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New Code Geass!?

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1New Code Geass!? Empty New Code Geass!? on 28/11/16, 10:02 pm


New Code Geass!? Code-geass

So it's official people, not only are we getting 3 compilation movies to cover the entire first and second seasons ala Gunam. We are also confirmed to be getting a third season that takes place AFTER season 2 with Lelouch as our main character.



Anyways, any code geass fans here? What do you think about this? Are you excited? Worried?

Personally I always thought Code Geass season 2 had one of the best endings in anime. I'm kind of upset that this might all just be a big cash grab after the success of the spin off Akito movies. I'm hopeful they do a good job with making the third season live up to the show's legacy though.


Thank you all, for everything.
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