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As Swift As The Coursing River [Training/Private]

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It has been a while ever since Noir came back to Reim, the country that she could call as her birthplace even though she didn’t really remember much about it due to memory loss. However some memories were made here with her friends, if she could call them like that, thus making her had some kind of reason to keep visiting Reim once in a while. Other than that, visiting her guardian and keeping her house clean would be the simplest reason for her to come back. Her memories were not entirely coming back to her although she could vaguely remember something that she was not really sure if it was true or not. Oh well, she had something more important than that and it would need to be done soon.

She did some coliseum match right after she just arrived in order to measure her own strength at the moment. All of that event must had making her develop her strength more than the last time she entered the battleground and she acknowledged herself to gain more strength at the moment if she compared it to several months ago. However, the black haired girl noticed that she needed to get something more in order to make herself stronger. She knew that if she wanted to pass the 1st Kodor test then she would need to focus on working on her magic, training it more and increasing her stamina. Yet, it wouldn’t hurt to learn something else for her own benefit in the future, not to mention that she might need some kind of self-defense knowledge just in case she couldn’t use magic in some kind of dangerous situation.

The idea sparked to her mind just after she fought the Fanalis in the Coliseum, Zai. If she didn’t quickly make her magic spell then she wouldn’t win from the excellent strength that he possessed, let alone surviving the attack due to Fanalis enormous strength and speed. The magician needed to learn some kind of martial art as well as about how to wield a weapon; she knew that it would be useful later on. Of course, it might be hard for her to suddenly train herself to do martial arts due to her weak body because she was born as a magician but at least she could try. She wished to learn from Dynatos because what could be better than training under the master of speed and strength as he was a Fanalis himself. However perhaps she needed to find another mentor for now, she didn’t wish to disturb the Fanalis after a long journey it took from Heliohapt to Reim. He needed to do sightseeing as well because he might be asleep for a long time now in Heliohapt, many things must be changing a lot.

Noir would then think that it might be better to learn by herself for now, so at least she could understand the basic before letting someone to teach her. That way she could now if what she did or training by herself was right or not. Luckily for her, her house was storing a lot of book and she found several books about martial arts including some books about Magoi manipulation that some warriors tend to use when they had achieved certain strength’s level. She would bring the book with her to the yard and she would sit there while Haku and Kuzunoha enjoyed the nature. After spending so much time reading a book about martial arts, Noir absorbed what was written in the book and tried to do it. She managed to do some move but it was not really working in the way she expected it would be. That made her think that she should really find a mentor because it wouldn’t work if she just trying to do some random type of martial arts without knowing its true power and function as well as the compatibility with the black haired girl herself.

One way to find a mentor was easy, coliseum was full of fighter and there should be no problem to learn from one of them. She just needed to look for the right person that would be willing to train her, of course if they wanted some kind of payment, and then Noir would negotiate about the course fee. The black haired girl looked for the barrack and entered it before looking around the room, assessing every single person that she saw there quietly. As expected there was lot of strong people in the barrack, but most of them were taller than Noir and it made the black haired girl pout a little bit because she was still short. Not only that, but now, someone was bumping into her accidentally and said, “Ohh, Im sorry, I didn’t see you.” That made the magician looked at the red haired woman with a tall body standing in front of her and shook her head, “It is alright, is it your time to go to the arena?”

The redhead laughed and answered what Noir said in a carefree way, “Naah, I was just going to sit down over there, I did my battle before.” Suddenly the woman leaned closer to Noir and looked like she was observing her, the redhead would hum and rubbing her chin before making a loud “Ohhh!’ sound. It startled Noir but she waited to see what would happen after this, but actually because she just didn’t know what to do and it would be rude if she just left the room like that. “I knew I’ve seen you somewhere, you were in some coliseum battles with some gladiator right?” Noir’s nod was the only answer that the woman need before she continued to speak, “ You are the… magician who fought Zai alone and did this 2 vs 2 with this magician girl against The Breaker and Shane, right?” Again, the black haired girl could just nod because she really didn’t know what to say beside of admitting it. “Hahaha, that was interesting, I watched the fights and I really love how you use your spells to beat them! But if we are against each other, I’ll make sure my fists and kicks would break everything you send to me!” The redhead was surely a very fiery person as she was now saying her words in a kind of loud tone while making her hand into a fist due to her excitement. It made some other fighters recognized Noir as well and began to look at her, scanning her up and down.

“So, what brings you to the Barrack? Do you have some fight today?”
The woman laughed again and asked, feeling interested to meet Noir face to face. “Oh, I don’t have any fights today… Instead… ummm…” Noir hesitated to say her intention, thinking it wouldn’t be nice to say it there but…screw it, she would say it. “I am looking for a mentor that could teach me to fight with physical strength.”

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The only response that Noir got after revealing her intention to find herself a mentor was a quietness, they were staring at her with similar expression. Their eyes widened and some even got their jaw dropped a bit. The black haired girl looked down, thinking that it might be impossible to her to find herself a mentor here, in the coliseum. Not after she already known as a person who fight with magic. Just when she wanted to apologize and excused herself, suddenly the room was filled with laughter, a loud one. Now it was Noir’s turn to be surprised, her eyes widened a little bit and she didn’t know how to react. It was a response that the magician didn’t even understand and she could only raise her hand and spoke, “Umm… excuse me…”

The redhead woman who was still in front of her, struggling to stop her laughter while she wiped the tear on her eye and held her stomach because she laughed too much and her stomach was in pain now. “Ouch ow… hahaha! So that was your intention…” She would then put one hand on the golden eyed girl’s shoulder before continuing, “Say, tell me the reason why you want to learn it? It is funny for me because you are a magician and you are pretty strong to win all of your fights.”

