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Not All Tools are Weapons. [Job w/ Hannah Voight]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Bloody Rags
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Overview: A serial killer is on the loose, attacking innocent people to get some sort of sick thrill. He has a steady hunting ground, go there and make sure that he's not a threat any more.

Enemy Name: Serial Killer
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: Serial Killer moves at 6 m/s and has a machete that does B-tier damage.
Gutting Slash – Serial Killer moves his machete at 25 m/s in a horizontal strike across his opponent’s torso, inflicting A-tier damage.
Disarm – Serial Killer uses his machete to strike an opponent’s weapon at 20 m/s and fling it 15 meters away.
Bloody Jab – Serial Killer jabs his blade forward at 20 m/s to inflict B-tier damage.

Equipment Brought:
Name: The Blarney Stone
Tier: D
Type: Cutlass (Sword)
Material: Condensed Steel and Tungsten mesh
Appearance: This sword is your standard cutlass with a couple twists. It’s able to cut quick as if it were a rapier, yet strong and powerful like it’s cutlass form. It weighs 3 kg all in all. The handle weighs 1.5 kg, and the blade itself weighs the other half. The entire sword is 96 cm. The handle being 16 cm, the blade being 80 cm.

Name: Sakurajima Edge
Tier: B
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Lava (Heat + Strength)
Appearance: The entire sword is made of obsidian, but magma still glows inside of the weapon, as if it were confined to the sword's shape. The blade itself is about 0.91 m (3 ft) long, 7362 cm wide, 1.27 cm thick in the center, and is sharp on both sides. The magic circle is located at the tip of the blade, inside the glowing magma.

  • Molten Slash - The magic weapon is activated whenever the user feeds magoi into it. Once activated, the lava inside the sword consumes the blade and the user is capable of throwing lava .5m in thickness from the blade up to 8m away if swung in an arc, dealing B-Tier damage to anything hit. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Kou was a very populated place. There was too much of everyone and everything. The country had birthrates that had been through the roof, and it wasn't surprising based on how big of a population the country could support. Food and shelter was no where near scarce. Plus, with a bigger population, comes a bigger production rate. Kou would be in a good place in the future, especially after this miniature civil war. Back on topic, the population was dense. However, it was still a time of hierarchy, and therefore those on the lower levels suffered more than those who stood tall over the rest. The urban slums were a cruel place. Crime was evident on every such corner, and there were certainly a lot of them.

A certain pirate had a lot of spare coin as well, but being the cheap bastard he is, he decided to stay within the hellhole. He ably walked past most of the crime, not wanting to get into such matters. The longer he stayed, the longer he realized that dark alleyways were safer than the open roads. He didn't want to get into any open conflict with a citizen of Kou and get a big fat fine and a boot in the ass to kick it all off. Countries were rightfully protective of their citizens, evildoers or no.

And so the pirate walked down a dark alley and would experience something he really wished he hadn't saw. Upon turning the corner from the open road to his little shortcut, he'd see a figure towering over another among the shadows. It'd been uncomfortably leaning against the wall and the floor. The standing man had a long unsheathed weapon with blood dripping from it. Julius couldn't get a good look within the half a second he looked before he immediately turning back into the open road. Due to it being in broad daylight, it didn't take much investigative work for Julius to find out what happened.

The salty dog lost the air in his lunges as fear sprout out within his system. Thank the lord he hadn't been seen just yet, or else he would've been fresh meat. As strong as the pirate was, he would never walk past death if it'd hit him in the face. The open road had been pretty damned bare, probably with good reason as well. Julius tightly pressed his body against the wall. However, he nearly had a heart attack upon him hearing a slight breath right next to his face. A large ugly face peaked out of the alleyway.

"Hi," the serial killer whispered before he rose his bloodied machete and swung at Julius. Julius, however, was quick enough to get out of the way of the strike. The pirate turned a heel and sprinted, but the killer was quick to chase. The bare open road was an unforgiving place.


