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Soup Kitchen [Solo/Job]

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1 Soup Kitchen [Solo/Job] on 27/01/17, 10:54 pm


Job Detail:

Job Name:The Neutrals
Job Rank:D-tier
Job Location:Kou
Job Rewards: 50 xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: For those who chose not to pick a side, life has been rough. Those who support Yoshiro have the support of the government and its rations. Those who support Gao Yuan Zu have the spoils of their victories as they liberate military garrisons. But those who stand in the middle have support from no one. You must be the helping hand that carries them through these hard times. A soup kitchen of sorts has been established in a neutral town. Help out by serving meals to the impoverished for a day.

War was going on throughout the city and Aseroth has been training and completing a task outside of the city. He hasn't seen his brother in a couple of weeks and everything seems to gone to a whole another pace of change. With support from the government with a steady income of rations he felt like it wasn't needed and guilty to all those who aren't getting the necessary treatment for the war. Whisking his hair to the side even though its short in length, Aseroth got his single bang out his eye. Entering his home, Aseroth felt the need to put away his weapons and gather new clothing to dress himself into.

Upholding a modern discernment toward actions taking place right now. Announcing he was home gradually not staying inside his home quickly as he left as soon as he arrived. The day becoming evening was silent and soothing, but the sight was shuttered and clouded with turmoil from people's deprivity in losing there homes. Glad about not having his family go under the pressure of war debts, but sad also since he can't help all the people who are currently having to leave there homes to it. Walking down the street watching small children not even twice the age of his brother run down the street and his eyes grows dull. Knowing they have to experience this war between father and son isn't something the younger generation needs, but for now he was helpless to being able to assist them.

Arriving at his destination Aseroth, felt the pain the people were going through as it was ridden along so many families faces. Wrapping around the red wooden building was a multitude of people left stuck in the neutral position of the war most trying to coup. Clenching his teeth he walked inside to the kitchen grabbing an apron from a hanger. " A new guy, start serving small portions of soup " one man called out to Aseroth. Glancing over to him than at a large pot of soup he knew what to do. " Alright, Sir " simply replying. Picking up the pot and moving it over to the serving table. Stirring the ladle around inside before the first person came up to him. The man had a over grown bread which hasn't been kept up with and dirty cap with torn clothing. Aseroth held the ladle over his bowl and poured the soup inside while keeping eye contact. " Be blessed my good sir. " he said as he left. More and more people kept passing through the line getting their serving, even children.

The lines growing shorter and time coming to a close. Aseroth served the remaining of the soup to the last of the line. Putting his apron up, and shortly walking around to see the multitude of faces. Hoping the war wouldn't effect them once it... got to more crucial times of battle than currently. He made his way for the door and than home after that. The streets dark and Aseroth pericing through with tan skin and icy white hair. But he surely faded into the night as he kept walking at his slow pace.

Word Count: 500+/500


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