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Just Passing Through [Plot]

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Solomon finally seeing land in the distance would yell to the rest of the crew and passengers “Were finally there! ... Come see these will be our neighbours.” There were many of the tribesmen who would come look same with Hiraku however the rest were too nauseous and were just trying to not puke anymore then they have already. Solomon could not blame them however as they were not use to being on a boat as he was. “We have some time but we should be there within the next couple hours ... start getting things ready I would.” The captain would say as he looked over to Solomon. Looking back to Hiraku he would nod before leaving as he knew it was his time to start leading the group rather than Hiraku.  He would raise himself about the others as he stood on the stairs leading to the upper deck, “Start grabbing your things and pack them up we will be leaving immediately when we are in port, we cannot keep these vessels up they have already been kind enough to bring us this far.” Looking around and seeing most of those who are sick of being on a boat, “I know most of you are quite tired from lack of sleep and being on the water however we are close to the place where you will not have to travel anymore. This is the last leg of the journey for you give it your last push.” He would then leave them as most of them were already moving at that point, and Solomon never really carried much on him to begin with so he would start to prepare the supplied and seed for transportation.

Coming into the port Solomon's first thoughts would be that of tenma, he knew he would have to be quick in grabbing him as if he had to make the tribesmen wait they would lose quite a bit of energy and moral. Also he was not sure if he would be permitted in the first place to move such a group through the city of Kou, so he did not wish to stay and risk being caught to begin with.

After checking the port for tenma  for quite some time with no results he would not hesitate any further, “Were leaving let’s go!” by the time Solomon yelled this all of the crew was ready. The captains were paid and the crew and tribesmen already notified. If anyone was to ask they were people of Magno going to explore the jade mountains, no one was to know before need be that they plan on staying it was not their buisnees to know. As they left from the harbor for the gates of Kou Solomon would look around hoping he would see Tenma, however after some time of walking that would pass, he told him that he was to be there at least if he was to look he would know to find them somewhere within the jade mountains and with this many he should be able to track them from the city quite easily.

They would have no issues passing through the shopping district as it seemed quite busy already a couple of times the group would have to stop to pick back up the stragglers of the group that would stop to look at things however it would only be for moments at a time. It was not till they made it to the front gate of the city that they would have some troubles as the guards by them would halt the group.  Putting out a hand about chest level to Solomon, “Please stop for a moment.” Solomon would stop seeing this mans hand above his head as he was quite shorter then him. “Yes?”  Solomon would ask. The guard was not impolite or rude to them thus far so Solomon did not mind talking. “I was just curious why such a large group has come to Kou or why they are leaving Kou.”  Solomon understood that this man was just doing his job and has reports and such just like any man, however he also understood that anything this man said would most likely go straight to the top of the chain. “Well as you can tell I’m not from Kou however we are on our way into the Jade mountains and coming from boat we knew that the easiest stop would be port and then to just travel through. These people are from Magno and we plan to set up camp on and off as we explore the mountains of Kou, I care for them and plan to keep them out of harms way.” All of what Solomon said was the truth however it was a spin on the truth. He could not just tell them they planned on staying and it was not the guards business but those higher then him. The guard would look at him and the group, he would notice that none of them carried weapons only Solomon did and what they did carry looked of that of supplies to survive so he would just nod. “Go on ahead however just watch for bandits and such, some of the people you find in the mountains will intend to do you harm or steal what you have… Just keep your eyes open.” Solomon would just nod as he continued on.


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The guard smiled and even waved to some of the plainsfolk as they passed, but as soon as they were gone his expression turned grim and he turned to rush towards the barracks. There, a middle aged soldier rubbing the bridge of his nose as he went over some maps sat wearily behind a desk. The soldier sighed and leaned back in his chair grumbling to himself about how there weren't enough troops to put down the various riots and village protests there were in the region. This man was Suishokun, the local army captain in charge of the port town. "Sir, I have something big to're not going to like it..." The guard who greeted Solomon and his people said with a salute as he entered the room. Suishokun glanced in the man's direction but remained seated as he waved his hand gesturing for him to come in. "What is it, Li Xuan?" The captain was expecting him to say they had received word of yet another riot in one of the nearby villages.