483/1500 - wc


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staff brought:
Name: Nimbus Staff
Tier: D Tier
Material: Silver + unknown magical substance for the base and gem stones (mainly sapphire though small crystal and diamond are found in it as well) in the center of the head
Appearance: 112 cm in length, the staff is a simple but elegant piece of craftsmanship. The staff' head is filled with different gems put in place for the mage to draw the magic from. While it is made out of metal and gem stones the staff is obviously meant for more ascetic appearances than for combat use. The color of the staff is generally a bright silver color when catching rays of light but is a dark navy blue otherwise. This is just due to a simple optical illusion of the materials and nothing magical.

A bucket of a mixture of urine and feces was thrown from a window about three stories high right onto the street, only but a mere meter or so from Hannah. As the contents splashed all over the area around Hannah would let out a squeal. She would grip her staff tightly and run off in the opposite direction. She had found herself in one of the larger and more populated cities of the Kou Empire, much to her distain. She loathed these cities, they were nothing like her home village, tucked away in the mountains and streams. No this city was packed to the brim with people, most of which were living in poverty. While it was no secret that Kou was quickly rising in terms of wealth among the world’s powers there was still a large set of poverty, one that was growing with every day that this civil war continued. Hannah had came to this pit of filth though for a single reason, make some fast money. She was running low on huang after traveling around for the past few months. She had heard that the city was a great place to make some fast cash when you needed it.

Hannah had been spending the past month though in the mountains outside the city with a magician that had taught her the arts of strength magic as well as a deadly combination of wind and strength known as razor magic. She had yet to demonstrate this magic to the public eye and had no desire to if she could help it. As she tried to weave in and out of the streets she quickly realized that she was not going to get anywhere on foot. She whispered under her breathe a single word. ”Flight” She was quickly rising above the crowds, reaching just right over the building’s roofs. “I should have done this from the start, from up here I can avoid the traffic and see where it is I am going.”

As Hannah glided above the masses she started to watch the people that were below her. They were like ants, marching in certain paths, clustered tightly, and all seem to follow an invisible system in sync. Hannah being from the country must not have been born with this natural knowledge like those born in the city. It was from up here that she also started to notice the cracks in the buildings, there were alleyways all over the city, secret paths that connected streets and buildings. Every so often there were people passing through these alleyways but for the most part they were left undisturbed by the masses in the streets.  

As she peered into these alleyways she spotted something that was interesting to say the least. A man had another pinned against a wall. She stopped where she was in the sky and watched closer at this scene. The man leaning on the wall started to fall over, it was then that Hannah caught sight of the blade that the second man held in his hand. While she was no warrior Hannah felt the need to go get help or perhaps even engage this murderer. She started to fly down towards the alleyway at the top speed her flight spell would allow, as she moved so did the murderer, right towards another man that had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Without making a sound other than that of her cloths rippling through the wind Hannah reachedan area right by the two in the alleyway. She was too late to stop the murderer’s next attack. The man swung at the innocent bystander, though it seemed that this man was not as easy of pickings as the previous one. He avoided the swing of the man’s blade and started running straight towards the streets, though it seemed that this killer was right on his heels’. Hannah flew further down where she positioned herself in the air only a mere 4 meters above the ground. She was right in the path between the killer and the other man’s path towards the street. Her staff was poised straight ahead, she would speak her spell’s name “Gravity Increase” as the killer entered her area. This spell would greatly slow the murderer down, hopefully to the point that this other man could get away or perhaps even disarm the killer.

739/ 1500 words
-50 magoi

Gravity Increase
Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Hannah must chant the spell’s name as well as aiming her staff/wand at the target
Scaling:Every 10 magoi poured into the spell will cause the spell to last an additional post
Sustain: 2 post
Cool Down: 2 Post
Cost: 20 Magoi + 10 to sustain
Hannah will cause the gravity around a single target to increase. This will lower a person’s speed a noticeable amount due to them being heavier than what they are use to. The furthest this spell may work on in 5 meters away, if an enemy leaves this range the magic will dissipate.

