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Waterfall Blues [ Solo | Training ]

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1 Waterfall Blues [ Solo | Training ] on 08/11/16, 03:45 pm

xxxxxx The hunt had already lasted a few days. It was nowhere to be found. The once optimistic Diana began to feel defeated. She wrapped her arms around Pluto's neck and dug her face into his mane. It was getting late and they spent all day searching for the creature. She wondered how something so big could hide so well. Especially from the sensitive snout of her companion. Diana was exhausted and had given up. Fluttering into a slumber she was woken up by Pluto's loud sniffing. "Hm..?" she groaned, lifting her head to see what the commotion was about. He rose from the ground and began to walk forward with his head down. Making her stumble as she slipped off him.

xxxxxx She groggily followed him unaware of where he was going. Trying to make sense of it was difficult with a hazed mind. "Pluto..?" she called in a whisper. He paid no mind and just kept going, guiding her through a dense forest. Diana struggled to walk beside him as the foliage grew thicker but she managed. It wasn't long until she began to hear the faint sound of a waterfall in the distance. The air was quite humid but refreshing to breathe as they got closer. As the sound got louder the more Pluto lowered his body and quieted his steps. She noticed this and did so herself. Diana still wasn't sure where he was taking her but perhaps he was onto something.

xxxxxx It finally became apparent to her that he had found what she was looking for as they approached the waterfall. Pluto stayed in the dark cover of the trees while she looked around the area. It was absolutely beautiful. Diana quickly rummaged through her bag to grab her books. Frantically looking through the books to find which one was her creature log she finally found it. She laid down on the soft grass, propping herself up on her bag. Pluto rested next to her and watched her as she started scribbling down notes. Diana observed the creature, her eyes sparkling with excitement. Her face was flushed, smiling and humming to herself as she sketched the animal.

xxxxxx They stayed there for the night, observing the creature by the waterfall. After she woke up the next morning it was still there. She watched it a bit more before it decided it was done there. They followed it back into the forest where they discovered more of them. Diana could barely contain her delight. For a few weeks they spent time with the group. Learning about their lifestyle and personalities. Pluto behaved himself for once, respecting her passion for these animals no matter how much they annoyed him. Diana spent a great deal of time bonding with them and studying them. It was heartbreaking when she decided it was time to move on. There were other species to discover and study but this pack would always have a place in her heart. But alas she said her goodbyes and promised she'd return. It was an empty promise but she was sure she'd find them again one day.

Word Count ( 500+ / 500 )


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