"Some strange foreigners came through town just now...lots of them. Perhaps about...1000..."

Suishokun's eyes went wide and he stood to his feet so quick that his chair toppled over behind him. "WHAT!? Who are they!? Where did they come from!? Were they armed!?" He asked in bewilderment. The men at the docks weren't doing their jobs, someone should have notified him immediately, although it was no surprise, the men on duty were probably sleeping on watch, they'd been working triple shifts on and off for weeks now.

"Sir, only one was visibly armed, he seemed to be their leader. I asked him where they were from and he claimed Magnostadt, but it was an obvious lie. There were no magicians among them from what I could tell. They had the look of filthy plainsfolk. The left heading west towards the Jade Dragon Mountains."

Upon hearing this, Suishokun growled under his breath and reached for his helmet. "Send riders out to the nearest outposts and gather up 200 men total. The villages can riot, this is more important." He marched out of his room and the guard saluted before running off to execute his orders. The captain himself went around the harbour waking his men and getting them sobered up.

Solomon would find that he and his people were woefully underprepared to make the trek to the Jade Dragon Mountain range on foot without livestock for food. There wasn't much to forage in Kou lands, unlike the vast plains where nature could provide for all of a tribe's needs through game and growth. They were still three weeks trek away from the entrance to the mountain range and yet food supplies were already running low. Just as some of the villagers were bringing this problem to Solomon's attention, the sound of countless horse hooves beating the earth could be heard.

Two-hundred cavalry appeared on the crest of a hill up ahead and spread out forming a concave wall of soldiers that held their ground on the hill 50m ahead of Solomon and his people. The small force held their ground there and Suishokun approached Solomon alone on horseback riding out across the 50m gap to meet him. The captain had his horse trot to a stop 5m away from Solomon instantly picking the Imuchakk out as the leader among all the plainsfolk.

"Bring your people to a halt and lay down your weapons foreigner! The new emperor might have given lands back to you plains riding maggots, but that doesn't mean you are free to trample on our soil. Speak your business here!"

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Solomon was not expecting such a trek to be so hard if he was alone this journey would be just about over however with such numbers they needed breaks and much things held them back. The supplies running low he knew he would have to do something quick weather it be him riding ahead with a small few to hunt or scroung for food but if he did not their next issue would be starvation.  However he would only bring that up with Hiraku and a select few he trusted not to panic the others with, as long as they strictly rationed the food they could make it a little while longer. He would look back to see Mamoru and Largo seeing some of the youngings on their back, they felt proud riding such beasts even though Mamoru and Largo looked somewhat annoyed Solomon would smile at such a scene.  However obviously he could not hide the fact from some of the group that supplies were low, they were smart enough to figure it out however they did not have the time to bring it up. The group and Solomon would turn as they heard the hooves beat the earth, some of the group would scream out until others silenced them, most were quite panicked by the view of  the cavalry ahead of them however they knew they could not outrun them and they still looked to Solomon. Solomon did no show panic however he would look at the cavalry ahead of him, and speak to Hiraku, “If they attack make sure everyone fights, if anyone runs more will die, we can not out run them and we lack weapons …. However if need be we have numbers… now get the kids off Mamoru and bring him up front I may need him.” Hiraku would just nod to Solomon in agreement and that is when Solomon would spot a single man approaching them on horseback, he would see when the rider was about five meters away from him that he was a middle aged man and Solomon could easily tell he was the captain as he spoke out to him.

Solomon gripped his axe tightly as he considered what to do, most of the time he could just use brute force to push or eliminate obstacles out of his path however he knew if he was to do that this time the consequences to the group would be massive. He would listen to the man spew out his insult of the plains people and glare towards him, Solomon thought to himself how easy it would be to take that mans head from his body even from where they stood now.  However he would just open his hand and people would watch had his axe bounce off the ground. “My business?  Well I plan on exploring the jade mountains maybe find a place far from Kou to stay out of the way of it and build a refuge start some crops and keep these people safe. Did I forget to file something on the passing through Kou? If I did I will gladly do so and apologize for my mistake, most places I have been whether it has been to see the King of Reim or to see the wonders of the Dungeon in Heliohapt or just to explore the plains I have not had to do such a thing, so please pardon me if I did. As I do not wish to insult you as you just have me and the people I’m with.” He would bow his head slightly and kick his axe to the side of him about a meter away, if his pistol was not showing he would have kept that however with it just sticking out of his belt he would take it out and toss it just next to his axe. “I show no hostility, neither did I as I was in the city, I have no quarrels with anyone.” Solomon would look back to the tribesmen and the people following him, he could see the panic in their eyes, but he would swallow his and look back the the captain. Depending what would happen next is what would determine most of their fate.


