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A Daring Performance (social)

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1 A Daring Performance (social) on 26/01/17, 10:04 am

Tsukiju was walking along a rope that had been stretched between two rooftops, people staring on curiously. The lightning Magician held his staff for balance, because one wrong move would see him splattered on the ground below. He reached the other side fairly easily, his simple survival skills, often including fleeing in rather narrow areas, had served him well. But now to make it fun. Tsuki ran lightly back across the rope, skipping and jumping in a manner that was far from safe, yet fairly entertaining to watch. A performer at heart, he next did a small flip, causing gasps from the small crowd he had gathered. A smile was brought to Tsukiju lips. Good. He lived to see people entertained.


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2 Re: A Daring Performance (social) on 27/01/17, 03:08 pm

I was in Kou for the first time ever. Still taking in the scenery, I was enamoured with the buildings and the people. Hopefully I'll have time to meet Zadi and get some training in before we fight against the establishment. Walking further I found a crowd of people looking up upon the roofs of building. There was a young man balancing perilously on a wire. Needless to say, I was intrigued by the antics of this man. looking up I could see that he was smiling and there was a part of me that wanted to call up a gust of wind or make gravity super heavy and mess him up but I'm a bit too nice for that. Still though it was interesting to watch him so I stayed.

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