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Leila Rosenberg's vault Dbimoy
Name: Leila Rosenberg
Country Affiliation: Balbadd
Race: Human
Tier: D-tier
Class: Beast Tamer
Age + Birthdate: 24, 20 January
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
To those who try to describe Leila’s personality her nature might often be compared to the complex nature of an onion’s exterior. Just like an onion, Leila possessed various layers that make up her personality and it’s rather difficult to figure out what is truly her nature and what might merely be a clever mask to disguise her true intentions. The first thing people would likely notice about her is that on first sight she appears quite professional. Not only did she spend several years of her childhood among a wandering merchant caravan, exposing her to the world of commerce but with her recent involvement as the aide of a politician within Balbadd Leila found herself adopting a polite and serious demeanor.

Albeit when she is capable of entering a more casual situation people would easily notice that she’s actually a lot more social than one might have expected from her initial impression. Her cheerful and upbeat personality often makes her appear to be filled with a boundless sense of energy and happiness, alongside her habit to take things at her own pace makes her quite the easygoing type of person. In fact, some might be able to call her suave, and this is even more noticeable around females where she tends to show a more teasing and flirting type of nature. However, whether she’s serious or just doing some innocent fooling around is up for debate.

Still to those who have seen Leila’s true nature know all those sides to her are likely just facades to conceal her true nature. A sly, deceptive and manipulate trickster Leila has found both her heart and spirit darkened over the years of imprisonment as a slave. The sight of the merchants of her caravan being mercilessly butchered, the betrayal of a fellow slave who she thought to had been a friend and the education she received from the corrupted politician has made Leila understand a few things. There’s no such thing as a truly good person within the world, and those so called heroes are naïve fools. While this world had worked on a survival of the fittest rule Leila found it was surprisingly easy to use wits and deception to charm the strongest to focus on each other, rather than consider her a threat, and just like the saying ‘when two dogs fight for a bone the third one runs away with it’ once the two of them finished their fighting… only she would remain.

Nevertheless, just like a book isn’t finished till the epilogue is completed Leila’s nature isn’t set in stone, and depending on who interacts with her they might possibly change her, for better or worse.

Attractive Women: While being a rather obvious lesbian Leila enjoys the presence of a female beauty. Not only does she find it motivate her to play the cat and mouse game with them, but it simply is something she naturally enjoys.

Animals: As someone who learned to befriend animals Leila considers them not just guardians to protect her but the few beings in existence that she can truly call her friends. She adores them and often shows a genuine kind and gentle side to her toward them.

Rainfall: While most people consider rain to be depressing Leila finds the sight and sound of rainfall to be tranquil, a feeling that makes her feel at ease and in her opinion cleanses the world in its own way. Perhaps it’s also because the rain usually makes people stay inside and with her enjoying quiet moments it makes the streets so much more pleasant to wander in.

Manipulation: A game of wits and intelligence, as a skilled manipulation Leila enjoys nothing more than to try to deceive people into doing her bidding. Whether it’s seduction, intimidation or just deceptive lying the act of watching people go against their nature by her actions is a fascinating thing for her to behold.

Witty people: As someone who enjoys using a battle of wits and words above brawn and force Leila admires witty people and often enjoys communicating with them. In the end, a scholar would likely enjoy talking to a scholar more than talking to a barbarian whose only interest is to know how sharp his axe is.

Magicians: Abandoned by her family and turned into an outcast because of her lack of magical aptitude Leila despises Magicians, and part of her desire is to strip them all of their power so that they would feel the same helpless feeling she had as a child when suffering from their discrimination. Sometimes she might even feel malicious toward them.

Cowards: There’s a difference between a liar and a coward, a liar is someone who wants to track another often for their benefit but a coward is just someone who doesn’t dare to oppose someone and instead only tries to run. Chickens like them are better off served on a plate.

Humid weather: Warm weather makes Leila feel lazy and tired, so obviously she’s the type to dislike humid weather since it makes her want to just sit somewhere cool and sleep the whole season.

Heroism: Born from naivety, the mere thought of someone doing something heroic without ulterior motives almost makes her puke. Everyone knows a hero either desires fame, power or wealth. It’s actually kind of fun to make those heroes doubt the value and true meaning of their actions.

Preachers: While she might be partly one herself she dislikes those who would preach for hours about their ideals. It simply doesn’t work on someone like herself who has such a stubborn mind.

