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The Muse Pt. 1 [Training]

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Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must strike wand to ground, initiating the rapid vibration of rukh
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 | 10

    Reed waves his wand toward the ground, inciting the sound rukh around him to vibrate rapidly creating a "sound boom" up to a 3m radius around him, damaging enemies for C tier damage.

Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must hold wand vertically in front of him
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 | 10

    Using the power of sound rukh, Reed manipulates the rukh around his wand to vibrate, making the rukh visible in the image of a war pike, extending his wand to 1m in length and 15cm in width, capable of dealing C tier damage. The spear may be held for two posts, unless it has dealt damage, which when it will deactivate.

A haunting, morose melody echoed through the halls of the academy as many students lurked around to see what was going on. It was unclear where the music was coming from, almost as if the music was not coming from one certain place, but from every direction. Students were impressed with the technique, others were brought to tears by the somber nature of the music. Regardless, all were captivated by this impressive display of musicianship.

"Play any more and you'll bring the whole school to tears," A voice sang, the dulcet tone of her voice bouncing through the air, snapping Reed out of his trance and for him to end  playing his violin. He placed his violin on the table before him, and his wand, and ran up to hug his sister.

"Lyra! How goes it? I heard you made it to the 2nd Kodor now?" He was always happy to see Lyra, she was his gravitational center at times, and at others, a shoulder to cry on. Lyra only nodded her yes in agreement before sitting down at the table beside him. She seemed tired, drained, almost bored with her time here.

"I'm excelling--naturally, it's in our family's blood to succeed with magic, but..." Uh oh, the tone of her voice terrified Reed. He would not be able to handle such harsh rebuke from her. "I am here to make sure you are even better than I! You're the first male magician from our family, and I am damn proud! So come off your depressing violin-ing and start practicing some more complicated magic. Like, ah, for instance you have access to a rare type of magic: sound. It is perfect for you but you need to harness more creative ways to use it. That spell you have, the ah, "Rondo" is it? Inventive! It will surely do you well--but you need more pizazz, and perhaps longer reach..." Reed's head was abuzz with confusion and information--there was no possible way he could take it all of this at once. She kept going on and on about more interesting applications of magic, yadda yadda, the Kodor tests are difficult in nature, but he did retain one thing: needing to harness more creative ways to use his sound magic. So, after catching up with his big sister, he sat down to practice ways to utilize sound rukh. He held out his hands, thinking of ways to manipulate the use of the rukh to make "more inventive spells." He played with his wand, batting it back and forth, sticking it out, doing all sorts of things with it, until he sat down with his wand firmly in his hand, mentally exhausted from the activity. Suddenly, the thought hit him, he would make his wand longer. It'll give him some reach, and certainly a superior weapon than other opponents' swords or wands. His only question was: how? With Rondo it was certainly simple to envision this spell into fruition. Simply put, Reed visualized a sword and voila! His wand became a sharper piece of equipment that he used to cut frightened dragonelles down with. A spear or lance, however, now that would take a bit more planning.

First, Reed began with holding his wand upright, as if he were holding a rapier in a defensive position, and focused, hopefully the sound rukh would listened to his commands and extend to the length and tip of a spear. He did create something, but it was very unreliable and definitely not worthy of being called a spell. After a few more tries, he concluded the positioning of his wand was the problem. He held his wand, this time vertically in front of him, and truly concentrated, letting his feelings flow fluidly throughout his body, and through his arms and hands, until it seemed as though the rukh was all around him, whirling around in a sort of storm. Reed opened his eyes to see the rukh, this time hovering around the handle and tip of his wand.

