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Bloody Rags [ Job | Solo ]

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1 Bloody Rags [ Job | Solo ] on 05/01/17, 03:45 pm

Job Details:
Job Name: Bloody Rags
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Overview: A serial killer is on the loose, attacking innocent people to get some sort of sick thrill. He has a steady hunting ground, go there and make sure that he's not a threat any more.

Enemy Name: Serial Killer
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: Serial Killer moves at 6 m/s and has a machete that does B-tier damage.
Gutting Slash – Serial Killer moves his machete at 25 m/s in a horizontal strike across his opponent’s torso, inflicting A-tier damage.
Disarm – Serial Killer uses his machete to strike an opponent’s weapon at 20 m/s and fling it 15 meters away.
Bloody Jab – Serial Killer jabs his blade forward at 20 m/s to inflict B-tier damage.

xxxxxx After separating with Rima and leaving her with Pluto she decided to take a stroll through the city of Kou. It was still quite an odd place. The street layout was much more different than Reim and the architecture was certainly something new. It was a place of mystery. After walking around some she saw a flyer that caught her fancy on the side of a building. Bellona had been following Diana from the skies, drawing all sorts of attention to the exotic bird. Her bright red feathers weren't something that people would miss. She looked through the other papers around it. It was just news if anything. Political things she didn't care too much about though it seemed the country was starting to divide itself. Diana figured she wouldn't stay long to find out the outcome. The notice that caught her attention the most was a bounty-- clear as day. It wasn't quite professional but it was a job none the less. Though the rewards were quite small she decided it was something she needed to take. Something about the look of the sketch bothered her. This wasn't any ordinary thief or vandal but she would have to investigate further.

xxxxxx Diana had taken the bounty and folded it neatly to place in her pocket. There was a tavern nearby that she went into immediately. If anywhere would have information, it'd be there. When she walked in, it was apparent to her that it may not be the best place to ask. She could see that this area wasn't the best part of town. Everyone was in a stupor of alcohol but they all seemed like they were up to no good. The place had looked nice on the outside but on the inside one could think it'd have been shut down. Diana sat herself at the bar and made eye contact with the bartender. He walked over to her and leaned over the counter. "Ya want a drink?" he asked. His voice was rough and dull. The man was quite built-- like a sailor. Diana thought for a moment. "Sure," she replied, watching him prepare a beer of sorts in a small glass. "Fer the lil lady," he said, sliding the glass to her. "I want to know about this if you have any information," she stated, sliding him the paper. He gave it back to her, already knowing what it was.

xxxxxx "Zhongyuan road would be the place yer lookin' for. Though ya shouldn't go there."

xxxxxx "Why?"

xxxxxx "It's dangerous. Not to mention it's filled with death."

xxxxxx The fanalis kept silent after that, she got all the information she needed for now. The mention of 'zhongyuan road' was one to turn heads. In a tavern full of people who were clearly delinquents-- it wasn't a good sign. Diana finished her drink before heading out. One person even grabbed her arm to warn her. Whoever this man was on the bounty, he had a reputation within the community. Diana whistled for Bellona to follow her as they made their way to this street. After asking for a bit of directions she finally made it to the area. It was a more quiet part of town. The streets were empty but she still wasn't sure which road it was that was so dangerous. She pulled a hood over her head and leaned up against a wall next to an alleyway to listen and wait. Bellona was tasked with surveying the area and would alert Diana if there was anyone nearby.

Word Count ( 594 / 1500 )


Name: Bellona
Tier: C
Type: Normal
Species: Bearded Vulture
Appearance: She's a large bird of prey that measures 125cm (48in) long and has a wingspan of 2.8m (9ft). It has red sclera with white iris' and is covered in black, white, and red feathers.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Enhanced Smell
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: A vulture has a good sense of smell and can smell prey from up to a mile away. This bird has been trained to track not just prey but people and items as well.
Trait Effect: The beast may track up to one living thing or object that is within a 1.6 km (1 mi) radius. Weather such as rain or snow will disrupt this trait, making it unable to use until it has cleared.

