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Fire and Brimstone [Training ~ Solo]

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1 Fire and Brimstone [Training ~ Solo] on 09/11/16, 09:00 pm

It had only been about a week since she had met Faris, but they got along relatively well. So far he's had her do nothing but psychical labor, and meditation. However, today he's finally decided to teach her that incredible spell he demonstrated to her before. Rima readied her staff and twirled it around a bit before she was completely ready. He had set up a few targets of different sizes to practice on. She aimed her staff towards the largest target first, and began to draw a circle in the air and cut straight down the middle of it. "Mamnue Alshshams!" she yelled out. A heated spark came out of the staff and exploded in Rima's face knocking her to the ground. It wasn't hot enough to burn her yet, but she better get a hang of this quickly or she's going to end up hurting herself.

About two weeks pass by quickly, she had been keeping to her normal daily routine. She had actually managed to fire off a few spells strong enough to destroy some of the bigger targets, but her accuracy and focus were still way off. She sat down and meditated for another hour thinking of another way to go about this situation. It finally clicked in her mind, Faris told her the very first day they met that her magic was way stronger when she put emotions behind it.

She started to draw another circle in the air, but this time she focused on the hatred she holds for the man who killed her brother. "Mamnue Alshshams!" she screamed. A sphere of fire erupted out of her staff with force that even knocked her back slightly. The sphere of heat magic missed the target slightly, but this was a good sign. After that display of magic she heard faint clapping from behind her. It was Faris who was clapping in approval at the young heat magician in training.

The next day came slowly as Rima was anticipating it all night. She had three more targets to destroy and she felt today was the day. She readied her stance and held out her staff in preparation. She locked onto all three of the targets and let out a cocky sneer. She then held up her staff with one arm and moved the staff in a circular motion. She cut down the middle and screamed "Mamnue Alshshams!" a sphere of heat magic shot out at a quick speed. Rima suddenly snapped her fingers and it expanded up to 3m destroying all the targets in one hit. Faris walked over to her and gave her a pat on the back. "Goodjob, tomorrow you'll start on a new skill. This time it will be more of a utility, so I hope you're ready." he said as he walked back to the house.

It had been about three weeks since she started that one spell, but she felt not a single minute was wasted. It was almost as if she could feel magoi coursing through her veins. She knew very well that her power was increasing, and it was increasing at an incredibly fast rate.

Word Count ( 500+ / 500 )

Ability Trained:

Mamnue Alshshams
Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: First you must hold out your staff/wand and move it in a circular motion. Then you slash down the middle of the imaginary circle.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 magoi | 10 magoi

    A 76cm sphere of heat magic fires from the end of your staff/wand expanding up to 3m over the course of 20m.(The size has no impact on the damage.)You can also make it grow to its maximum size instantly by snapping your fingers.


Traits Points: 0/8
Shards of Solomon: x2
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