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Back in business [Private]

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1 Back in business [Private] on 20/02/17, 10:57 am


The girl walked the streets, people running about, possibly worried about war. She just walked, eyes shifting from one person to another examining the people of Kou. She had walked along way here, her pet currently waiting on the outskirts of the city with the band of people that came with her. It had been so many months, and how things have changed, rumor that the once dead Emperor was alive once again. That people were rebelling more and more against Yoshiro, how it all tugged at her heart. Especially with the words she had of her home, Reim. The turmoil that was unfolding there also seemed like a stress, but something tugged her to join the war here. That her strengths were needed elsewhere, and war is what she knew.

With the change of kou the fanalis had also changed with time. The warrior stood there in the city, dressed in clothes of a common person. Shirt and pants seemingly made of cotton, yet color indistinguishable behind all of the dirt. Her tall, and strong body now riddled with more muscle, now tan like the people of Heliohapt. On her back carrying what seemed to be a bundle, but inside was armor. Her white hair no longer long and luxurious, was short and was mostly covered by a green cloth that she wore tired around her head. She looked up, the sun was breaking through the clouds. Sweat trickled down her brow,, it truly was a long walk. With her feat tired and her bod covered in sweet only one thing came to her mind. Merrze was ready for war, to be involved in change. She was stronger, far stronger than before, with power people only dreamed of, she was back in business



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