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Thug Life [Job, with D.Styx(Dante Styx)]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Gang Problem
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100xp / 7,000 Huang
Job Overview: The citizen scared going outside the city because there’s a violent street gang, help the city guard to wipe the gang and they will give you a reward.

Enemy Info:
Enemy Name: Thugs (x4)
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: 1 C-Tier
Abilities: Thugs can move at 15m/s speed and deal C-tier damage with their knife.
Furious Cut - Thugs attacks by cutting at 15 m/s with their knife, dealing C-Tier damage
Punch - Thugs use their knuckle to punch at 10 m/s to infict D-Tier damage.
Equipment Brought:

Name: The Blarney Stone
Tier: D
Type: Cutlass (Sword)
Material: Condensed Steel and Tungsten mesh
Appearance: This sword is your standard cutlass with a couple twists. It’s able to cut quick as if it were a rapier, yet strong and powerful like it’s cutlass form. It weighs 3 kg all in all. The handle weighs 1.5 kg, and the blade itself weighs the other half. The entire sword is 96 cm. The handle being 16 cm, the blade being 80 cm.

Name: Sakurajima Edge
Tier: B
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Lava (Heat + Strength)
Appearance: The entire sword is made of obsidian, but magma still glows inside of the weapon, as if it were confined to the sword's shape. The blade itself is about 0.91 m (3 ft) long, 7362 cm wide, 1.27 cm thick in the center, and is sharp on both sides. The magic circle is located at the tip of the blade, inside the glowing magma.

  • Molten Slash - The magic weapon is activated whenever the user feeds magoi into it. Once activated, the lava inside the sword consumes the blade and the user is capable of throwing lava .5m in thickness from the blade up to 8m away if swung in an arc, dealing B-Tier damage to anything hit. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

    Julius Virgil was a working man. He constantly worked his ass off doing jobs, whether it be day to day chores, or as a temporary merchant. In the end, all of it payed the same. It sort of peeved him. He knew he hadn’t been strong enough to begin taking on bounties from the city guards. Yet no jobs payed more. He wasn’t a tracker, nor a detective. So, for now, he’d been stuck doing the little things. Those little things didn’t bother bother either, he was sort of a workaholic.

    However one day, Julius stumbled upon some people upon a walk that served as an obstacle. It’d been early in the morning, Julius had just left the inn in which he lived to go work at his job. The job was to carry cargo to and from the port to the marketplace. It was an easy form of hard labor which paid more than it should, he decided to milk it dry. Easy money was still money. He’d run into a bunch of thugs on his way to his destination. His hands were in the pockets of his loose pants and his eyes were closed as he whistled. He wasn’t looking where he’d been going and ended up walking into a man. Julius stopped in his trance.

“My apologies sir,” Julius had stated sincerely, before attempting to walk around the man in the middle of the thin street. The street itself was mostly empty besides the two men that stood in the middle. The inn was in the shady part of town after all. The one man was taller and looked bulkier than the sailor, it wasn’t that intimidating however. Julius had one fist-fights with bigger.

“Apology accepted,” the thug said sarcastically as he quirked a brow. As Julius attempted to cross around the man, the thug grappled the collar of Julius’ shirt and with a quick thrust, threw him into an alley on the side of the street, where three other man had been waiting for their next prey. Julius, unaware of the sudden attack was easily pulled. Julius grunted as his upper-body met the wet stone. “You made a baaaad decision coming down our street,” threatened the thug, as he pulled out a knife. The other three thugs, both the same size and visibly human smirked.

Julius simply laughed it off, which created a couple moments of awkward silence. The thugs all looked at one another and shrugged. This silence suddenly became a commotion as Julius, with one swift movement, jumped off the floor and attempted to break into a run. Before Julius even thought about reaching the exit to the alleyway, he was stopped by one of the thugs by simply standing in his way. This was effective as it blocked his exit. Julius, stopped in his tracks and stared at the man who had his arms crossed. The salty dog turned around right after to sprint down the other end of the alleyway, but that plan was quickly changed as another stood directly in front of him. Julius gave a sudden nervous chuckle before he was punched in the stomach.

With exasperated breaths, he rasped out a simple, “Not good.” He then fell to the floor.