B Tier:


Tier: B Tier
Specialization: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must know strength magic.
Scaling: Flight Power
Sustain: -
Cool Down: -
Cost: 30 + 15 sustain

The magician commands gravity type rukh into manipulating the space around a target giving it flight under the magician's control. This can be used to achieve varying degrees of flight.

o D-tier: The magician has full control over where they fly, however they wobble in the air unsteadily and move at the speed of a leisurely stroll.
o C-tier: The magician's flight is stable and they have control over their direction. The speed of the flight has increased to rival someone in a dead sprint.
o B-tier: The speed of the flight has increased further, exceeding normal human limitations to provide supernatural speed.
o A-tier: The magician can now fly at incredible speeds covering even great distances within a short amount of time.


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In his panicked state, the pirate hadn't stopped his run. Instead, he cowardly sprinted faster and faster. The killer had actually lost his speed upon chasing after the pirate. The murderer, however, was quick to change his target upon seeing the mage. He turned on his heel to face the woman with a wicked smile. Julius only did stop his cowardly sprint upon turning the corner off the open road. He knew he was faster than most naturally, but however, he also felt the gravity field surround him and slightly slow him down. Thankfully, he got out of it in time to escape. The pirate knew it must've come from somewhere, some kind of interference. Looking back around the corner, thankfully much more calm now, he saw the murderer facing someone else. The murderer had turned his back upon the dog.

    Although thankful for not being dead, Julius didn't want to be responsible for someone else's death, especially after trying to save him. His excited breathing subtly stopped, as he placed both hands upon both of his swords hilts. With a fast pull, both of the man's swords emerged victorious from their sheaths. The murderer, during all this stood still, and gave Hannah a threatening glare, his eye slightly twitched. Blood dripped from his machete.

    The pirate suddenly charged out from beyond his corner. His natural speed was that of a horse sprinting. He  shouted mid sprint a deep-pitched war-cry. The pirate with a final step, jumped up into the air and performed a crippling sweep in which his swords would try and slice off the man's legs. However, the murderer was quick to react in that he turned once more, using a disarm to throw the pirate'sBlarney Stone far out of arms reach. No damage was swapped although.

    "Come back, have you?" the murderer asked in a crazed tone, tilting his head. Julius's mouth was agape, as he backed up about five meters real quick. The murderer only stood still so long because he was teasing the duo.


827/1500 - Word Count
165/215 - Stamina

Abilities Used:

Cowardly Run
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: N/A
Requirements/Drawbacks: Can't use weapons during this time. Needs to run in the opposite direction of the opponent... Needs to scream at the top of his lunges.  
Scaling: Range - Distance fled increases by 5m for each 10 stamina invested.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost: 10

    Julius, in a cowardly display, fleeing (usually for his life)in the opposite direction of his enemy. He moves faster than his normal speeds traveling up to 3m. This is also based around adrenaline, so his body ignores most pains and poisons that could potentially weaken him and his sprint. He can't stop until he's out of immediate danger.

Crippling Sweep
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User can’t have crippled arms or legs. User needs a sword. Abilities damage is based on sword used in ability rather than ability itself. Can’t use with a shield. Opponent needs some kind of legs.
Scaling: More Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30 Stamina

    With a wide downward slash to an opponent’s legs, the sweep has the potential to do some serious damage to the legs. It won’t completely hack someone or somethings legs off singly.