Trait Name: Flint and Steel
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Bellona
Trait Description: This beast is able to create sparks by rubbing together their wings. A special oil coats their wings to allow them to set themselves aflame.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register flame body abilities.

Trait Name: Enhanced Speed
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: Despite their large bodies their powerful wings can allow them reach high speeds in the air.
Trait Effect: While in flight, the beast can travel as fast as 100 km/h and keep this speed for a few hours.

Trait Name: Heat Immunity
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: The oils secreted from her body onto her feathers and skin allow her to be unaffected by fire.
Trait Effect: The beast is immune to C Tier flames produced by heat magic or other sources such as herself.

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2 Re: Bloody Rags [ Job | Solo ] on 05/01/17, 03:56 pm

xxxxxx There was still a lingering silence for several minutes. Aside from birds chirping and the occasional shuffling of a dog or cat there wasn't much noise. It helped that there wasn't much wind disturbing anything. Diana moved from her position down the alleyway she was leaning against. She meticulously scanned the area for anything that could be a lead. There was an assortment of trash on the sides but nothing worth noting. She continued walking up and down the nearby side streets. Diana looked everywhere for anything out of place in this area. It was indeed a slum but it was still odd that there was no activity. There was even times she would lightly dig through anything that looked suspicious. Even looking through windows of seemingly abandoned buildings. This would be an easier task with Pluto with them. But Bellona seemed to be doing a fine job from the skies. Diana whistled to bring Bellona down. The whistle echoed through the silence. Afraid she had alerted anyone dangerous she stuck to the shadows for the time being.

xxxxxx Bellona hung low in the air; following Diana from the small landings on buildings and boxes. She even traveled on foot if there wasn't much to perch on. There was a street they had stumbled on that was different than the rest. Strangely enough there was a certain stench to the area. Diana couldn't put her finger on it but it was vile enough to make her stomach turn. It was similar to the smell of Pluto's breath after a kill but a lot worse. "Decomposition..?" she pondered, continuing her search. The more she walked, the stronger the scent got. It was bad enough to the point Bellona had to fly up in the area. Diana kept a hand over her nose and mouth to lessen it. It was then she turned a corner to see two rotting bodies. One was laying on top of the other. But they seemed to have been dead for a few days. Maggots and flies covered their decaying flesh. Diana groaned and inched closer, shooing away the insects. She inspected them carefully and quickly before backing off.

xxxxxx It was a miracle she could stand it for long. Her senses were a bit more sensitive than most people. They were both missing limbs and organs. It could have been people who sell those things who took them but Diana wasn't so sure. If anything, they were most likely murders. From what she could tell they were both quite discolored with bruises, had deep cuts, and stabs. She wasn't sure what she was dealing with but she was confident. Diana had faced these types of criminals before. But she still wasn't sure when the demon would show his face. She continued searching for clues and found more bodies scattered along the streets. All of them were in pairs and in the same conditions. Some were more fresh than others. She was certain what she was dealing with at this point. Now it was just a waiting game.

Word Count ( 1106 / 1500 )


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3 Re: Bloody Rags [ Job | Solo ] on 06/01/17, 12:38 pm

xxxxxx It felt like forever she scoured through these streets in search for the culprit. She couldn't find any patterns or clues aside from the bodies that littered the streets. Being such a small area, she thought it would be easy. By now her nose was practically immune to the scent that lingered in the air. She could still smell it but it was much less prominent now. Diana tried to follow the freshest of the bodies but only ended up at dead ends or back to where she started. The killing grounds lasted for only a few streets and was carefully blocked off by dead ends and choke points. It was the perfect place for someone to fufil their "hobby". The sun was now starting to come down onto the horizon to rest for the day. A reddish tint illuminated the darkened area which set the mood for the scene. Diana decided to sit and wait for the killer to get to her. If she was in their territory, she would most likely be the prime target for tonight. So she sat against a building and waited for any signs of life. A sense of drowsiness washed over her and she started to nod out into a snooze. Bellona stayed close to Diana to alert her of any dangers that encroached upon them.

