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The Finishers [Abilities]

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1 The Finishers [Abilities] on 06/12/16, 09:14 pm

Choke Hold
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Opponent must be within arms reach. Can not have a crippled arm in the use of it. Cannot use on Imuchakk unless they’re smaller in height. Can be blocked with any defensive ability, regardless of it’s tier.
Scaling: More Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 Turns
Cost: 30 Stamina

    Julius uses his exceptional strength to grapple a target by it’s neck, lift them, and squeeze the life out of people. This can be used out of combat to gain information from people. In combat, target sustains C-Tier damage every turn they’re caught in the hold. Target can’t get out of the hold unless they use 70 stamina to struggle out of the hold. However, after 3 turns, the target loses consciousness, and automatically loses the fight. User can use this to actively gain information from a target.

Defensive Stance
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: N/A
Requirements/Drawbacks: Can’t attack or use offensive abilities while under the effects of this. User must warn others 1 post before this comes into effect (Doesn’t apply when solo).
Scaling: Turns Increased
Sustain: N/A
Cool Down:
Cost: 20 Stamina

    Julius, with a lot of offensive capability harshly lacks in defensive. Therefore, he’s come up with a stance that suits all his needs. While in this ability, Julius can dodge and block B-tier and lower abilities for two turns. Can cancel this ability after one turn of use.


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2 Re: The Finishers [Abilities] on 06/12/16, 09:25 pm


Choke Hold:
It doesn't make sense that a sword parry could break this. Why do you say any defensive move can block it? That just doesn't make sense.

Imuchakk should have a longer wait time before passing out since their lung capacity is double a human's.

Breaking out should only require C-tier strength since that is how much force your applying. Someone with that much strength wouldn't need any stamina, let alone 50.

I suggest removing the damage so all your power can go into maintaining the hold instead of just C-tier.

Defensive Stance:

Sorry, but abilities must be specific trained actions. You can have "stances" but you can't just say that the stance gives you blanket dodge/blocking of all attacks. An example of a defensive stance would be something like this:

"The user stands on the balls of their feet and begins bouncing slightly adopting a very quick and light stepping method. While this stance is active, the user can quickly spring into action dodging up to 2m in any direction."


"The user enters this stance by holding their weapon out in front of them held parallel with the ground. While in this stance, the user can perform X-tier parrys by intercepting enemy weapons and then coiling their own blade around it ending with the force being redirected to one side ending with the blade primed for a thrust into the enemy."


Thank you all, for everything.
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