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Aayla's New abilities - WIP

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1Aayla's New abilities - WIP Empty Aayla's New abilities - WIP on 24/01/17, 08:46 pm


Double kick

Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offense
Range: Close - melee
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be fighting hand to hand, cannot be wielding a weapon as the arms are needed for balance. The use loses their footing during this attack therefore can easily be knocked over.
Scaling: Hits: The number of hits or projectiles will double for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 stamina
Description: Aayla closes the gap between herself and her opponent, raising her right leg to deliver a powerful blow to her enemy and follows it up with a second kick. The motion behind the kick makes it easier for Aayla to move into a volley of spinning kicks if need be. Deals 2 blows for a total of C tier damage.

Speedy Sword Slash

Tier: What tier is the ability?
Class: What class is this ability for? If it is for a Magic Tool, delete this section.
Type: Is it offensive, defensive, or supplementary?
Range: Close, Short, Medium, or Long?
Requirements/Drawbacks: What are the requirements, drawbacks, or limitations of the ability?
Scaling: When you add more than the minimum magoi cost, what changes about the ability? More hits/projectiles? A larger area of effect? More damage?
Sustain: How many sustainments have you done so far? Starts at 0 and goes up with each additional use of the ability. 
Cool Down: How many turns must pass after sustains end until you can use this ability again?
Cost: The amount of magoi or stamina you are spending. This value can change based on how much you are investing and how many times you sustained it in a post, but must always be at least the minimum required for its tier.

    Give a visual description of the ability and include any effects, how large its area of effect is, the duration or how long it lingers, and any other important information. If it is a spell, mention what magic type/s are used!


Aayla's New abilities - WIP OPVwSvd
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