xxxxxx A slam. It was what she thought she heard right before she jumped awake. A dark figure walked from the doorway and out into the streets, machete in hand. Diana gasped but then covered her mouth as she slowly tried to stand her tired body. With a quick motion the person slammed their machete into the wall behind her, right above her head. The swing looked like it would have been exactly where her neck would be. This made her shiver at the thought. Her body moved on her own, grabbing the person's arm and twisting it behind their back. It was an easy task to do to a human. But it felt much too easy. Diana was either doubting her own strength or she fell right into a trap. The figure chuckled, their voice deep. "No, no," they cooed, tugging their arm out of her grasp and spinning around to face her. They pushed her against the wall and brought their head beside hers to whisper into her ear. "You'll have to try harder than that." Diana cringed at the feeling of their breath on her ear. Though she was certain now this was a man and he was not human, whatever he was.

xxxxxx She whistled loudly into his ear to try and startle him. This was effective but it seemed to irritate the man. In the time frame he loosened his grip on her she managed to shove him off of her and move away. Her whistle signaled a random attack from Bellona who used her push as an initiative to slam her body into his back using her Dive Bomb. He gritted his teeth and groaned from the pain, smacking the bird away with his fist. Turning back to Diana he dashed at her trying to use his Gutting Slash. Diana was unprepared but managed to step back in time to minimize the damage to her torso. Blood started to form in red patches on her now ripped shirt. "Tch," she spit, dashing right back at him to throw a basic punch onto his chest in an attempt to knock the wind out of him. He dodged this with ease making her stumble forward. In this time he used his Bloody Jab to her back, swiftly impaling some of her flesh. She whimpered in pain as she swung around to hit his face with a basic punch which landed successfully.

xxxxxx He wasn't quite down yet. Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he grinned. Without a word he went at her again for a basic attack with his machete. Diana dodged out of the way, whistling to Bellona twice. The bird quickly ignited her feathers and used her Dive Bomb into the man again. His clothes ignited into flames as he fell to the ground. He screamed in agony as the flames slowly killed him. Diana watched every second until he stopped moving. This area would be found out soon enough and she didn't want to stick around to prevent taking the blame. She managed to make it out of the area, sticking to the shadows in order to not be seen. Her clothes sucked up most of the blood from her wounds. This prevented her from making a blood trail as she moved along the streets. She managed to hole up in an abandoned building for the night, patching up her wounds as best she could. Diana figured she'd worry about getting better care in the morning before she drifted off into a slumber.

Word Count ( 1920 / 1500 )
Stamina ( 345 / 395 )


Whistle: Dive Bomb
Tier: C
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Offensive
Range: Close (1m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be in the area and range to hear the whistle command which would be about 5 meters. Must be able to see the target and be in range. Has recoil damage.
Scaling: Increased damage per 10 stamina spent.
Sustain: 1
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina + 10 Stamina for Sustain

    Diana whistles a specific tone to signal Bellona to dive at an enemy. Bellona folds her wings back, diving at the enemy with her large body to tackle them, dealing C tier damage.  On impact, Bellona takes a bit of bodily damage from the attack and returns to Diana. This has a chance to cause the enemy to be staggered.

Whistle: Flame On
Tier: C
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Offensive | Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Diana must give a unique whistle command to Bellona and the bird must be able to hear it.
Scaling: Effect Duration
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina

    Bellona rubs her flint-like feathers together to create sparks, lighting the special oils in her feathers aflame. This effect lasts for 2 posts and anything that comes in contact with the flames will take C Tier damage in the form of burns. The fire radiates 30cm off her body.


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