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Tiger Cubs

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1 Tiger Cubs on 05/12/16, 09:59 am

Sylvia was from a wealthy family as she was adopted, to be arranged to marry someone, who was also wealthy. This was not planned yet, but this was the reason behind it. Where her family would find someone who had wealth with them, it didn't matter what type of man they were. She still looked for her brother, who she didn't know anything about or if he was still alive. She and he grew up together, but he was taken away to become a slave. When they were only young. Right now she would be heading into the Jade Dragon Mountains. She was planning on doing a job request. It was to gather all the wood that she could. The reason that many didn't take this job was not because of the task itself, but getting past the many wild beasts.

People couldn't deal with the Tiger Cubs. Young but able to kill anyone that comes near them, but as she was walking up. She has seen the mountain. As many men were up at the top, they were not here to fight the tigers, only to chop down wood. As Sylvia walked up the men didn't think much. The only thing that came to their mind is she was cute, but being able to handle tigers. She was going to die in their minds. Thinking what a waste.

Sylvia had one weapon with her, it was a staff, but it was shaped like a scythe, but the blade couldn't be used. Sylvia only used the odd looking staff to fight, using her magic powers. That she had at a young age. She was still learning how to fully control them. Even now. It didn't look like anyone else here, were put here to guard, and deal with the tiger cubs. Could Sylvia do it on her own? She wouldn't know till she tried.

She is wearing a short pink dress and over is a tight white jacket with gold buttons at the bottom and around her arms having a pink bow at the top it also has gold near the bow. Her jacket also acts like a skirt being under her pink dress. Sylvia also has long pink hair and eyes.

Words 383 / 1000

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Job Details:
Job Name: Timber!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The Capitol is in dire need of wood to help rebuild after the damage done by a mysterious magician during the Kou-Reim conflict. Go out to the mountains and help chop down trees. Beware the dangerous wildlife!

Aseroth, receiving reports from other guards about the need of fire wood and more timber would be prepping to head into the Jade Mountains looking for an construction site or lumber mill to help gather needed wood. Some of the other guards chattered amoungest themselves wondering why he took on such and simple job being he could injury the poor cubs. They did not inform Aseroth of tiger cubs being in the wild as he finished gathering his belongings to head off down the dirt path with an green scarf wrapped around his forehead and neck with his cold stare piercing through itselfs cloth. Adjusting his Kimono trimming as he'd shortly run his hand through his hair, " Well im off, enjoy the day guys! " speaking loud enough for the group of other working guards to hear him. Strapping his Baël at his back walking forward as the weather was pretty warm but as he continue his walk into the mountain range the sir became slightly thinner and he could see his own breathe. He'd question if he actually needed sword? Sword play wasn't really his style, but it keep him from just ravaging through his enemies with his bare hands he thought, the distance of his short journey getting smaller being able to hear some people not too far away. Cuffing his hands together to breathe into them keeping it nice and warm than using one hand to adjust the tattered green scarf keeping his eyes prone for wildlife as well.

Getting passed the sites gate, Aseroth noticed the short women compared to him evidently, passing an glance going over to the site manager.
" Well sir, I heard y'all needed extra hands for getting timber? How about some Fanalis support? " Talking to him while looking around to notice many people just working all about and him sorta standing out.   " Well Fella, That little women over yer, my need assistant in collect some timber for us so head over there and follow her instruction. Got it? " Aseroth just nodded while turning to walk over to Sylvia. Extending his hand toward hers while speaking in his deep tone.

" Hello Madam, the names Aseroth De Lucas II, pleasure is all mine to be doing this job with you " informing while introducing himself to her also trying to get an friendly handshake out of it to.

Word Count: 400/1000

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It was quiet up here, nobody to speak with, but that was something that Sylvia was used to. Sylvia already got her orders from the site manager, but she was asked to wait for someone that could work with her. You could tell from looking at Sylvia. She was out of place. Her clothes were that of noble, rich families. With most people here just wearing common clothes. As she was waiting someone would come over to her. It was an odd man who had white hair. Something you don't see every day. He was holding a sword, which she thought. He was a swordsman. Knowing the art form everyone calls swordsmanship. Sylvia would shake his hand, as she would speak in a soft tone.

Sylvia would have a kind smile facing him. As she would start to speak. "It's also a pleasure to be working with you. I am Sylvia Thanatos." Sylvia knew what the job was as she let go of the man's hand. Speaking in a polite manner. "It's best if we get going. We need to gather wood, but please be careful, you could get hurt if you don't watch yourself. Many small tiger cubs are around the area. We should try to make sure not to run into them." She hoped he didn't take offense to her telling him to be careful. As she would start to make her way into the forest of the mountain.

It would be many hours. As they were walking together, as they started to gather wood that could be used to rebuild Kou-Reim, but all wouldn't go well. As they didn't stop, they would start to hear small steps coming from around them. It was getting louder with each second. As small roars could be heard. As four small tigers would be around them blocking any way of escape. Sylvia didn't wish to really harm them and hoped that the man next to her wouldn't as well. As she would drop some of the wood they collected onto the ground. She didn't wish to kill them, but stopping them would be enough.

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Receiving an warm hand shake, keeping an pretty nice smile on his face as she spoke listening to her explain the tiger cubs, much to his surpise the other guards and workers didn't tell him this. Knowing that he couldn't dare kill or harm the animals unless proven other wise, he brought along his new equipment, ' Cold Coffin ' thinking to himself shortly for awhile. " Alright, Sylvia we can leave off to collect the wood. Hahaha " not being very cold in nature today or essential toward her. Looking over Sylvia, he couldn't tell weather she had an hidden blade? Could possibly be an swordmans? Or be an magician seeming like she just trying to earn some face also, her attire making her look noble. Trying to figure out what she has as a source of weaponary, but still continuing to follow behind her. 

