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Imperial Armor [Event Job / Tenma]

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1 Imperial Armor [Event Job / Tenma] on 06/02/17, 10:16 am


Job Name: The Emperor's New Armor
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has decided he will be joining the front lines of the war soon and has ordered a new suit of armor be forged for him. However, the man he ordered the armor from has already given his support to Gao Yuan Zu and hired mercenaries to keep Yoshiro’s soldiers away. Yoshiro has sent one of his elite soldiers to convince the man to work for him despite his pledge to Gao Yuan Zu. Choose which side you stand on! *+3 influence to the side you support*

Enemies if you support Yoshiro:

Enemy Name: Hired Mercenaries (x4)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: Just an average-looking mercenary. Each of them carries simple gear with random weapons or shields of C-tier quality.
Slash ~ The mercenary steps forward and slashes with their sword vertically dealing B-tier damage.
Cut ~ The mercenary steps backwards dodging a blow and then leans in to slash horizontally dealing C-tier damage.
Parry ~ The mercenary uses their shield or weapon to bat an incoming attack off to the side defending against B-tier damage.

Betrayal was the most common thing that could happen in the middle of war, especially a war between two men that were known as someone who was holding the title as an emperor. It could happen because of different reasons though, it could be because one side had a better vision than the other. Or maybe this person was clever enough to observe and chose whichever side that had the chance of winning more in the war. Any kind of reason was possible, but that kind of thing was a very crucial thing in a war especially when you want to gain more support for your side.

However, perhaps betrayal was not a fitting word to the problem that the current emperor was facing at the moment. The act was more fitting to be called as a loyalty, where finally the emperor that he always looked up to and trusted suddenly came back from the death and was willing to take back the throne. It was as if that the man had already sworn to pledge his life and loyalty to Gao Yuan Zu and that made Yoshiro’s side in disadvantage, although maybe that was not the reason why. Noir was just trying to put the puzzle pieces in her head in order to find out what was happening exactly and also the cause behind it.  Because the moment when the emperor decided to join the front line and needed a new suit of armor, the man that he already placed the order to had chosen to give his support to Gao Yuan Zu.

The black haired girl knew this matter when she bumped into Yoshiro’s soldiers and managed to grab one of them by using Haku’s help. They were walking quickly and their face looked very stern, those were the reason why Noir was curious and interested to know more. She would bring the soldier into the alley, not too far from the main street but enough to get them hidden so she could ask for the details about their mission. “What happened, where are you going?” She asked, her face was pretty close to the soldiers and was enough to make him stuttered because her gaze was just too intense and her action was just too surprising. The magician put her hands on his arms and gave him a little shake, feeling a little bit impatient. “Hey, tell me. I want to help.” The girl pulled back her hands right after that, thinking to give the soldier some space so he could speak to her.

The soldier tried to stand up but Haku’s paw that was on his shoulder kept the soldier from standing up, “Eeek, why should I tell you?!” The soldier said to the girl and made Noir raised her eyebrow. “How could I know that you aren’t a spy from Gao Yuan Zu?!” His words made the girl tilted her head and with a soft sigh, she shook her head. “Im not his supporter. I like your emperor’s idea to get rid of the slavery and I wish to keep him safe so he could realize that goal.”

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The black haired man sat quietly on the couch, his fingers was playing with his eyepatch that was not wrapping around one of his eye like usual. The red left eye was shining as bright as his golden right eye, almost making him look like another creature that has human form. He was not wearing his Yukata today and the fox mask that he used to cover his face was laying on the bed, just beside his set of knives and swords. Instead, he was wearing his usual coat that was decorated with Kou-style armor. He didn’t know why he didn’t want to wear the Yukata and the fox mask today, as if like he didn’t really not in the mood to cover his identity today. The man stopped playing with his eyepatch and slowly wrapped it around his forehead, enough to cover his red eye that was similar to the color of blood.

Tenma picked up the fox mask and lifted it up so he could stare at it on his eye level for several second before putting it inside the drawer where he put his Yukata at. His eye would began to stare at the sets of weapons that were laying on the bed as if it was waiting to be chosen and picked up. The swordsman took Guren, his beloved Katana and his obsidian shield along with some stealth weapons just in case he needed to be stealthy. After that, he would head to the window and carefully peek to see what was happening outside at the moment. There was a familiar figure, walking at the street with several soldiers. He guessed that possibly the person was being assigned to do a mission that was really important, if not, then what would an elite soldier do in the middle of the street like this. Tenma thought that maybe he could just jump out from the window and greet his old acquaintance but the scene after that made him halted himself. It seemed that someone was kidnapping one of the soldier and Tenma was amused by the fact that the kidnapper was a girl with the help of her giant beast.