Leila’s current ambition is to slowly rise in influence within Balbadd and someday become part of its cabinet. Still, her true intentions are to start spreading an anti-magic propaganda in the hope of fostering a large hatred toward magic. This is because she developed a great hatred toward magicians after the treatment she had received from them as a child. They hated her, now let the world hate them in return.

However, her true ambition is one that is so far-fetched it might be impossible for her to accomplish... To discover a way to rob all magicians of their power/erase magic from existence so that people will understand the feeling of helplessness she had to endure in Magnostadt.

Betrayal: One of the reasons why she rarely shows her true nature is because one of the greatest fears Leila possesses is the fear of betrayal. Perhaps it’s because of that reason that the girl often displays a certain clingy and possessive nature toward those she takes a genuine interest into. Of course, those who do betray her should know that she’s one hell of a scornful woman.

Abandonment:  Having experienced the abandonment by her family one of Leila’s fears is to be abandoned by those she care for, and perhaps it’s because of this reason most of her friendship is restricted to her animal companions. In the end, despite their friendship she has forged a sense of knowledge into their minds that she isn’t just their family, but also their mistress and abandoning her would be the last thing they did as a living being.

Past Identity Discovery: One of the things Leila also fears is people discovering her past. The abandonment of her family, becoming an outcast and enslaved has left its mental scars on her mind, and in a way, one might say that her unfortunate background is something she considers a weakness and therefore fears it being exposed.

Face-Claim: OC
Hair Color: Dark blue
Eye Color: green and yellow
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 132lbs
the first thing that people notice when they see Leila  is that she seems surprisingly fair of build. Standing at five feet and eight inches tall Elise has the type of height that could be considered an average for a young woman of her age. A closer gaze would reveal she has a fairly light skin tone, a bit lighter than most people that might be associated with the nature of her Rukh, whether it’s truly the case or something else is beyond her knowledge.

The next thing people notice is most likely her darkish blue colored hair that is kept in a short but fashionable hairstyle that she makes sure to maintain. Whether it’s dyed or her natural hair color is open to debate but it’s clear that she seems rather proud of it. Speaking more about physical features, it would be difficult not to notice the fact Leila has two differently colored eyes, a trait she has possessed at birth and has often led to people calling her the cursed girl due to her lack of magical aptitude, and the fact that it’s not all that common to see.
While she is prone to switching attires Leila’s favorite attire is a a long white coat with red borders, alongside a pair of matching purple pants and comfortable boots. If one were to ask about the attire she would proudly proclaim she had a tailor design it specifically for her. Finally it’s easy to notice that she often has an hair accessory present in her hair.

Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Features:
Her heterochromia is said to be a result of being cursed by the Rukh, of course, that might just be superstition.
Welcome, you must have come to hear a story, haven’t you? Then you have arrived at a perfect moment so stay a while and listen. The story that is about to be told is the tale of a very peculiar woman. Still to understand her tale one has to know something:  That no human being is born evil, they have turned down that dark path as they develop. The Rosenberg were a small but very unusual family, the thing that made them different from other people being that they possessed a certain gift. That gift was commonly known as the power of magic. It’s tragic that it’s within human nature to be afraid of the unknown, and to distrust that what they can’t explain or comprehend. It was also that aspect of human nature that caused the Rosenberg to be discriminated, often hunted down and ridiculed to the point they were forced to drift from village to village.

Why did they have to suffer like this? Was their magic truly something to fear, or was it those people incapable of magical feats that were to be feared? It was at that time the Rosenberg heard a curious rumor. A certain magician who had long suffered the same type of treatment as them had forged a great ambition into reality: to make a country for magicians. The idea of a place where they could be themselves, without the fear of being discriminated or terrorized by others led the Rosenberg to settle down into the city of magicians, also known as Magnostadt. For them Magnostadt was a true paradise, not only was it a paradise of knowledge and education but a society where they felt at home. When the latest generation of the Rosenberg had finally been blessed with a daughter the birth of Leila might have appeared like a bright light to illuminate the future, still little did they expect how wrong they might have been.

As a toddler, Leila was like most children in behavior, but her heterochromia was a peculiar feature that left her parents wondering what had caused it. Still, when the girl started to grow up it became clear that Leila wasn’t a blessing, but a curse… for she lacked any form of aptitude for magic. In Magnostadt magical prowess meant everything, and their long endurance of discrimination by none-magical people had left most of them particularly harsh toward them. The poor girl was incapable of performing even a spell, and she could only silently endure her grief when her parents looked at her with scornful eyes. Their daughter was a stigma on their lineage. It obviously didn’t take long before the poor girl was abandoned by her family, and in return forced out of the country as an outcast at the tender age of 10. By mere coincidence it was around the time Leila was banished from Magnostadt that she came in an encounter with a merchant’s caravan. It was among this caravan that an old couple took pity upon hearing Leila’s story and took her in, allowing her to become part of the caravan.

