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Kerum's Proffesion

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1Kerum's Proffesion Empty Kerum's Proffesion on 18/01/17, 07:30 pm

Currently just want this, and the single perk will add more as my character grows and becomes better!!!

Primary Profession
Related Class: Warrior- Strength
Profession Title: Blacksmith
Description: Kerum is familiar with the use of a forge and blacksmith tools being raised to work with them. Because of this he has the basic knowledge to make D-tier weapons and metal armor. As well as be able to repair damaged weapons of the same tier.
Profession Perks:

  • Perk 1

    Appraise: Kerum is able to tell just by looking at a weapon or piece of armor the Tier of a weapon or piece of armor.

  • Perk 2
  • Perk 3

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2Kerum's Proffesion Empty Re: Kerum's Proffesion on 18/01/17, 07:38 pm

Could you beef up the description a little bit? Since he can't make anything with it yet, it doesn't make much sense.

For Appraise-- just specify that he can determine the tiers of weapons, not the quality. So it's useful.


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