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Returning Voyage [Kou Travel]

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1 Returning Voyage [Kou Travel] on 31/12/16, 01:56 am


Dawning upon a new day, the morning light shined across the city of Reim. Beaming into the dark shaded room, Trently awoke from the sun's radiating streaks of sunlight. "Heh.. Its time to head out.. to Kou today!" Is what Trently exclaimed under his breath as he prepared his equipment for his upcoming voyage over both treacherous land and sea; all for the sake of reaching the Kou Empire. Hopping into action with vital weapons on tow, the youth known as Trently met with a few sailor men whom he has been acquainted with since Balbadd. "Yo! Ambuji! Decided to drop by and ask for a ride over to Kou since I have some business to handle over there. Captain Jamal granted me permission before hand, if you need to double check with him then that's aight too." Pouncing with a nimble step onto the vessel's gangway, entering into the ship's dock.

"Alright! Don't worry Captain told me beforehand that you'll be riding aboard. Anyways, we'll be heading toward Magnostadt just as a heads up. Were shipping some stuff for the magic academy over there." Letting Trently know beforehand about their trip to Magnostadt in order to deliver a shipment. "Aight! Anything works as long as I get to the eastern continent. When are we setting sail by the way?" Asking Sailor Ambuji on the departure of their sea voyage. "In a few minutes actually, were just checking out the path they laid out for us on this map." Confirming that the departure scuttling abreast the sea's winds and waves shall be commencing in only a matter of a seconds.

Task Track

Soon after, the sailor men and Trently set sail for Magnostadt; the City of Magic. There were lots of hardships they faced during this sea travel, though one thing was certain and that was that Trently didn't waste time whilst out at sea as he used this time to his advantage. Training his overall body in order to prepare for these upcoming trials of hardship in which he shall be enduring in Kou, Trently hones his body as it was a sword itself. "Land ahoy! We've finally arrived at the magical city of Magnostadt! Oi Trently! We've struck land in our sight, its most definitely the eastern continent! Get up here!" Alerting Trently of their arrival into the eastern continent and more specifically; Magnostadt. "Aight! Be there in a second! Just need to gather my stuff!" And that was the end of Trently's journey from Reim to Magnostadt.

All that remained for Trently was to cross the great plains and head straight for the Kou Empire. There was a solid spring of a step's pounce as Trently set foot into Magnostadt, it was a sign that Trently's journey had impacted his development in strength. "What a beautiful city this is! Woah.. blew my expectations a bit. Guess it really is a magical city. I'll have to visit Magnostadt again in the future, its really interesting." Is what Trently had thought to himself as he went throughout the city and outside its borders in where he came across a familiar face.

It was the seductive merchant woman in whom Trently ran into a good deal of times in Balbadd, she happened to become Trently's favorite clientele as he performed missions for her in the past. "Need a ride? I'm heading to Kou. There have been some demands for services, if you know what I mean ehehe." Asking on if Trently was in need of a ride to Kou, Amirah decided to throw in a flirtatious yet lighthearted joke at the end. "Damn! And just at the right moment too!" Trently exclaimed as he hopped up into the woman's wagon stocked with all types of assortments. "Indeed! Well let us head out then!" Signaling to her horse to begin riding out to Kou across the great plains, Amirah and Trently departed for the Empire struck within turmoil of political throne wars. They reached the Empire of Kou six months later.

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