The girl felt somewhat similar to Diana, but Tenma knew there was something more in her. Not to mention that he was feeling something indescribable, something that made his chest hurt a little bit. It felt like a longing feeling but he didn’t know why, however he would quickly open up his window and jumped out. He landed on the roof under him before jumping again to the ground and walked into the alleyway only to overhear the conversation between the soldier and the black haired girl. “Pfft.” His chuckle and Haku’s growl made the girl became aware of the man’s arrival, but Tenma stayed still as he stared into the girl’s eyes, captivated by the shining golden eyes that the girl had. But he tried to at least speak something, at least to distract him from the desire to step up closer to her and look at her face more. “You are pretty good, stealing Tao’s man like that without him noticing.” Tenma smiled to her brightly as he continued, “But I couldn’t help but to feel curious about what kind of mission that you are doing at the moment, do you mind to spill the beans?” The swordsman smiled brighter, but the tone of his voice was commanding.

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Noir turned her head and saw a man who was much taller than her appearing, seemed to notice when the girl pulled the soldier into the alley. Of course it was pretty obvious if he saw her doing it somewhere, but the reason that nor she and Haku could notice his presence was a little bit worrying. If the man didn’t make any sound then probably both Noir and her liger could notice him standing behind him. The girl would then take a step back although the gap between her and the soldier still close because she didn’t have any intention to let the soldier go away before she knew what was going on.

She would take a look at the taller man, staring at his golden eye that was shining just like her eyes although the other eye was being covered behind his eyepatch. “You are way better, I think, Sir. If you didn’t make any sound I wouldn’t notice your presence.” Noir said with a flat tone, her eyes was being locked to the man’s eyes as if she was trying to peek deeper into his soul. She could hear the man chuckle again and she was amused by the fact that the man who was holding a Katana on his waist shared the same interest to what the soldier would do. Not to mention that he knew the name of this soldier’s general then it meant that the black haired man was not any ordinary man.

The soldier flinched and was not sure about what to do, afraid that if he spill the beans then his general would be mad at him. However, being a new soldier was hard, he was still afraid of being in the battlefield and it was impossible for him to beat two strong looking people at once. The one eyed man sent him chills, even his bright smile was not that assuring because of his sharp, cold gaze. “W-we are going to meet Xiu Feng, the tailor, The Emperor had ordered a set of armor from him but he suddenly went to Gao Yuan Zu’s side. So the emperor ordered us to make him finish the armor somehow because the emperor need it for the battle.”

The girl let out a soft sigh and let the soldier to stand up, her gaze and intention was predictable at that moment. “Let me help.” She said as she motioned Haku to sit beside her, “I need to get access to talk to the minister somehow, so I need to proof that I am supporting your emperor. Well then, I will need to catch up to see your general and force him to take my help. Thank you for the information.”

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The black haired man stared again at the golden eyed girl, wondering about the mixed feeling that he suddenly felt inside his heart. Not only that, her intention to get access to talk with the minister made him wanting to ask about it as he suddenly felt like he needed to help her. But that kind of feeling was a little bit strange, in fact, Tenma was a little bit scared at the moment. He was nervous as his thoughts began to play with his mind, making him to create an assumption that this girl could be his lost sister. But he refused to believe it now, it was too easy if he recalled about how hard he tried to find her. However, the swordsman could feel the girl staring back at him, snapping him out from his thoughts just by saying, “Excuse me?”

The one eyed man startled and shook his head before giving her his usual fake smile, “Allow me to help as well, I am interested to assist you.” He would then bowed towards the girl, decided to tell her his fake name. “My name is Mikazuki Tenma, pleased to meet you.” If the girl took the chance to introduce herself back, then the swordsman would be more than pleased as he was curious about her name. Knowing her name might gave him the truth about her identity although perhaps she was not the one and even if it was her, how he could tell her that he was looking for her. That kind of thought suddenly crept into his mind, giving him a lot of doubt and uncertainty. He knew that somewhere, someone was observing them although he didn’t know how or why, but he just knew. His over cautiousness might cause that but he was worried about her safety whether or not she was his sister.