541:1000 Words
165/165 Stamina


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Name: Scaled Gauntlets
Tier: D
Type: Gauntlets
Material: Steel crossed with Brass
Appearance: It covers the wearers arm up to the elbow, it is steel on the inner part of the gauntlets, covering the palms of his hands are steel chain link chainmail.Roughly 22 cm from fingers to elbow, and 10 cm wide, the material is roughly 5 cm thick.

Name: Bane
Tier: B Tier
Type: Sword
Material: Steel, and Iron
The blade itself is 110 cm 30 cm wide
The hilt itself covers 20 cm, 1 1/2 inches in diameter
the guard roughly 10
the blade covers 80 cm

Dante awoke rather early this day, before the sun would shine he would be dressed out out of his door, it was odd a normally late sleeper he had gorged on too much turkey and fallen asleep sooner, causing him to wake up sooner, this point meaning ridiculously early.Without a moments notice he would hide within the shade of his porch being right next to the pub more known as a inn gave him the perfect view.

He witnessed a man bump into some of the local thugs 'Oh joy here we go' Dante would think to himself slowly as the thug cocked his eye Dante knew it was about time to get ready slipping on his golden scaled gauntlets, looking down at his sword 'killing them wouldn't be good...' Dante would think pulling his sword from his side he would use the rope from the hilt to wrap and seal the blade to the scabbard to avoid the blade from coming out.At this point the man would hit the wet ground with a thud. 'Damn I'm slow' Dante would say bolting down his stairs he would be greeted by two bulky me.

"Oh what's this a kid trying to play her- WHAT THE HEL-" the man would begin speaking as Dante would throw the sheathed sword at him, without thinking the man would grab for it and at that moment Dante would deal a B tier punch towards the first thug roughly a a inch would be left before the thug would fall to the ground crying holding his shattered jaw, the sealed blade would also fall and with his left hand Dante would catch it by the hilt.

At this point the second man would begin running at Dante as in the background the man on the ground would be now running down the narrow alley 'Idiot that's a trap waiting to happen' Dante would think before the blade of a knife would be lounged at him his left hand would swing with the sheathe hitting the mans knuckles smashing them most likely to pieces as Dante would trust the sheathed blade roughly into the enemies kidneys dropping him to the ground with a agonized gasp.Dante would take his right hand's gauntlet off as the man would be struck again 'HEY!" Dante would scream throwing his now unequipped gauntlet at the head of the thug who was now in front of the man whom resembled a pirate as a pirate trying to distract the men and hold their attention.


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The punch from the first thug had taken the wind out of his system, Julius’ lunges wouldn’t work for a couple seconds. However, during this time, a hero came to his rescue. A Finalis by the looks of those punches. He actually didn’t expect a rescue at a time like this. Especially in such a shady part of town. The lowlifes here are nowhere near strong enough to fight anyone, and the commoners that cross through usually pay no attention to the rubble of the streets, the guards don’t even put the streets into their patrol route.

Julius exhaled harshly as his breathing came back to him. His body physically forgot how to breath, it was surprising to him too. He shook his head, and with the same movement as before, he flipped back onto his feet.

“Greatest thanks, I’ll pay you back for it later, but for now,” Julius said as he drew both of his swords from his belt, “It’s payback time.” Julius’ eyebrows sunk into his nose as his face grew to be one of anger. One of his swords was a bit average in how it looked, also looked pretty dull compared to Dante’s, but the other one however looked like it’d been forged by the Devil’s warhammer. The core itself had been lava. The thugs at this point were scared of the duo that’d sprung up. They’d began running to the opposite side of the alley. It’d lead to another exit. Julius was quick to chase. Using his enhanced speed he was quick to catch up with the two. He ran past them and blocked their path. With a single slash from the lava-core sword, Julius managed to cut one of the thugs sides. The cut was deep, and it bled out a whole bunch. It wasn’t deep enough to be fatal, however, the thug himself, fainted. The last thug was stunned by his fallen comrade. The pirate warrior suddenly raised his sword into the air before bringing both blades down upon the last thug. However, instead of them hitting, they threatened to slice the man’s head off. He stopped himself. Julius gave a signature grin before headbutting the stunned thug through the two swords, effectively knocking the man out.

After that was done and over with, Julius thought it proper to thank his savior, so he returned to the Fanalis, who had most likely seen the pirate do his work.