"Ah! Ah hah! Hahahaha! W-o-w! So this is how people create magic...incredible..." There was wonder in Reed's eyes as he saw the rukh dancing brilliantly in front of him. The excitement caused Reed to lose focus and suddenly the awesome display poofed out of sight, enraging the young man slightly. So, for the next few days, Reed practiced and practiced, each time gaining the ability to more easily focus the rukh around him. By his fourth day, Reed was able to immediately manipulate the rukh around him, when suddenly, a flash of green light resonated before him, blinding Reed momentarily before viewing his wand-hand, only to see a beautiful formation of rukh shaped in the likeness of a lance around his wand. If he wasn't more knowledgeable about what just occurred, he would've thought he was holding a spear itself, and not just the handle of his wand. He waved it around, light as a feather, and confident in what he had just completed. Looking toward the corner of his room, he pointed his spear, and just like a little kid pretending he was a famous hero, charged toward the room and struck the wall with his weapon:

"Volante!" He cried, and the spear vibrated, humming through the air as it struck the wall and connected with it, creating a decent dent in the stone wall. Reed only stood back, his wand returning to its natural state. He did quick celebratory dance and scuttled around, feeling victorious in his endeavor that he learned a new type of magic.

Word Count: 939/500

Reed holed up in his room, this time teaching himself how to manipulate the area around him. Using magic as a reaction always came so easily to him--it was evident he had natural ability, he was able to create magic on his own before, why did it seem so hard now? For a week, he attempted to master a new form of magic, but it was hard to figure out what that new magic could be. He ran through all different sorts of methods in his head: a missile of sound? Already too many of those. A magical augmentation of his wand? No, definitely not worth it. He needed something that would give him power, something that would do damage, but unfortunately there was nothing that came to mind that satiated his desire for a new magical spell. There was no inspiration, it was just empty thoughts. He paced back and forth, having sequestered himself in his room for around five days, studying all there was to study about sound magic, and learning all about the intricacies of this type of magic for further reading material. Nothing seemed to help jog his creative juices, so instead he sat down on his bed, his mind racing with feelings of inferiority, of worthlessness, of self-doubt.

"What's the matter, Reed?" A voice rang. Reed looked up and saw his sister Lyra standing in his doorway. What luck! Lyra is just what he needed to calm himself down. She always had a knack for knowing when her younger siblings were in the dumps, as if by some psychic power, and rushed to their aid to assuage any fears or doubts.

"I can't think of any more magic. I did that thing--"inventive magic" and I did something great last week! But now I can't think of anything. I've researched, I've done it all. Nothing!" Reed complained, clasping his hands over his head and moaning in frustration. Lyra only laughed and moved closer to her little brother, sitting down on the bed next to him.

"That's because you're trying to force the magic out. New magic is learned from...inspiration. From cleverness. You can't just stampede your way through it!" She explained, patting him on the shoulder. Reed only sat, dumbfounded, wondering what exactly his sister could mean. "Why don't you do something that gives you a little joy, something that makes you happy. It's a lot easier to get stronger as a magician that way--nobody ever got anywhere just working all the time. They took breaks every now and then," She said, getting up from the bed and walking out of the door. She waved gingerly as she closed the door behind her, leaving as quickly as she came. The words lingered in Reed's mind, however, and so he sat down on his bed, clutching his wand. He gripped the violin bow tighter and jumped up to grab his violin. Why not play? Music always did help him calm down after all! And so he did, playing a somber tune in his room. Still, however, he felt no inspiration, and in a fit of frustration harshly and rapidly played his violin's strings, creating a very dissonant and sudden sound next to his ear. He jumped at the sound, almost dropping his prized instrument as he was ashamed of the note he played. Suddenly, the idea hit him! If he could make a sudden burst of sound, then maybe that could be applied to an attack! And so he did, mastering the technique, making the appropriate wand movements and commands to the rukh until he finally came up with the technique after all.

"Alright...let's try this out...Sforzando!" He yelled, pointing his wand to the ground before the rukh around him started to vibrate rapidly, causing him to clutch his ears. A large explosion of sound filled his room, breaking the glass and knocking down the door around him. He was in awe of this power. Finally! He did it! He was amazed and excited. He laid down on his bed, ignoring the mess he made around him. A good effort but no it was time for bed.

Word Count: 696/500


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