After they were done with their introduction, Tenma would ask the soldier to lead the way and rushed, hoping that the fun had not started yet so they could join in. However he was too late, some of the soldiers that was being brought to negotiate with the tailor were on the ground, seemed in pain. Their general who could be called as one of Kou’s elite soldier, Tao, didn’t look happy at all but he kind of held back because he knew that he need to convince the tailor to make his emperor’s armor and ruthlessly beating the mercenaries in front of him wouldn’t be good.  

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Noir nodded towards the swordsman and replied, “My name is Noir and my liger here is Haku, pleased to meet you.” The girl could notice the slight change in Tenma’s face, he looked pale suddenly and somehow he was kind of losing the composure that he put before the magician introduced herself. She wondered what the cause was but she prefer to no stall the time anymore or they would lose the chance to offer their assistance. “Shall we go now?” The girl asked the man with a little bit of demanding tone infused in her words and that made the swordsman agreed before he asked the soldier to guide them.

Once they managed to catch up with the general, Noir could see some soldiers were laying on the ground. Their leader was standing still instead, his weapon unsheathed and he just looked at the tailor with an intense gaze. It was a little bit strange that the general didn’t fight back when the mercenaries started to punch him, eventually laughed at him because he did nothing but standing like a statue. For Noir, she thought that he must be acting that way to show the tailor, who was standing behind the mercenaries and was looking with a mixed expression that Tao would not harm the tailor. Judging from that alone, the black haired girl assumed that the emperor didn’t want to force anyone to support him, but he might have placed the order for his armor before and suddenly the tailor wanted to support another person when the emperor’s order was still not finished yet.

“Are you the tailor?” Noir pointed towards the old man and made the mercenaries as well as Tao noticed their presence. One of the mercenaries looked at her and started to threaten her with warning. Not only that, Tao commanded her to halt her step as well. But the girl ignored them and took several steps forward, “Why not finish your emperor’s order before you leave? Is that what a professional tailor would do when someone placed their orders?”

“My emperor is only Gao Yuan Zu! That kid is cocky and he changed Kou’s identity, I don’t want to support him anymore!”
The old man stepped back and yelled at the men he hired, “H-hey! What are you doing?! Beat them all and let’s get out of here!”

The mercenaries focused on both Noir and Tenma, one of them was showing a cocky face while he spit to the ground. But they looked weak and ordinary, so perhaps all the soldiers who was laying down on the ground didn’t fight back as well, just like their generals. The magician decided to not rely on her magic at the moment because her fist would be enough. Not only that, Haku would also assist her to defeat these weak looking mercenaries so she didn’t have to worry about watching her own back. She didn’t know about the swordsman actually but she assumed that he could do an excellent job with his sword, so she would make sure to let the man have some portion of the enemies.

“Haku, defeat one of them.” Noir commanded and it was very clear for Haku that she wanted him to move. So without any hesitation, he let out a loud growl while he leaped towards one of the mercenaries and pounced him. It was very quick because the liger used his weight from the pounce to break some of the man’s ribs before climbing down from the man and with his big claw, he deliver two sick slaps towards the man and sent him to an unconscious state. Meanwhile, Noir took the chance to run towards one man and with her fist, she sent a punch right to the man’s abdomen and another punch towards the abdomen as well by using the other fist.

It was easy but maybe convincing the tailor would be hard, however for now she needed to heal the soldiers first. Noir fed her magoi into her healing bracelet while she walked towards the soldiers before making a pulse of purple light spread, healing the soldiers from the wound that they took.

WC: 1675/1500


Item/Skill Used:

Name: Healing Bracelet
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: The delicate silver bracelet is approximately 15 cm around and contains a blue gem. The magic circle for the item can be found hidden on the inside of the silver surface.

  • Heal All – Feeding magoi into the item causes a pulse of purple light to spread from the user in a 3m sphere. Anyone inside the sphere experiences B-tier healing. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.


Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect:The character can now bend steel and shatter iron with their bare hands and deal A-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a B-tier fanalis.


