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Necromancer Problems(Mission/Solo)

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1 Necromancer Problems(Mission/Solo) on 02/12/16, 01:07 pm


Items brought:

Name: Scaled Gauntlets
Tier: D
Type: Gauntlets
Material: Steel crossed with Brass
Appearance: It covers the wearers arm up to the elbow, it is steel on the inner part of the gauntlets, covering the palms of his hands are steel chain link chainmail.Roughly 22 cm from fingers to elbow, and 10 cm wide, the material is roughly 5 cm thick.


Name: Bane
Tier: B Tier
Type: Sword
Material: Steel, and Iron
The blade itself is 110 cm 30 cm wide
The hilt itself covers 20 cm, 1 1/2 inches in diameter
the guard roughly 10
the blade covers 80 cm

Job Name: Skeletal Warfare
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Since the fall of Emperor Yoshiro’s father, the Alchemists under his control find themselves without direction. This branch of the Alchemists tends to focus on Necromancy and one of their members has been spotted at a local graveyard, digging up the corpses of soldiers. Stop him.

Enemy Name: Necromancer Alchemist
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C-tier to borg, C-tier to take down
Description: Necromancer moves at 5 m/s and rather than attacking directly, he raises a ghoul capable of dealing D-tier damage to protect him.
Plaguing Mist – Necromancer Alchemist releases a plague mist that moves at 15 m/s which spreads out in front of him up to 10 meters away. This plague slows ability speed and deals D-tier damage for 2 posts.

Enemy Name: Ghoul
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Ghoul moves at 3 m/s and deals D-tier damage with its body.

Dante's eyes glared in the direction of the local grave yard, souls lost by multiple wars that caused a lot of men, woman, and children to lose their lives, not the best place to be after dark either due to the fact there were rumors of ghouls attacking the citizens, Dante's mission was to kill the thing and whatever summoned it however he wouldn't go as far as to say he was scared, not of dying but being the living dead, his steps wouldn't move "Damn... why the hell did I get stuck with this" Dante said calmly rubbing his head with his right hand thinking quickly 'I don't like my odds...' Dante thought, his blade Bane tied to his hip was there to stay, located on the left of his hip, his hands were cased in his gauntlet, it was pretty nice on this crisp night, and Dante knew that by the end of the night he would learn a thing or two about the whole country of Kou, it was a wonderful land minus the slavery and the mass murders the people had face, Dante wasn't sure what to do except finish what he came here to do.

His movement were calm, slowly stepping through the large town, the windows face towards him as the shutters began to close quickly.It was pretty late so Dante wasn't upset by their action everyone needs sleep, his walking hastened at twenty meters realizing that whoever he might be fighting might have set traps or some type of poison or some other idea in their mind to catch or maybe even kill Dante, of course he wasn't gonna let that happen as his feet continued to pat against the ground moving ever so closely to the designation he had been sent to, or rather placed on the paper that had the job details. Dante wasn't sure how the  mission was going to work, nor did he know if he'd survive as he began to come upon a large cast iron gate, parted slightly enough for Dante's body to squeeze through and make it to the other side, Dante's eyes scanned the graves, none put much of a strain on his mind, most were labeled 'War Hero' from falling in battle as Dante scanned more he noticed multiple crypts in the distance and a man digging? 'Why is he out here?' Dante thought slowly moving closer he noticed a staff in the man's right hand, a long black cloak draped the man's body face covered Dante couldn't distinguish who the man was at first glance, however Dante moved closer hiding behind tombstone after tombstone, now ten meters from Dante.His fist clenched as he looked over to find a woman in the ditch as the man began to wave his wand causing a odd glow to come from the wand and the man began to speak "Arise my love, death took you once, however I'm here to release those shackles, NOW ARISE!" the man spoke and with a bright purple light made the corpse slowly start to stand up and crawl out from the ditch in a oddly animated type of way, Dante could see the man pale and thin like he had been researching the the zombie  reanimation for a while, Dante was actually angry that there weren't skeletons to fight but a ghoul would work just the same in Dante's case as he would slowly stand and speak in a calm tone "Yo mage, and uh....Mage's dead creature you guy have one warning heed it now" Dante spoke in a calm tone as the man turned to smile.

"I did it, I did it, I did it" the man said clenching his staff with diminished eyes 'This guy has lost it' Dante thought to himself as he began to draw closer the Ghoul began to run at Dante "Blessed Dead I envy you" Dante would say pulling his blade out of it's sheathe and as the Ghoul would run Dante would plan a course of movement.The Ghoul swung it's hair carelessly swinging left and right, Dante grew bored of the battle until the Mage would cast 'Plague Mist filling the area in a large cloud of mist, Dante's arms would be wrapped around his mouth and nose trying to close out the mist he would however be slowed, his hand with the blade would moved right to left beheading the Ghoul in the cloak of the cloud, it was pretty cool as the purple and red colors mixed quickly before the blood fell.He would have a coughing fit with red eyes looking and finding the man in the fog.

Dante would pace towards the direction of the man "SO MAGE...WHAT WAS YOU GOAL!" Dante would scream into his arm as the mage would grin and yell back "Well since you asked I guess I should tell you...You just beheaded my wife you fool, now you shall pay while I wallow in agony you bastard" the man called and swung his staff hitting Dante upside his head causing him to fall Dante's head would hit the ground as he would roll left, the mist almost gone as Dante would seethe man to his right and stand."Look I get it...Revenge Love hate...Those emotions aren't new to me" Dante would say staring at the man "But one thing never changes" Dante would say walking closer to the man "If you chose to let these emotions control'll only live in depression" Dante spoke his word calm, harsh, but true as his blade would raise the mage would swing his staff from the left, Dante would strike from the right locking the blade and staff together as Dante would now see a tearful eyed Necromancer "I will save you...Don't worry" Dante would say his blade Bane now wedged into the man deep, piercing out the back, Dante had let the man's staff slide off his blade into the ground using his counter weight Dante would have straightened the blade wedging it into the Necromancer instead smashing the borg coldly or so he thought as a seeming powerful borg was smashed to pieces by a B tier sword, the blade would then be thrusted into  the man's stomach instead of chest. almost instantly die as his staff would fall. Dante would retrieve his blade placing it into his sheathe and slowly walking away with a painful look of regret into his eyes.

No abilities used no pool changes


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