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Reach For the Stars [Solo Training]

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Training Ability:

Shteyn Ssimitar

Tier: B-Tier

Class: Magician

Type: Offensive

Range: Medium

Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must point staff/stave/wand towards the target. Due to the concentration needed to perform this spell, the user will be easy to creep up upon.

Scaling: The distance will increase by 5m every 10 magoi that is invested.

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 3 posts

Cost: 30 | 15 magoi + 10 magoi per sustainment


    Using gravity magic, the user can create a scimitar out of the terrain around him/her. Then, the user can use this scimitar to battle his/her enemies. It will automatically fall apart after being sustained for x number of posts.

    • The scimitar can materialize as far as 1m away from the user.
    • The scimitar can be controlled in a 6m radius.
    • The scimitar can slash with B-Tier damage.
    • The created scimitar can be destroyed if struck by B-Tier damage or higher.
    • The scimitar is in sync with the staff/stave/wand. Whatever the staff/stave/wand does, the scimitar will mimic the motion.


The change of scenery from Kou to Magnostadt shocked Ariel. In Kou or Heliohapt, cities in towns ran by faulty machines. But the great city of Magnostadt ran smoothly, conducted by magic. In Magnostadt, the country of magic, the inhabitance used magic in the everyday life. Not only that, but they also used it to fight. But because only magicians could perform magic, the rest of the world wielded a broad spectrum of metal weapons. Ariel had also witnessed humans tame beasts and command the animals in a fight. Swords rarely found their way in Magnostadt. Magicians had no need for swords. Their weapon revealed itself in the form of magic. A staff or a wand merely acted as a vessel or a home for the magic. Due to a magician's fragility, the minimal force could be used to punch a magician to injure him. However, neither a king nor the moon could prevent Ariel from wishing he possessed the power to break free of his comfort zone and improve his physical strength. He sought to wield a sword but thanks to his weak body, he did not maintain the strength to utilize a sword efficiently.

word count: 196/1000

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Since he did not have the power to use a metal sword effectively, he needed to figure out a way to work around his weakness. He recalled during his journey he had encountered a swordsman around his age. The swordsman rudely bumped into him and had shattered his concentration. The intricately created battle scene that Ariel had been spinning collapsed in moments. Due to the amount of effort he had placed into the realism of the scene, he shot the formless sand at the idiotic swordsman. He had equipped each soldier with a very real sword. Not a metal sword, but a miniature and pointy sword. If he bound the sand together, the replicas of swords could easily create small cuts. With this in mind, the option to create a sword formed by magic blossomed. However, it would require more than just gathering sand or dirt and mashing it together. The side needed to drop into a sharp edge. He would need both accurate control and a sharp eye to form the shape of the sword itself. To sustain the sword, he would need to practice the art of ignoring his surroundings. Since the sword could easily disband, it required the dirt or sand bound tightly. Without his full concentration directed at his magic, the sword would easily collapse.

word count: 415/1000

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Now he need only test his theory out. He reached out to the butterflies without moving. The golden flecked wings fluttered around his head for a moment, before diving towards the ground. Just as it seemed the butterflies would crash, they sharply changed their course upward, bring with them a torrent of dirt. In his mind, he ran his hands around the dirt, giving it a long and thin oval shape. He labored diligently to ease the formless blob into a more refined edge. As he stretched the dirt, it thinned drastically. Dirt began to withdraw from the edges and fill the center portions of the sword to create a sense of depth. With a few more perfectionistic touches, he imagined a snake curving its flexible body around the dirt repeatedly until nothing showed. The snake squeezed tightly, binding the loose particles of dirt together. He ripped the air with his finish product. He'd improve it over time.

word count: 573/1000


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