Name: Haku
Tier: B-tier
Type: Normal
Species: Thermal Liger
Appearance: Haku is a ruby-eyed Liger who has tiger-like black strips and white colored mane that is similar like a lion's. He is 3 meter long and 2 meter tall while standing on all fours.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Hypirus Gland
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku has an extra organ within its body which gives him a control over its body temperature, allowing him to produce heat/fire from his entire body parts.
Trait Effect: Gives Haku ability to produce heat/fire from his entire body parts

Trait Name: Fur of steel
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku could harden its fur, making it as hard as steel
Trait Effect: Haku's fur can protect against up to B-tier physical damage. It will follow item durability rules and once the steel fur "armor" is broken, Haku takes damage normally. (Defensive power (B-tier shield) | 300) Unfortunately, this makes his body act like a lightning rod making lightning based attacks within 1m of him attract dealing direct damage into his body through the steel fur.

Trait Name: Quiver Feet
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Needs to be this specific kind of beast.
Trait Description: Haku has a faster movement speed and can run as fast as a B-tier Fanalis in speed
Trait Effect: Movement speed is the same like like B-tier Fanalis speed

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The black haired man was speechless, her name was the same as his sister, the one that he had been looking for. She didn’t tell him her family name so he could be wrong but he couldn’t help it, he was more nervous now. The ‘mask’ that he had been wearing shattered into pieces, revealing what his face really expressed. He didn’t know what to say actually and he suddenly got the chill on his spine, making him look pale and couldn’t say anything at all. Noir’s voice snapped him out from his thought and he decided to make sure about it later, although he knew that perhaps he couldn’t tell her about his true identity until the time was right since it could be too dangerous now.

“Holding back, Tao?” Tenma said to the remaining soldier with a smirk although he did it to distract himself from his own thoughts and to regain his composure back. The elite soldier looked up to the swordsman before spitting his own blood to the ground. It was pretty clear that he was extremely annoyed and the black haired man just made it worse for him. “What are you doing her—“ Tao was taken aback the moment Noir and Haku started to attack the mercenaries, knocking some of them down easily. His eyes would be back to Tenma again and he would begin to give him a question, “Who is she, Tenma? Why bringing her here?”

The black haired man gave Tao a friendly chuckle before replying, “An ally, perhaps. We still need to talk to that armor maker though before we can talk about other things.” The soldier nodded and he started to walk, wanting to approach the old man. The swordsman decided to defeat the rest of the mercenaries as well, knowing he need to cover Tao and take some portion of the enemies as well. He must be lucky because two of the mercenaries were heading towards him, possibly thinking that he was a small fry. But they were so wrong and the swordsman was not in the mood to play around as well at that moment. He would walk as well and didn’t even bother to unsheathe his sword, his fist and his leg would do the business today because those weaklings didn’t even worth to be cut by his Katana. Once he was in the range, one of the merc would attempt to cut his neck, but Tenma dodged it by stepping aside and then use his knee to deliver a blow to the mercenary’s abdomen. Right after that, he would grab the mercenary who was in pain by his hair and deliver a punch on the same spot. He would still hold the unconscious mercenary and using his body as a weapon by throwing his body towards the remaining mercenary as a distraction. He would step to the remaining enemy’s behind and prepared his palms, thrusting them forward twice to deliver a painful blow on the enemy’s back.

Now that all the enemies were down, the only thing left was to convince the old man to fulfill the emperor’s request. So the black haired man stepped towards the tailor who was still being convinced by Tao, the man was never good with his words after all. “So, I believe you have two options. One is to be a good businessman and finish what the emperor requested to you. Or two, being killed here because I believe Tao is pretty annoyed by your act but he couldn’t kill you so I would be doing it for his favor.” The golden eyed man gave the old man a cold stare, cold enough to freeze someone into a statue. “Be professional and take the request as a big opportunity, if the current emperor win the war then your armor would be much better known, no? Even if he lose, you can still pledge your loyalty to Gao Yuan Zu and become his personal armor maker… although we all know here that it would be hard to come true.”

The old man looked down weakly and after staying quiet for several minutes, he nodded and said, “I will finish it… I started it so it would need to be finished…” His answer made Tao looked at Tenma and nodded to him, secretly thanking him for being able to convince the tailor. The general would then begin to escort the old man to the castle so he would continue his work to make armor for Yoshiro. However, just in case, Noir and Tenma decided to escort Tao and the tailor so they could get back to the castle safely.

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