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For those in Need (Training)

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1 For those in Need (Training) on 01/01/17, 04:53 pm


It was time, she needed to stop being weak. The young girl needed to grow the hell up and start focusing on her magic training. THere were pressing matters at work. She held her staff in front of her and concentrated. Lestacia was attempting to create a new spell. She needed a way to keep her allies safe. She needed to be that grand healer that everyone talked about. She concentrated on her goal harder and harder. In her mind there was a green ball. She was giving the green ball shape, and the shape it formed into was a tree. The tree sprouted up and receded back into the ground in her mind leaving only the image of a shimmering brown breastplate with the image of roots sprouting across it. She opened her eyes and the magoi forming around her seemed to dissipate. She sighed heavily and thought more on it.

"Come on Lestacia. Think! There has to be more to it! You want to impress him not disappoint! The first spell is going to be harder anyways. For right now we've made progress but we have to move onto the other one." Lestacia held her staff out and focused. She again saw the green ball but this time she entered it. In a blinding flash of green she spotted a desolate landscape that had these human like figures climbing from the ground. They looked...dead. Lestacia had raised skeletons before but not ones with flesh still on them. She felt something from the pit of her stomach she was about to throw up. She wanted to impress Neo the most. She wanted him to be proud of her. What she wanted the most was to not waste his time training her. Lestacia wanted to show him that she could provide results, whether with him or on her own. She knew it herself that was when it dawned on her. Not tree's but.... lets try lowering the standards of what I want and create something much more simple.

The problem was what would she be creating? She wanted to heal but... how? It had to be a quick thing. Nothing like her previous Healing spell. It had to heal fast but it also had to protect her team in a certain way...! How was that possible. She pondered this thought and wrote on a pad of hers. She snapped her fingers and immediately knew. Burst healing. What she was focused on was healing over time but she had no way of Burst healing. Except the spell that would only be used as a last resort. She needed to know if the spell worked though. So she decided to go to a nearby bar famous for bar fights.

There at the bar she sat at a far away table staff in had and hood over her face. The girl laid bac in her chair and waited for one of the drunken men to start yelling thier opinions. Low and behold one guys did and an argument broke out. THis is what Lestacia wanted however as the men pushed each other around at their feet she could see a little girl clinging to one of their legs. They looked alike.

'Daddy stop fighting please i just want to go home.'

However the girl could do nothing as her large father got into a fist fight with the other man. The girl cried through the chaos that ensued as other men around broke out into a brawl. Lestacia couldn't just let this happen so she approached the young girl. "What's wrong little one. What seems to be the matter?"

'Daddy won't stop fighting. I just want to go home.'  she said between breaths.

"Don't worry. I'm sure he has his eye on you too."

She ruffled the little girls hair as she sniffled a bit and stopped crying for the moment as she watched Lestacia approach the men twice her size. "Excuse me I think your daughter disapproves of this action you're taking. Excuse me!" It was no use. THey were in too much of a blind rage. So much so that they knocked lestacia to the floor. "Ok, thats it, you all need to chill out! She was about to cast a spell when she saw a large table fly towards the young girl. Lestacia's Eye's widened as she reached out a hand. She wouldn't make it in time. "NO!" As soon as she screamed that a pulse of green energy protruded from her turning the young girl green as well. Lestacia had no time to question what was going on, she only wanted to save the girl with every fiber of her being. As the pulse of energy was released it caught the eye's of all the men fighting within the bar. They watched in awe as the young girl was about to be crushed. Her father saw a look of horror. Luckily the pulse covered the young girl in a green glow but noone not even Lestacia knew what it meant. As the table fell. Flat on the girl Lestacia fell to the floor. Tears coming from her eye's, She looked in the direction the table came from and saw a lone man standing there. "YOU DID THIS!" She Screamed charging the man with her staff. The father of the young girl fell to his knees tears streaming from his face. "I WON'T FORGIVE YOU FO-" The table moved...! Lestacia stopped as the guy ran away in fear. The table was flipped over and the young girl was perfectly fine. Better in fact. She was knocked around by the other men but those wounds were healed. Her father ran up and picked up his little girl. Lestacia looked at her hands and smiled. "I think I found my new spell." She said to herself. The man thanked her for saving his daughter and the two left the bar. Lestacia did the same. She had no reason to be there. She only needed to figure some things out. Now came the hard part working out the kinks. How was she able to summon a pulse of energy like that? It intrigued her.

She paid it no mind for now. It was her burst healing spell. She figured it out and wanted to try it.

(Words 1,068)

Ability Trained for:
Gaia's Might
Tier: B
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the words "Gaia's Might!" are said she can activate the Spell. Disappears after being hit once by any spell.
Scaling:Buff lasts for an additional post.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 Posts
Cost: 30 Magoi

    The caster releases a Stream of life energy From their hand and it enchants one ally within the radius within a 20m Radius the following buff. When the enchanted user is struck in combat by an attack that would wound them, they instead would be healed for the damage that could have been done. The effect lasts up to 3 posts. However when the spell tanks the attack it immediately disappears allowing normal damage to be done once again.A green pulse of energy is Released from The Caster's Hand and the target affected gets a green glow to them signifying the effect is active.


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