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Affiliation Rules [READ]

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Advertisements and Affiliates

Now there are several things to remember about advertising:

  • Please don't spam. If your advertisement is already up, there's no point in making another, simply reply to the old topic.

  • We don't frown upon replies to advertisements and such. You can post as much as you'd like on an ad, just don't spam or else we'll remove it completely.

  • If you request to affiliate, make sure to put our button up first! We might put your's up regardless, but if you don't put our button up on your site within two days we'll get rid of your's.

Here are our affiliation buttons! If we've agreed to affiliate with your site, feel free to use any of the ones below.

When wishing to affiliate with our site, post in the proper section and use the following template:

[b]Site Name: [/b]
[b]Site URL:[/b]
[b]Site Button:[/b]
[b]Button Code:[/b]

Affiliation Rules [READ] MagiAffiliate_zpsbc8b86fd

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Affiliation Rules [READ] LdArOEO


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