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The red-headed babysitter

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A Man in Need:
Job Name: A Man in Need
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3000 Hung + 50 XP
Job Prerequisites:N/a
Job Overview:  
You will be going about your everyday life, when you bump into a rich guy who needs help. You must visit his house at least once during the mission.

He will need one of the following everyday tasks to be done:
1. Helping him look after Kids, which he has been given the task of baby sitting.
2. Household Chores
3. Cooking for an important Guest
4. Shopping
The job should take at least 2 hours to complete depending on what you pick.

On completion he will pay you for your help, whether you like it or not.

The red-headed warrior was currently walking through the bazaar that he softened visited whenever he was in the village. The bazaar was a great place to buy supplies such as food or weapons and fear, it was also a place where people came to chat and gossip or to find people to do a job for them. Hector came there mostly for the rumors as he was always in search of a new opponent or something that could make him stronger. He also liked to take an odd Job every now and then so he could earn money and build up a reputation.

While he was looking at a spear he was interested in buying he could hear a man nearby talking to whoever could hear him. He was several years older than Hector was, the warrior would assume that he was in his early to mid thirties. He dressed in robes so he must be rich to be wearing such garments. He seemed to be in a frantic hurry looking for someone to look after his kids while he did something else. "Hmm I am good with kids and I do need to get some more money if I was to buy better weapons and fear." he says quietly to himself as he tended to do often. He walks up to them gentlemen smiling and gets his attention by tapping him on the shoulder. The man turns around a bit annoyed when he noticed that the person who touched him was a Fanalis. "Ugh. What is it that you want yu red haired filth?" the man demanded from Hector. The warrior just smiled and ignored the comment from the rich man as he was used to such hatred from the rich to his people. "Greetings kind sir. I couldn't help but hear that you were looking for someone to do some work for you. I would be more than happy to work for you sir for some money of course." The man thinks for a few moments than sighs, "Well I guess getting help from one of you people is better than none help. I don't even like the ungrateful brats. Me and my wife are going to be at a show at the theatre and you will be taking care of our three kids. You will be payed at the end of the day. Follow me."

Hector followed the man to his home and was quickly introduced to his three children, two twin girls who were about the age of twelve and a little boy who was around the age of 4. The man gave him rules to keep them in the main room till they got back and than left for the theatre. Hector smiled at the kids hoping that the three little ones were not racists like thier father and mother were. He spends the next several hours with the kids by playing various games with them and even astounding them with amazing, and massively stretched, stories of his previous adventures and they ended up falling asleep before the parents arrived. When the man returned he snorted in disbelief that his children listened to a savage and quickly payed Hector qithout saying a word and kicked him out of his home.

Word Count 560/500

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