You see, this caravan used to wander from town to town peddling goods, and according to the old couple they did this because they lacked a place to call home: they were wanderers. From the age of 10 Leila had been traveling with the caravan, and for four long years, the girl started to find a place she could call her own among them. The elderly couple was kind and understanding, almost filling the role of loving parents that she had never known. To them, it was amusing how Leila seemed genuinely intrigued by their simple existence. The girl learned the importance of money, how it was, in essence, necessary for one’s survival but she also started mimicking the behavior of the merchants. Act with respect and dignity, but carry yourself also with a sense of confidence and determination for a spineless merchant would be a poor merchant. In the end, her life within the merchant caravan was pleasant, and when the memories of her painful past started to slowly become overwritten by the warm joyous days it all came crashing down.

On their way to Balbadd, the caravan was ambushed by a band of slavers, their armed men easily overwhelming the small group of guards the caravan possessed. Leila could only watch in terror as the merchants were slaughtered one by one, and while the slavers were starting to pillage the goods of the caravan one of them gestured at her and asked with a gruff voice.

“What we do with her?”

The response she had heard was one just as terrible as death itself. They would rob her of her freedom and force her into the existence of a slave. Bound in chains the girl could only weep as she was dragged away from the corpses of the kind elderly couple that had taken care of her, and now her new home had become a dark cell somewhere within the country of Balbadd, a hideout of the slavers. Life as a slave was obviously a living hell, but even in this abyss of darkness, she had found a tiny ray of hope in the form of a fellow prisoner called ‘Judas’. Judas was a lad from Balbadd who was captured by the slavers when he ventured too far out of town, and the talkative boy seemingly was able to lift Leila’s spirits again. It was four years after her enslavement that Leila heard a tempting suggestion from Judas, an idea for the two of them to escape. There was a certain moment during the night watch over the jails the slavers kept their prisoners that the guard in charge tended to leave his post, and Judas had found a means to pick the lock of the jail so if they hurried they could both reach a certain part of the hideout and climbing over a partly collapsed wall finally regain their freedom!

It was all a trick…

During the night of their escape Judas had indeed broken the lock and while the two of them fled toward the partly collapsed wall the sound of approaching footsteps reached their ears. Judas had already climbed onto the wall and was about to help Leila onto the wall when those footsteps caused his mind to think of his own survival and letting go of the girl’s hand he fled away on his own. Amusingly enough destiny decided to be cruel, for the patrol outside the hideout found Judas and killed him for his behavior while she got away with merely a slap, in the end, if they wanted to sell her they couldn’t seriously harm their goods right?

It was finally two years later, at the age of eighteen that they planned to sell her. It was a rather curious meeting honestly. They had bound her hands in a pair of shackles connected by a chain when some important looking man entered to discuss something with the slavemaster. Of course, with her desperate for her freedom, the girl attempted to escape, sweeping the chain around one of the guards their throat and pulled so hard she could hear the sound of his neck snapping. The guards readied their weapons, prepared to strike her down when the important man halted them with a mere gesture. Slowly approaching her the man asked in a curious tone how it felt to kill someone. Now she thought about it… This was the first time she had killed someone, and it didn’t cause any feeling. No grief, no joy, no regret… it was as if her emotions were numbed. When she explained she didn’t feel anything at all the man gave her a devilish smirk and told the slavemaster he would buy her.

This man, a rather dark and corrupted politician within Balbadd was aiming to take control over the cabinet, but he needed someone to do the dirty work for him, the one involving the business with the underworld. It was at that time Leila took the role of his aide, the man’s education helped her learn her way with deception and charm. Still little did the man know that as he steadily corrupted the girl’s heart her desire for power started to grow also, and already thoughts of overcoming her mentor started to surface in her head. What was that saying again? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and evil for evil?

Role-Play Sample:


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D-tier Abilities
Sic Them!
Tier: D-tier
Class: Beast-Tamer
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: A beast is required for the order, but alongside that, a means to communicate the order, whether vocally or through a motion is needed. The beast must be able to hear Leila. Alongside this, the target needs to have attacked or otherwise provoked Leila or the beasts/basically the animals need a reason to be angry.
Scaling: Damage tier
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina

    A vocal command or gesture is given, making Leila's animals unleash their rage, focusing their assault onto a target of her choice. The affected beast will have their offensive power raised to C-tier for the next basic attack.

