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Bararaq's Starter Abilities [WIP]

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1Bararaq's Starter Abilities [WIP] Empty Bararaq's Starter Abilities [WIP] on 08/01/17, 04:45 am


Insert Ability Name Here
Tier: What tier is the ability?
Class: What class is this ability for? If it is for a Magic Tool, delete this section.
Type: Is it offensive, defensive, or supplementary?
Range: Close, Short, Medium, or Long?
Requirements/Drawbacks: What are the requirements, drawbacks, or limitations of the ability?
Scaling: When you add more than the minimum magoi cost, what changes about the ability? More hits/projectiles? A larger area of effect? More damage?
Sustain: How many sustainments have you done so far? Starts at 0 and goes up with each additional use of the ability.
Cool Down: How many turns must pass after sustains end until you can use this ability again?
Cost: The amount of magoi or stamina you are spending. This value can change based on how much you are investing and how many times you sustained it in a post, but must always be at least the minimum required for its tier.

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