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Travel to Kou(Travel)

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1 Travel to Kou(Travel) on 30/11/16, 03:56 pm


Dante's smile was wide as he walked upon the brick ports of Reim, his feet pat lightly as he would see a man, draped in a black cloak, on his right arm stood a red parrot 'I think this is the guy?' Dante thought to himself walking over to the man.His movement was swift as he stood in front of the man, his eyes met with Dante with great sadness as his parrot began to speak "SQUAK! would you hear my tale young traveler?SQUAK!" the parrot said as Dante approached Dante waited a moment his left hand held on the butt of his hilt in a protective stance "Y...Y...Yeah sure?" Dante would say waiting with a gulp.

"SQUAK!...It wasn't always like this..." Dante hear as he noticed the parrot had not squaked after his sentence like before he waited for the parrot to speak again "My captain oh my captain, he was a powerful pirate, fought great wars he did....but the Kou empire had noticed ships going missing...My captain oh my poor captain was bombarded by twenty ships, his crew slain...his son was taken from him...squak..." the parrot said in a sad tone that caught Dante off guard, his heart sank "Wh...What do you mean?" Dante would say as the man in the robe would move fast swinging his blade from the right Dante's own blade taken half way out of the sheathe would block the man's blade as he would see the man's face it showed to be crying, the attack was to stop the talking...

"Please....Do you know where the Rotten is?" Dante spoke in a pleading tone, the man withdrew from his assault, sheathing his sword, the blade clinking as the man point to the right, Dante followed where he pointed towards, a old ship, Dante would bow as the man would put his hand on Dante's shoulder his parrot would speak once more "Child...The determination in your eyes...make sure that flame never falters I beg of you" the Parrot said again in a sad tone as Dante would lift his head and speak a smirk would grow over his lips "Like hell I'd let someone put out this flame" Dante would say pointing his thumb to his chest "A flame this bright will shine on forever didn't ya know?" Dante would say as the Pirate would tear up Dante would move to the boat "Please no rocking" Dante said entering the ship quickly sitting on the deck with a plop, he looked at his sword "Yeah right...I can't sit around and do nothing..." Dante would say standing unsheathing his blade and begin swinging it in a striking position 'stronger' Dante would think continuing to strike 'I need to get stronger, and stop this useless war before someone dies...I can't save everyone some may try to kill me...but I will not falter with my cause' Dante would think his blade continuing the motion all the way to Kou.

Requesting C rank Warrior.


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