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Notices of Death [Job | Solo]

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1 Notices of Death [Job | Solo] on 26/11/16, 09:51 pm

Job Details:
Assignment Name: Notices of Death
Assignment Rank: D
Assignment Location: Reim
Assignment Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Bounty Hunter | Diana Corvus
Assignment Overview: Diana is summoned to a small bounty hunter guild to meet up with an old friend. She is tasked with a bounty about the disappearances of four women. Her friend supplies her with mysterious notes that appeared the day they disappeared given to him from an unknown source. She is promised a small reward for obtaining more information on the matter.

The recent events had hit her harder than she thought. Her drive to keep herself in motion was halted by hazy memories of the past that became much more vivid now. Pluto had been lugging her around for days now. Scavenging for his own food and water when he needed it. She ate occasionally just to keep her strength up. The last time she ate was never a thing she could remember. Diana had grew quite thin as she made the travel back home. It was late at night when they arrived at the city gates. They made their way home to rest for the night. Diana climbed into the bed with her mother and slept soundly that night. It'd been a long time since she was home. Perhaps the dream she had was a result of being so home sick. Her mother was the next best person after her father so Diana felt at peace for once. The past few days were rough and long. Diana woke up the next morning with a messenger at the front door that gave her a note:


Meet me at the tavern later. You know which one.


It was short and written on a fancy sheet of paper. Diana crumpled the note and discarded it in a puddle of water outside. She knew who it was from. He was always trying to impress her with anything he could find. 'I guess I'll pay him a visit,' she groaned at the thought of meeting up with him. The last time she saw him, he was proposing to her. Seeing him do such a thing caught her off guard and she rejected him. Though she had no romantic feelings towards the man, she did respect him. Diana ate her small portion of breakfast and left to go to the tavern. It was a place she went to often to hear rumors or even get small jobs. Unlike a lot of them, this one was more reputable. There were less prostitutes and more people looking to just have a good time. The last time she was here she played cards until the next day but she didn't quite win.

Her and Pluto stood at the front of the establishment. Diana left Pluto outside to go in and meet her old friend. It wasn't hard to spot him, sitting around a table with a few others. He hadn't noticed her walk in yet, the tavern was quite busy this time of day. People loved to drink in the morning for some reason. She made her way around the tables and drunk civilians to where he was sitting. "Hey," he said, looking up at her. His gaze was as cold as it always was but there was a softness to it. She could tell he missed her while she was gone. He waved away the people sitting across from him, pulling the papers they left to himself. "Have you been well?" he asked. Diana sat down next to him and nodded. She didn't feel like having conversation but she did however find interest in the papers he was holding. Her head rested on his shoulder as she tried to read the sloppy text.

"I have a few people coming to meet me soon. They have a job you might be interested in," he said, putting down the papers face down. Probably so she couldn't read them but she had already memorized what was on them. It was details about some criminals that have been jailed. Her friend had started a guild a while back but she didn't think it'd actually work. "I'm impressed," she said, lifting her head off his shoulder, "You managed to make it work." Her voice was still quiet as it was the first time she spoke in a while. "Yeah," replied the man, rubbing his chin, "You're the one who started it." Diana shook her head. 'And you were the one who made it happen,' she thought, refraining to say it out loud. The last thing she wanted to do was stroke his ego.

The two sat there in silence, not moving until he spotted a few people walking through the tavern doors. Diana looked them over thoroughly. There were four men; each carrying a piece of tattered paper and a small bag of money. They seemed like ordinary citizens; not poor yet not rich either but they seemed to get a lot of stares as they walked in. "Sit down," said her friend, shaking their hands individually. Diana simply stared at them before looking at her friend for guidance. "My name is Mars, I'm the leader of the guild," he said, resting his elbows on the table. Mars' expression was stern and he looked more professional than the last time she saw him. "Tell me everything you know about the situation," he requested. The men handed him the papers they had in hand. They seemed old and tattered yet the writing looked somewhat fresh. One of the less worried looking men began to speak,

"About a month ago... my-- our wives... went missing. T-They just disappeared one night a-and we don't know what happened to them. We never knew each other until now... I sought these three out because we had all filed the same complaint! I-I don't know... w-we don't know what to do... Please help us... I-I don't know what I'll do if she-- if she's dead-- I don't--"

Diana placed her hand on the man's to comfort him as he sobbed into his hand. "I'll help you," she said, examining the papers Mars took from them. "Did none of the guards do anything about this?" she asked. Diana was now concerned about the well being of these women who were kidnapped. The ink was done in blood but fed through a quill of some sort to concentrate it. The writing was a code of some sort and all the papers had the same thing scribbled onto it. Diana was about to smell the paper before Mars removed them from her hands. "Let me," he said, smelling the paper for her. It was suspicious that he would do something like that but she blew it off as him simply caring for her. But she didn't let go of the thought he was hiding something he knew. "It does indeed smell odd. Not like ordinary paper. I can't put my finger on it," said Mars, handing the papers back to Diana.

She held it up to her nose for a while before putting them down. The scent was of a datura flower; an herb commonly used to drug people into falling unconscious. While the fruit of the plant is safe, if the seeds are ingested, it can even lead to death. "Datura," said Diana, gazing over at the men. "I'll track the scent to see where it leads." She got up and left the building to show the papers to Pluto. There was a slim chance the scent would still be around-- or would it? Pluto seemingly picked it up right away, walking towards it with his head down. She followed close behind until they arrived at a flower shop downtown. Diana entered the building and asked who the owner was. After being directed to her they had a small conversation. "Did anyone... buy a datura flower of any kind from your shop about a month ago?" asked Diana.

"Oh! Let's see here... I fortunately keep the logs of every purchase in my shop!" The woman looked through a large heavy book filled with various transactions throughout the years she'd owned the place. Her face scrunched up as she read through the more recent pages. "Ah!" her face lit up, "here it is!" The woman's fingers traced underneath the letters as she read them. "I happened to take down his name, it's a protocol of mine when selling poisonous plants such as these," she said, rummaging through a drawer of papers. "I believe that man also ordered it in bulk!" She pushed a receipt onto the table and began making a quick copy of the details Diana needed. "Here you go, dearie! I hope you find those women safe and sound," a tone of worry was in her voice but Diana could tell it wasn't genuine. But she didn't expect the woman to care about the kidnapped wives.

Diana made her way back to the tavern and sat back down at the table. The men were gone but their money and evidence stayed with them. "I have something," she said, showing Mars the receipt. "Why would someone have flowers shipped there?" he asked, shaking his head in confusion. "That's probably where he is. Not a very smart man or he wants someone to find him," she said, tucking the receipt and the notes into her back. "Here," said Mars, placing some coins into her bag, "I'll give you more when you come back." Diana rolled her eyes and walked out of the tavern. Mars leaned back in his chair, smirking as he watched her leave.

Word Count ( 500+ / 500 )


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