attack whilst analyzing them, checking to see what weapons they had and how she could get in there The best plan she often found though, was the one that used the element of surprised, and for sure they would be caught off guard.

Stampeding over the ground they would hear a nose approaching them, it was as if a wild animal was charging towards them. By the time they had managed to figure out the source of the cacophony it would be a moment too late. Approaching them was the white lioness, picking up speed, moving intensely quick towards the band of hired warriors. While they spotted her she leaped the closest solider,thrusting her right first into his forehead, cracking his skull on impact and sending him flying. Crashing into the ground there was now three soliders encircling her. They planned to outnumber her, the attempt would be futile for the bunch.

One of them would try to Slash Merrze from behind, but the girl already with her hand on the blade would retaliate with Dragon Slice As their two blades clashed, the metal clanging she would kick him in the ribs quickly breaking the bones inside, most likely causing internal bleeding. He flew a few feet forward, coughing loudly, which was accompanied by blood dripping forth from his mouth. The remaining two sweated, they seemed to be a bit intimidated, but they had a job which needed to be fulfilled. Swiftly, the girl would try to attack the nearest one, but he managed to use Cut to escape the blow an deal Merrze some damage.

Slightly peeved, knowing he shouldn't have been able to land a hit on her  The blade scraped her face leaving a small gash. the white haired girl would swiftly raise her foot then strike it in the ground using Earthen Force the earth breaking and shattering before her. The two men were caught with in its range, causing them to fall and take damage. They seemed down, but to make sure they would get up the warrior would deliver a quick kick to each of their heads.

Approaching the old building she slowly open the door, revealing the man inside. He cowered, seeing the carnage that laid outside his shop. Shaking like a trapped animal he pointed a sword at her while holding up a shield for protection."I shall not give you this armor, a dirty tyrant like Yoshiro doesn't deserve it, Gao is the only king that this country needs!"

"Listen here, you are entitled to your beliefs, but as long as I stand I will not let a man like Gao assert control  over this country and control it once again. I'm taking this armor whether you like it or not, and as long as you don't try to lay a hand on me I wont kill you." She said calmly yet seriously, showing her assertiveness she puffed her chest and walked confidently. Snatching his sword away she broke the weak weapon in half. As he saw how fast it was taken and broke the smith just fell down with fear in his eyes.

Merrze didn't like striking fear into people like this, but it was much better then ending the man who didn't sigh up for a fight to the death. Her eyes would fall upon the grand armor that was crafted for Yoshiro, the forger may have been a coward but he sure did make some excellent armor. With that she would head out the door, the armor wrapped in a cloth and now on her back. Looking off into the sky she pondered I wonder if there will be dinner prepared for me once I get back?  It was a simplistic view but all this running and combat had managed to build up quite the appetite for the young lady.


Stamina: 500/560
WC: 1,627/1,500
C-tier damage to Merrze Face
Merc 1: A-tier damage to head
Merc 2: A-tier damage to chest
Merc 3 & 4: B-tier damage to legs and A-tier damage to heads
Abilities Used:

Miathios Style: Dragon Slice
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must have a sword in their hand and must be facing the away from the target.
Scaling: For every 10 stamina invested the ability it does an additional tier of damage.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30|15 stam

  • When the user is facing away from their target the quickly turn around slashing them diagonal with their blade to deal B-tier damage.

Miathios Art 1: Earthen Force [/center]
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: long
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must be standing on firm ground, must also get in stance before use.
Scaling: For every 10 stamina invested the length of the ability is increased by 5m
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30|15 stam

  • The user strikes the ground with their foot creating a 15m long  and 2m wide shockwave the starts in front of her foot

Items Brought:

Name: Regia Fengir
Tier: A
Type: Sword
Magic Type: Life
Appearance:The hilt of the blade is 20cm long and 7cm in circumference. The blade is 91 centimeters long and is 7cm wide. The gemstone is placed on the guard which is 14cm wide. The overall length off the blade is 111 centimeters.

  • Vampric Thorn - Feeding magoi into this sword will cause a thorny vine to crawl down the sword and up the users forearm. This will cover the entire blade with very sharp thorns that will cause each succesful attack to do an additional C-TIer damage. The thorns that traveled up the user's forearm will dig into their skin slightly, dealing D-Tier damage to the user. However, the thorns are fueled by blood, and each successful cut they make on their enemy will heal them for C-Tier damage. This additional healing effect cannot surpass a total of 2 times healed in a post. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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