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The pirate continued his sprint towards the open road leaving Hannah and the murderer alone in the alley. Well, I guess it is just the two of us Hannah was not too worried, the murderer was on the ground and she was in the air, yes it was a cowards way to fight but hey a coward that lived is better than a fool that is dead. She had enough magoi in her reserves to handle a punk like this guy but something about the twinkle of evil in his eyes made her a bit cautious. Hannah noticed the small pool of blood that had started to form from the droplets from the man’s machete. She wondered how anybody could so carelessly take another’s life. She bit her lip and held her staff out towards the man once again. “I’m gonna put you down like the rabid dog you are.” just as Hannah was about to speak her spell’s name the pirate seemed to return from the safety of the street. He wielded two blades and charged at the murderer head on. Shit, I can’t cast my scythe with him down there, hitting him is too great of a risk. I’ll have to go to plan B

As the two men met it seemed that they were at a stalemate, the murderer avoided damage from the pirate while the pirate seemed to lose one of his two blades. It seemed like this pirate was no fool though, he quickly recovered from the exchange and backed up 5 meters, this left Hannah right in the middle again, though she was still air born. As the three exchanged looks at one and other Hannah had a brilliant idea but she would need the pirate to play along with her; perhaps this mad dog was already mentally unhinged and it would not take much to have his madness take over his rational survival instinct. Hannah floated an additional meter up and three meters back, moving closer to the pirate. “Well I think this may be a waste of my time, a mage shouldn’t meddle in the affairs of brutes that run around with primitive weapons like swords. Perhaps I’ll handle the one of you that lives after the next five minutes, I think that will be more fun. You’ve already killed one man today, I imagine that you can handle this geezer over here after all.” She would glance back for a brief moment to give the pirate a slight smile, hopefully he understood her idea, but if he didn’t well then she would be in hot shit if the two decided to come after her instead of each other.

Hannah had left the range for her gravity increase to still work on the murderer so he was about to be back at full speed. Hannah had her staff still pointed downward at him just in case he got any ideas. She had hoped the two would come at each other, if that were the case she would cast one of her razor spells on the pirate that would give him an advantage on the murderer. If they decided to come at her instead, well she would just fly away to safety.  

1,280 Words
-15 flight sustained
215 magoi left


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"Old.. Geezer?" Julius gawked as he looked up at the mage. He wasn't that old? The pirate was about to retaliate with an, but stopped after his first syllable after seeing the small smirk she would give him. That was all the information he needed. The murderer had focused his undying attention on the old dog. The pirates knuckles turned white due to how hard he'd been clenching his hell-spawned blade. Although his one-handed dueling skills were a little offset due his body being so used to handling two swords at once, he doubted a murderer could take a trained swordsman on so easily.

The pirate took stance in a ready position. One sword extended from one of his arms and his other hand was clenched and ready to deliver some side-glance punches. Who needed a shield when you could have bare arm-strength? Suddenly, the murderer charged directly at Julius with a raised machete. He saw it coming from a mile away however, although the murderer was quick, the pirate was quicker.

A quick slash from the murderer would be blocked with Julius's sword. It was a test of strength for the most part. The pirate growled as his bare hand came out from behind his back and punched the murderer in the face. The force behind it was strong enough to break the murderers jaw. However, with a quick click of the neck, was the murderers head in place. Julius had thought he would've knocked the psycho out by then.

The murder laughed manically as his jaw dangled before he bloody jabbed his blade into Julius's unprotected thigh. He wailed out in pain and performed a quick power kick with his other leg in order to stop the murderer from trying anything else. It would hit and the murderer would be kicked back a couple of meters, however landing on his feet.

The blade however, remained within the pirates thigh as the killer had let go of it. This meant that the psycho hadn't let go of it just yet. The pirate unfortunately couldn't move his leg, and had never felt more vulnerable within his life.

Although an equal trade, it all happened too quick. Too many things can happen in about three seconds, too much damage can be done. Julius placed a hand on the machete and pulled it out of his leg slowly as the murderer watched with a broken grin. Some teeth had obviously been knocked out, yet he maintained his terrifying posture.


1265/1500 - Word Count
155/215 Stamina Used
(If you reach the word count before me, just finish up with your next post, I can end it.)

Abilities Used:
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Users legs can't be crippled. At least one leg must be planted firmly.
Scaling: Range - Distance the enemy is kicked back increases by 5m for every 10 stamina invested
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost: 10

    Julius delivers a swift and powerful kick to his opponent that has enough force behind it to send them flying around 3m in the opposite direction.


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