Spending serval hours with the Sylvia collecting wood, carrying two half sized grown trees on his shoulders after breaking them down with his fist, she begun to act like she heard or sensed something coming. Focusing on his surroundings to listen in on the wilderness, hearing the patting of footprints, -pat.. pat pat..- sounding as he'd listened. The shrubs around them suddenly bristled open as four small tiger cubs surrounded Aseroth and Sylvia. " Sylvia, since I don't know your fighting capabilities, just as you don't know mines I will handle this gentle and with care. " Aseroth, reaching to pick up his sheild, 'Cold Coffin' Pouring Magoi into the shield, two of the small little cubs Pounched and tracted their claws out toward Aseroth. Ducking and crouching at the same time, covering his right side facing the shield up allowing them to land on its base, Cold's Grip the two tiger cubs getting caught in an icy flash freeze, being stuck to his shield. " Sylvia, I'll handle the one more since I have time, take of the one behind you " speaking mid-jog toward the last cub with the other two just being swung around in the air cartoon like, whimpering for its brother and sisters, no harm. The one cub, scratched toward Aseroth Torso, charging directly into his path ,he wouldn't flinch and allow his captains jacket to be sliced through leaving a small scratch on his skin. Chuckling to himself as this all seems fun before using his open hand to slap down the tiger cub, holding back while doing so to only make him back down and run off in fear of the actually strength. " Here, take your brothers/sisters! " smashing his right hand into them, causing for them to break from the ice and skid across the ground, they feeling only half of Aseroth strength so their able to get up and escape. Turning to face Sylvia, picking back up his timber just awaiting for her to finish fighting her poor tiger cub leaving him to sit there and wait for her. " Sylvia, let's see an show! Whoo " his eyes sharp and keen encase the others returned. Sitting on the dirt with logs in hand.  

Word Count: 913/1000

Wc: 903/1000 

[b]Name:[/b] Cold Coffin
[b]Tier:[/b] B
[b]Type:[/b] Magic Weapon - Shield
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Dry Ice (Heat + Ice)
[b]Appearance:[/b] A 150 cm tall and 90 cm wide, kite shield made from what looks to be a skull encased in dry ice. Perhaps the skull is from an unfortunate dungeon challenger? The shield is 25 cm at its thickest making rather heavy and cumbersome without the use of above average strength. It has two straps and a grip for easier and more comfortable maneuverability.
[*][b]Cold's Grip -[/b] When the user feeds magoi into the shield and blocks/touches a physical attack/object, the dry ice flash freezes 1 square meter of the physical attack/object. The flash freezing is only on the surface and doesn't deal damage, but the physical attack/object gets stuck to the shield and can't get free for 3 posts unless the shield itself or the ice is broken. Damage, if applicable, is still dealt to the shield when using this ability. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Magoi: 80/90

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5 Re: Tiger Cubs on 13/12/16, 09:19 am

Sylvia didn't wish to harm the tiger cubs. In any type of mission. Sylvia checks everything before anything. She likes to look fully into it and make sure nothing wrong could happen. She didn't know if he could, but Sylvia had the strength to harm them, there are people with that power in this land after all. Sylvia would see as the man would laugh, but he also wishes to start moving now. As she would be carrying her own weapon, it was a giant staff. That looked like a scythe. "Okay, we better start moving." She would say, as they both started to move inside the forest. If he was looking for a weapon, it was not hard to find it on her. As she was holding it in her hand.

After some time, Sylvia would be carrying the wood. It would be time to head back soon. As they collected a lot. Aseroth said he would take care of this. As the tiger cubs were stopping them from getting passed, but how? Well, Sylvia would soon see, as she was holding onto her own weapon. "Okay. I understand." Sylvia would say waiting to see what he could do. As the tiger cub jumped towards, her Sylvia would start to move, as the wind started to gather around her. With small rocks, rising into the air.

This would make the tiger cub, move little by little. As he would start to back away running towards his family having enough of the small rocks hitting him over and over. It was not hurting him, but the tiger cub knew if it didn't run away it would start to hurt more and more. As the rocks would hit the same place increasing the pain. Making the pain more. All the cubs were gone. As Sylvia would look at Aseroth, seeing if he was okay. "You're not hurt are you?" She would ask in a soft kind tone. Hoping he was okay. Having a smile looking towards him.

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Watching as Sylvia had summoned forth Winds? With a puzzled look along his face, the whites haired man noticed the tiger cub had scattered off like its 3 other brothers/sister. Looking in awe this was the first time Aseroth had seen or actually witnessed magic even if the extend to it wasn't much, he'd remember his first time hoping to see more later in his life. The tiger cub ran over in the direction of Aseroth, thus making him swing the large lumber downward on tops of it head, rendering the cub unconscious and . Standing to his feet off the ground, patting his bottom to clear dirt and some leaves off it, before picking up his own sort of limber, than hearing Sylvia asked if he was okay, he respond. " Mhm, that was pretty fun. Thanks for allowing me to come along, Sylvia, " He'd respond with as he hadn't taken damage from the tiger cubs, before heading back to the there assignment, setting off to the path. 


Not taking much to make it back to the construction site that needed limber, Aseroth put down his lumber he had carried on his shoulder against the rest of the tree sized lumber they had collected already, while Sylvia had her medium sized chopped up wood. He speak with the site manager to recicive his cut and Huang than going over to Sylvia. " I suppose this is good for now. Hopefully we meet once more and have casual meeting, hahaha" He'd chuckle, before having to actually leave quickly. " Sylvia, fare well and good luck. " Aseroth, said as he'd wave and walk off into the sunset back home.

Wc: 1000+/1000


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