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Pinkey Toe [Solo]

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1 Pinkey Toe [Solo] on 11/12/16, 10:10 pm


Job Details:
Job Name: Investigate The Rebellion
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards:100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Overview: Word is spreading that a rebellion is brewing. You stumble across a man claiming to support the rebellion. Convince him to speak about the rebellion and then report him to the authorities. You will need to use force to get him to talk!

Enemy Info:
Enemy Name:Rebel
Needed damage to take down:B
Abilities:Jab – Rebel jabs his dagger at 15 m/s to inflict C-tier damage.
Avoid – Rebel moves at 20 m/s up to 15 meters away to avoid being captured.

Your love is your life, is what many would tell me. Something that is uncommon for Aseroth, as he has commitment issues, this being one of his many fears. He could never bring himself to doing this, falling in love or having an desire for someone he only met awhile back, but hasn't gave them much time to grow together. Even when she had followed him home, he never really questioned that, which he should have. Seeming like he only looking for attention, nothing that he has ever done for himself until recently. The only thing left for him to clear his mind is further his thoughts into this rebellion that has been going down lately, humming to himself lightly feeling his heart grow heavy, but keep quite about his troubles and stood up from the bar inside his home. " Young Master, A troubled soul isn't a healthy soul", one of the house maids told Aseroth, but he'd just walked to his room alone. ' Is this all I can think about currently, just being alone and not happy? It cant be I enjoy fighting and adventuring. " Stepping towards his room's door, opening and closing it behind himself softly without causing too much of an ruckus. Feeling completely numb from head to toe, Aseroth went into the bathroom and took a quick shower with him just standing their for at least 3 minutes as the water ran down his hair to his back and into the drain. Getting out the shower,wrapping a towel around his lower body and walking into the main part of his room, steam coming out the bathroom into his main area just floating there than disappearing. Removing the towel and only putting on some boxers and getting into his bed, Aseroth spread out in his bed, and just stared at his ceiling until drifting into a deep slumber.


Awaking to loud noises outside, his face utterly grumpy as his dream was interrupted to the person or people shouting outside.  Pulling his sheets off him, only wearing his boxers as he'd walk over to the window looking outside noticing the man outside shouting. " The Rebellion! Are Second Coming! You Know Gao Yu will bring us back from horrible management! " He spewed out to the coward of people, this simply just making Aseroth mood worse as he finally turned back letting the curtain fall down. Grabbing his captain's blazer off the dress and quickly throwing around his torso, buckling it up as he did so, his torso revealed. He'd open his dresser's lower compartment and grab some white suit pants, to put on quickly, getting ready to head outside. Speaking out loud to himself in the hallway of his home. " what a beautiful day in the neighborhood! " saying in a pissed tone, getting to his front door. As soon as he opened his front door, people had already flooded the streets with him trying to get through the people shoving and push, leaving the door open. An nearby maid had come to close the door behind Aseroth, while also looking worried that he wouldn't come back into the house or possibly may make matters worse. " Sir, You been dipping in poison, and your shouting nonsense to these citizens! Your going to be to be taken in to the guard! " Aseroth proclaimed out to the man. " The Rebellion wont allow for my capture, as i am part of them and we take care of are members! " Replying with stating himself being part of the rebellion meaning this is a more serious matter. The People shuttered and yelling in anger about him calling himself an rebellion scum, they begun throwing stones and trying to get him kicked out the city, Aseroth had stepped in just at the right moment to grab the man.

" I need you to speak and speak now " said Aseroth, the man reversed his grip and scattered backwards, than pivoting 180 degrees turning to run down an alley. " Aye! Come Back! " Screamed Aseroth, following him in pursuit, thinking this man must really have an death wish. Sprinting down the alleyway gaining on the man, as he'd grab and throw a nearby trash can lid at the man. The man not seeing the lid or looking back, he'd had taken the lid to his back falling forward on his face. Aseroth catching up to him, he intend to swing his right fist toward the grounded man, as the rebellious man put up a guard to the fist, feeling his bone crack underneath the fist, he could assume he just had large stone fall on him!.Life on the edge, Aseroth spoke. " Speak, tell me about the rebellion, before i turn you in to the authorities. " The man, had shivered and than reached into his pocket, pulling a dagger out on Aseroth as his guard was lowered. Jabbing toward Aseroth's leg, impaling through it as hadn't been prepared for it, Aseroth had to take a knee, before removing the Dagger, and Grabbing the man by the clothing violently. Slamming his right hand into his shoulder blade dislocating it as blood came out from the impalement. He'd than reel his head back while pushing his arm out making the man move, Aseroth pushing his head forward while pulling towards himself going to headbutt the man with his own. The man had begun to bleed and scream out falling to the ground on his butt, and scooting to the nearby alley wall. "Stop.. Please Stop...p.. I didn't mean for this to happen... " Begging for Aseroth to stop, but the fanalis had just stood up on his bad leg. " Talk and ill spare you, don't ill break each finger and both pinkey toes!   " The man had let out an scream in pain from his shoulder hitting the stone behind himself. " Alright... Alright.. Please No more! ". Aseroth felt like teaching him one last lesson so he'd step forth and bent down by the man's foot. " Say good bye to your toe ", Aseroth Grabbing the man's pinkey toe, and twisting it like a cap the bone popping as he'd heard him screaming out in pain, only to hear Aseroth speak. " That's for my leg" going over to grabbed the beaten man, speaking to him. " Alright, explain to me what you know of the rebellion. " Aseroth demanded. The poor man whimpering in fear as he spoke with shakiness. " All i know, is that Gao Yu has returned in the pass couple of weeks and things have taken different turns, Yoshiro is trying his best to keep rebels like me from sp..speaking up. Ya'know man! " The dude, speaking clear but still stuttering hear and there. " Gao Yu? Explain " He'd asked, as the man faced gotten up. " Gao Yu, My Emperor before the shiity..shitty one you call Emperor now! He will bring us back to glory with his older style of ruling Kou! He hears the people ! " Aseroth had gather what he wanted, and Punched the Rebel man unconscious. Proceeding to carrying him back to the barracks now.


He was at the guard barracks over night, resting up from his injuries and gathering some information for Yoshiro to later use if proven good enough. Aseroth had just waited until he was cleared to return home with his injured leg, it was finely wrapped in bandages and had been treated. Spending his time their until everything was over.

word count: 1000+/1000


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