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A Man in a Black Cloak [job, solo]

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1 A Man in a Black Cloak [job, solo] on 21/02/17, 02:57 am

Mysterious Stalker:
Job Name: Mysterious Stalker
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 50 exp, 3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Someone has been following you around all day, watching you at all times from afar. When you try to approach them, they vanish. Track this person down, and see why they are following you!

The time spent in the neutral zone was peaceful, but frankly rather boring.  While previously Caelus had a problem with being propositioned for one army or another every two steps, he now found that people avoided him completely.  He had taken up residence in an inn nearby a refugee camp.  Everyday, he would walk the hundred or so meters to the camps entrance and ask what if any work he could do to make everyone's lives easier.  He'd collected wild veggies, hunted for boar and rabbit, repaired the fence as well as innumerable makeshift homes, but still the work never stopped coming.  It was nice, being useful to someone without needing to fight.

For some time however, Caelus had felt a peculiar presence watching him.  He was never able to spot it when he scanned the crowd, but the feeling persisted.  Again today, he felt that same stare on his neck while speaking to a foreman.  He spun and just managed to catch sight of black coattails rushing around a corner.  Caelus started running, but not before turning to say "Excuse me, i'll be back!  I just need a bit!"  He backpedaled as he shouted, then turned and broke into a full sprint.  He caught the corner as he turned, and again saw the cloak dart around another building.  I knew it!  Who is this guy anyway!?  He thought, bolting to the building and skidding around the side.  He could see him fully now, a very tall figure in a black cloak, rushing into a crowd.  Caelus followed as fast as his legs could carry him, but while the man seemed to simply phase through the throngs of people, Caelus found himself bumped and shoved to either side as he went.

The man took to a rooftop, vaulting up in an effortless leap.  Caelus feared he would lose him, but an idea occurred to move the crowd.  "HOT SOUP!  BOILING WATER COMING THROUGH!"  He shouted, and like magic the sea of people parted, opening a clear path for him to move through.  With a little help from a stool and a clothesline, Caelus was able to climb to the roof.  He stood tall to try and locate where his spy had fled to, only to see him standing not twenty meters from him.  "Who ar-" he started, but the man fled as the words left his lips, across the rooftops and then down into a shadowed lane that led outside of the town.  "Oh no, you don't get to leave me behind!"  Caelus fumed.  He took off like a shot from a cannon over the roof, and jumped into a roll as he came down to the streets exit.  Some ways ahead he saw his stalker, still running like the wind was his ally, impossibly fast and light.  Before long however the man stopped, and allowed Caelus to catch up.  Caelus was breathing heavily, but managed to get out, "Who the hell are you?!  And why are you following me?"

The man smiled, and took down his hood to reveal jet black hair and a plain face.  He spoke in a voice that was soft but strong, "Put simply, a Vassal of Feiyan Ban."

~WC: 548/500~


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