“Good work brother, this wouldn’t have turned out as it did without your interference, and for that, I thank you,” the pirate started before giving the hero a friendly pat on the shoulder since they were face to face. “Hopefully, I can repay you in some way,” Julius continued, raising both brows in consideration.


1000+/1000 Words

Traits Used:

Trait Name: Enhanced Speed
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect: The character can now sprint as fast as a wild dog and can maintain these speeds for a few minutes.

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Dante wasn't exactly sure what happened, first the man was on his back then on his feet within seconds, his blades pulled quickly out he managed to injure the man behind him with a non lethal blow, this alone took knowledge of vitals, Dante was semi impressed by the man, he wasn't gonna let him off the hook however running downtown like he owned it, this place was filled with nothing more than thugs and delinquents the type to cut you and not think twice, Dante watched the second thug nearly piss himself seeing the pain inflicted by the Pirate as the pirate approached the thug Dante would undo the knot that sealed his blade as he wrapped the rope around his hip holding his blade to his left hand side with a sigh.

Dante cracked up as the man headbutted the Thug into subconsciousness, at that point the man would begin to move towards Dante, his facial features come into view better, Dante also took note of the man's weapons, two swords that Dante wouldn't assume a normal man would have, well the cutlass made him look like a intensified pirate while his other sword looked like a legendary weapon, the weapon however didn't really interest Dante in the slightest knowing full well the blade was the only thing worth while about the scarred face man as he would come close to Dante and begin speaking Dante would snap back into reality and out of his normal fighting demeanor with a sigh before the man began speaking.

Dante would hear the man clearly as his hands would land on Dante's solid should Dante would know full and well this man wasn't a normal person as Dante would begin to speak "I'm going to say this once, so listen well" Dante would say swatting the hands from his shoulder "Down town is not a place for travelers, had I not been here you might have had trouble...Now for my collateral?" Dante would speak pausing as he would think of something he wanted."I'd say your sword, but it doesn't interest me, your company in bed is also not needed" Dante would say in a calm manner "However soon I feel a need to journey to Kou, being as it is you are a traveler I would hope we could make a connection and possibly find a way to Kou, together or alone I will get there" Dante would say calmly with a small smile, the most emotion he had or would show during this whole event before his lips parted once more "Finally good sir, please would you honor me by speaking your name?" Dante asked finally with a calm tone now back to a semi-serious face waiting for a answer.

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Julius only smirked as the man in front of him made a monotoned joke. He wouldn't just give his sword or time in a bedroom away, and it was kind of awkward to the same them aloud as he did. His request in the end of it all wasn't as bad. It seemed as if he was going to ask for more. "Asking a sailor for a shipride is never a bad idea, I will oblige," Julius had replied, nodding his head at the man before sheathing both of his own swords upon his belt buckle. The pirate shifted through his pockets before pulling out what looked like a rusty stopwatch and placing it within the boys hand.

"Go to the port tomorrow and ask around for Rotten. Everyone knows him. He's an old pirate who has no tongue with a parrot who speaks for him. You can't miss him," Julius explained, folding Dante's hand over the metal watch. "Tell him this, not a word off. 'A mute man is not a deaf one, so here my call Anne.' Afterwards, tell him where you plan to go. He should take you straight to your destination via ship. Thank you once more, I'll see you in the next life sir." The pirate was quick to shuffle out of the alleyway, leaving Dante alone.

If Dante were to look out into the road where Julius would be walking, the pirate would be gone from sight.

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Dante heard the man well 'Damn old watch huh?' Dante thought as the man had absconded the area leaving Dante alone he would sigh "SO WHAT I HAVE TO TIE THESE GUY UP!" Dante would scream towards the deserted streets "Damn...He's fast when it means leaving work behind" Dante would say kicking a few rocks as he would begin stripping the thugs, using their own shirts to hog tie the men, running out of shirts he eventually left some men pants less, the men now tie up had no value to Dante as he would stretch and sigh.

"Oh Annie Oh Annie where for arth thy Annie" Dante would say retrieving his gauntlet putting it on his hand "Gonna need something to protect me when I get to Kou...Hopefully they welcome me with open arms and not cold steel" Dante would mutter as he would call for the local guard, and proceed to give the men the information to gain the reward, he however didn't know the pirates name as he began to walk back towards his house with a sigh leaving the men shirtless and pant less with a chuckle as he would enter his apartment again and take a seat.
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