“It’s simply because I want to be stronger.” The black haired girl said while locking her golden eyes towards the redhead’s green eyes. “I want to be at least able to use my own power and also increase my stamina by doing martial arts, I have tried to do it by myself and it felt different.” She looked at the palm of her hand, recalling the attempt to pour her physical strength into her palm. “The force that I tried to release from the palm of my hand based on the theory that I learned from the book compared to the force of the martial arts user that I fought all these times are very different.” Noir explained what she had in mind but she knew that her reason might not be a very strong one. However, she was honest with what she said, so there was no hesitation at all in her words.

A hum escaped from the redhead’s lips and she grinned towards Noir, “Book won’t help you, silly. You need to learn the basic! However… Do you think anyone of us will teach you? Why do we want to teach you something that would make yourself stronger…? That would be a disadvantage for us.” The cheerful gaze that the woman gave to the girl changed rapidly, she was now glaring, giving a very cold stare towards Noir. But the magician was pretty blunt sometime, things like that wouldn’t make her react like a scared little girl. Instead of apologizing and running away, the golden eyed girl was just answering politely. “It is fine, my deepest apology for asking impossible thing. I just thought maybe I could learn how to fight with my own fist.” After saying that, the black haired girl kept her face straight even though it was still not filled with visible expression. She was not disappointed as well about the rejection, instead, it just made her think that perhaps it would take time to do martial arts by herself. She bowed deeply while saying, “Thank you for the advice, now then… if you’ll excuse me.” Then she brought her head up and turned back, heading towards the exit.


Noticing someone said wait, the magician halted her steps and turned around to see who said it. It must be the redhead who said it because Noir remembered her voice, but for what purpose she said it, Noir would have to find out.

“Come with me.” Suddenly, the woman took Noir by grabbing her shirt’s collar from behind, dragging her away. The black haired girl let herself to be dragged, wondering where the woman would bring her to. "I have my own training place, I’ll teach you some stuffs.” The redhead stopped dragging Noir and let the black haired girl to follow her by herself. “I like how you are so determined to learn martial arts, perhaps I could shape you into a strongest disciple. But it won’t be easy and relaxed, hopefully you are ready for this.”

With a smile, Noir nodded at her new mentor, recalling the training that she had been going through before. “I am ready.” Suddenly she remembered about something important and stopped herself for a bit, “Oh…wait…”

“What? Hesitating now?” The woman scoffed, but she paused herself to say her next word because she felt something coming closer and she got a feeling that it might be a big thing. “Here they are…” Noir said calmly as she waited for the stomps to get closer and left the redhead wondering what might appear, as it turned out that Haku and Kuzunoha were looking for the girl. “Haku, Kuzunoha, why not staying at the house?” She greeted them anyways, thinking that maybe they had a feeling that she might be away for a few days and just wanted to be close.

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The redhead was surprised to see Noir was able to handle some beasts; one of the beasts was not an ordinary beast at all as well as the size was exceptional for a tiger. She thought that perhaps she made a good choice by accepting the request to train her, after all, being a prideful Fanalis, she was quite strong and curious how it would went if she taught a magician. They would even paused a moment, noticing that they had not introduced themselves to each other yet and decided to know how to call each other name first before they continue walking to the training place. The woman introduced herself as Mevia, a Fanalis that had been staying in Reim for several years now even though sometime she would go to some adventures to some other countries.

Even though they just met and introduced themselves to each other, the training began as soon as they arrived at a house that has a small yard with some practice tools installed there. Mevia decided to let Haku and Kuzunoha stayed in her place, liking how they were tame and obedient to their master. The other reason was simply because she required Noir to stay in her place for a while so they could train a lot and no one could disturb them. The training would began with meditating first so the black haired girl could feel her strength flowing inside, feeling the magoi inside her body. It was not hard for Noir as she always did it in her training, but perhaps what would come after that would be harder than she expected. Mevia wanted Noir to do a non-stop punch for several hours straight and the black haired girl did it without protesting at all while the Fanalis prepared for dinner.

‘It was surprising that she said she wanted to learn martial arts by using only her body and not a weapon…  I might need to train her so she could increase her strength for now… also stamina.’ The Fanalis started to think about what she needed to train while she stirred the ladle inside the pot, thinking that Noir might need to keep doing that for a week so she could get use to the stance and how to punch properly. Of course Mevia would correct Noir if she did it wrong and increasing the number of punches that she need to do, thus the week for the magician to start being a warrior began.

Although it felt a little bit hurt, the girl kept punching. Her knuckles bleed a lot but she didn’t really care as she kept punching the wood. She ended up combining meditating and the non-stop punching together every day for around a week and a half, getting used to it very quickly. “Alright, it seems like you got the basic… you can get some rest today and we can continue the training tomorrow.”

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