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[Reserved/D] Coliseum Forge

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1 [Reserved/D] Coliseum Forge on 18/01/17, 07:26 pm

Creating a custom job for Kerum!!!

Job Name: Coliseum Forge
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim Coliseum
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang/ 50 EXP
Job Prerequisites: Blacksmith
Job Overview: Kerum has been tasked with creating simple short swords for the coliseum. They have ran into a shortage within their own military and so have moved some of the weapons designated for the slaves to use. Now they need to find a replacement for what has been shipped out.

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2 Re: [Reserved/D] Coliseum Forge on 18/01/17, 07:36 pm

As a job it looks fine, however, could you beef up the overview a bit? A single sentence is a tad bit on the low side for any kind of job, even a D-Tier. Just give a reason for them requiring the swords, perhaps make some specific npc from the coli that is requesting these swords from you. Y'know, just add some flavor text to the description at least.


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3 Re: [Reserved/D] Coliseum Forge on 18/01/17, 08:32 pm

Added a bit more flavor to it.


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4 Re: [Reserved/D] Coliseum Forge on 18/01/17, 08:46 pm

Looks good to me. I'll post it in a moment.


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