Save the Tamer!
Tier: D-tier
Class: Beast-Tamer
Type: defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: A beast is required for the order, alongside being within 10 meters of Leila. Leila needs to give a command or action.
Scaling: Damage reduced
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Drawing upon the loyalty of her beasts, Leila's beasts are zealous in their protection over her, to the point they would willingly leap into an attack to shield her. This makes them able to block an attack up to D-tier aimed at Leila. However, the beast will take damage in recoil.

Evasive Maneuvers
Tier: D-tier
Class: Beast-Tamer
Type: defensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: A moderate amount of free space, and the ability to use legs/wings. Alongside the fact they need to be aware of the attack. Leila needs to give a command or action.
Scaling: Amount of hits dodged
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 posts
Cost: 10 Stamina

    A nimble evasive maneuver that allows Leila or one of her beasts to avoid a D-tier attack aimed at them. The beast dodges 3m out of the way. Still, when scaled, this ability manifests during a trance-like moment where they seemingly are reacting with an unnatural perception and speed at avoiding multiple attacks at the same time!

Fire Arrow!
Tier: D-tier
Class: Beast-Tamer
Type: offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: This only works with Trapper active. He also needs to be able to stretch his wings far enough to create the projectile. Leila needs to give a command or action.
Scaling: hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 posts
Cost: 10 Stamina

    Expelling a fiery projectile from its wings Trapper can attempt to impale his target with razor-sharp feathers that are burning with violent flames! Can hit roughly 5 meters away and hits for D-tier burning damage.

C-tier Abilities
Combination Assault
Tier: C-tier
Class: Beast-Tamer
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Employing a combination of Leila and her beasts, additionally the beasts will need to be within melee range of Leila at the start of this motion and able to hear the whistle sound she makes. Must specify whether a ranged attack or melee attack is being used. If ranged, the beast must be able to make a basic ranged attack.
Scaling: Tier of the attack used by the pets
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Stamina
A high-pitched whistle is made by Leila before she throws a projectile toward her enemy laced with a special scent to drive her beasts into a frenzy, a signal for her beasts to go into a full out assault! The combined assault will have a D-tier damage from the projectile, and an additional D-tier damage from the beasts their attacks. The ranged attack can hit as far as 10m away and the melee attack can hit close range.

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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Leila Rosenberg's vault Phoenix_egg_by_sirjarva-da1vufp

Name: Hot Amber Egg
Tier: D
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Heat
Appearance: An odd, egg shaped gemstone that is warm to the touch. It is 15cm; small enough to hold in the palm of a hand. A bird shaped silhouette can be seen within the amber.

  • Phoenix Fire - Feeding magoi into the stone will cause the magical circle to glow; casting a bird shaped flame in a straight line that will collide into a target dealing D Tier fire damage. It is 1m wide and can travel up to 7m away from the user before dispersing. 10 magoi to cast | 5 to sustain

Leila Rosenberg's vault 2wh2r77
Name: Trapper
Tier: D-rank
Type: Normal
Species: Mysterious Hatchling
The first thing people would likely notice when they see Trapper is that he’s a rather unusual type of bird. While its origins are hidden even to its owner Trapper can be best described as a small crimson-colored bird. Around a single meter in height and possessing a wingspan of double its height Trapper might resemble the average eagle in size, but the soft and warm feeling of its white feathers seems nearly otherworldly and the crimson eyes betray a secret waiting to be uncovered.

Passive Traits:
Trait Name: Speech
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Speech training
Trait Description:
Despite its young age Trapper quickly revealed his ability to communicate verbally with its owner, possessing the ability to learn and memorize languages. While he currently lacks the ability to communicate in any language aside from the one humans speak it’s still a useful gift to possess.
Trait Effect:
Allows it to communicate verbally with people in human languages

Trait Name: Embraced by Fire
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Mysterious Hatchling species
Trait Description:
Perhaps a trait connected to the fact Leila found Trapper amidst ashes, Trapper seems to have an unnatural affinity toward fire...
Trait Effect:
A passive trait that allows Trapper to register fire-based abilities.

Trait Name: Insight
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Mysterious Hatchling species
Trait Description:
Despite being what appears to be a bird of prey Trapper possesses the unique ability to bestow upon itself the ability to see past illusions of a caliber up to its own capacities.
Trait Effect:
This grants Trapper the ability to use its keen sight in order to grant itself the power to recognize D-rank illusions (basically ignore them).


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