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Respect Through Soup (Job/Event)

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1 Respect Through Soup (Job/Event) on 22/02/17, 11:32 pm

Cyrus had been in Kou for all of a month trying and failing to do anything with himself. Figuring that after he found his sister and brother in law that he would be helping one side or the other in the war. As it stood he was still a neutral party and in all this carnage he had failed to help anyone so far. In his quest for respect had blinded him to thinking that he would need to conquer a dungeon for people to recognize him but that immediately changed when found a small village on his walk in the bamboo forests in the mountains. This poor village needed help and badly; the signs were dilapidated and falling with many of the roofs in significant disrepair. A few of the local children came up to this foreigner asking for some help Cyrus naturally couldn’t say no to their sad faces. He asked to speak to one of the older members in the village. “What happened here?” The ginger haired warrior asked as he looked around, pushing his still uncut hair aside. The village elder responded,"this town wanted to remain neutral in the conflict but because various factions tend to raid the land they assume that we are from an opposing factions hoping to not be spared so that we can fight another day" the elder sighed and shifted his balance “we just want to be left alone. We figured that being up in the mountains would preclude us from being attacked.” He then looked down at his feet as Cyrus motioned to help him he said, “We don’t want to fight so if you’re here to protect us then move on…”
“No, I’m not much of a fighter…despite my scythe I’d much rather do something humanitarian. How about I help fix your homes or perhaps make you some food?”
“You can cook?” the elder said with surprise.
“Yes, despite my outward appearance, I’m pretty darn good a making a decent meal.”
“Great, then you can work in the soup kitchen that had been set up for us! you can help there before going on your way.”
Cyrus was eager to help out without hesitation he told them that he would help and asked to be pointed the way to the kitchen where he could be useful. Tasting the soup, that was already there. The young man was disappointed in the quality of it. “Perhaps you need some better ingredients” out of his pack Cyrus brought some spices he picked up travelling though the middle of the world. Adding them to the broth as well as sneaking in some mutton, which was common in the village that he was in but less so here, added it to the broth making it both nutritious and delicious.
“I added some mutton to the broth it should give you guys some much needed protein. Since you guys have suffered tremendously over the past few months, you’re going to need you strength. I can bring more when I come this way again” Cyrus divulged sheepishly he didn’t know how they would act to what he perceived as kindness. The children ran up to him thanking him for the food all Cyrus could do was laugh “I’m happy to help but I’ve got to move on soon I need to find someone special to me” Cyrus looked at the horizon “when I come back I’ll be sure to stop by and give you some more good food” packing up, Cyrus doled out the last bit of food to the stragglers who were left. They all were quite appreciative of the soup. As he left he reflected, “so this is what its like to be respected maybe I don’t need to be a warrior or a dungeon capturer I can help the poor and needy by giving them food and helping rebuild their lives.” Cyrus mulled those words over as he walked to a knew village where to find his sister and help out more in the war as a humanitarian.                


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