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Training abroad

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1 Training abroad on 20/02/17, 01:39 pm


Ani had finally settled in Kou after the past few days, she got herself a nice place to stay and even found a nearby place to treat herself to food every now and then. Now that Ani had found her essentials in order to stay her peacefully, or at least get by she wanted to achieve one of her major reasons for coming to the place, training. Ani had spent her time carefully thinking about what sort of training she wanted to receive. After a few days of careful thinking Ani thought that she needed to train some sort of weapon proficiency. She had learned how to fight in general, but in a lot of fights being able to use some sort of weapon would usually be useful. She looked around for a few days until eventually she had come across a school for the martial arts involving weapons. So after talking with the head of the school for a bit she was able to set aside a time of the day when she could come in and learn how to use a weapon, or possibly even more than one weapon. This pleased her, but began to plague her mind with what sort of weapon she should try to gain proficiency with.

Soon the first day of her training had come, she walked into the school wearing her regular leather adventuring clothing. Soon however though the teacher had asked Ani to change into the specific clothing of the school. She simply agreed to this before soon enough she left to another room within the building changing into the appropriate clothing that she was provided with. Soon she walked into the sparring room with the teacher who presented her with a variety of weapons. After conferring with what would work with her style and ways of training with Hoyo she eventually came upon choosing the spear for the dedication of her training. Once that was decided the rest of the weapons were put away and the two of them picked up training spears. He had claimed that he would not go easy and soon their training began.

Her training was not easy and it was quick, but it was definitely rewarding which she could tell from the fact on how she was slowly learning techniques that seemed like they could help easily with changing the flow of battle or at least help Ani move into more favorable positions. She enjoyed the training over the next few weeks, learning how to parry and slide a spear in such a way that one could put themselves into a more advantageous positions. She learned that there wear various ways to strike with a spear, and she could even use the spear with her physical techniques. It all intrigued her and soon began to think of ways of merging the brutish fighting techniques of the street with the elegance of spear fighting. Eventually the training came to an end, the trainer simply stating that if she wanted to learn anything else that she must develop her own technique using what she was taught and using her own knowledge of fighting.

WC: 525/500 Training completed


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