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Suishokun's steed already seemed restless, snorting and stepping about with a crazed look in its eye. The war horse was violent by nature but had been especially stressed with all the village uprisings happening lately. It was used to trampling on groups of people like this and being held back by its rider was making the creature feel uneasy. It became even more difficult to control as the giant shelled beast approached and made an imposing presence that made the horse feel challenged. The soldier calmly tugged the reigns and led the horse to pace back and forth as he listened to Solomon speak.

When the blue haired man was done, the soldier spit onto the ground between them and glared at Solomon with cold eyes. "You insult ME with your lies, foreigner! If your people were really headed to the Jade Dragon Mountains, you'd just head east across the plains with your horses and livestock. There is no reason to take a ship into our lands for such a destination. Not to mention, your claim of not wanting to fight sounds like lies when you march such an abomination to the front to meet me!" It didn't matter that Solomon was being honest. His plan to bring his people to the mountains through Kou simply made no sense to the soldier who had personally fought against the plainsfolk for decades. They were not sea faring people and the tensions between them and Kou had been strained from years of mutual war.

The gesture of throwing down weapons was seen as an empty one once Mamoru approached. But the captain was not eager to lose even a single man trying to bring down these invaders. "Since you will only lie to me, I'll give you two choices. Turn around and leave back on the ships you came from, or have your people slaughtered by my men. I might lose a few killing your monster, but you'll lose more even if it can manage to kill us all, I guarantee it. If not by our hands, then at the hands of the entire Kou army!" Suishokun shouted his demands and drew his sword raising it high into the air. his men on the hill roared in response raising their own weapons and letting out a wave of killing intent that would wash over Solomon's people filling them with fear and uncertainty.

How would the future king choose to take this development would set the opening tone on his budding relations with Kou. What kind of fertilizer would he use to nurture the seeds of diplomacy?

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Solomon did not wish to have a war with these people, however he could not just show cowardice as their leader however on the other hand he would have to weigh how it would effect things if many died. "There is a difference between lying and not knowing better, and as for that "abomination" which is my friend, It is hard to lay down all my defences when my group has none and you have yours. However... " Solomon would then nod to Hiraku and he would bring Mamoru back into the group of people, it would struggle at first as he did not wish to leave but after a moment he would give in and lay down among the people. "Now if what you said was true that we could just travelled east across the plains and it would just be as simple as this journey, I will gladly go back." Solomon knew his people were panic'd but he could not be someone would have to speak for them and that was his job, he watched as the captain lifted his sword just to panic the crowed behind Solomon, however Solomon would just stare at the captain, prepared to talk or getting ready to make sure he was the first death in this battle. "However if we go back, I can see your hatred quite clearly and since you lead your hatred probably lies with your men as well, obviously you would wish to escort us back through the city. And if any die along the way due to your abuse or the abuse of your men I will see the journey back to be pointless and start the battle we should have just started here." He did not say this in a anger tone or anything similar to it, he just wished to express that he will not accept any deaths due to anger of men that do not matter to him, this would be something he knew his group could accept if they truly had to turn around and start their journey over again.

"However I know the vessels that took us here would be long but gone, and the supplies will not last. So that is something you would have to figure out if you did not wish for us to be in your city long." Solomon would hope the man would not be so ignorant to say those would not be his issue as that is the same a forcing his hand into battle. Solomon knew what he wanted to do to his man, however this was not the day he would do it, he would just have to remember the mans face and rank and push it aside to get his people through this situation, he would hope that this captain would feel the same.


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While Solomon may well have felt he was being reasonable and polite as can be, the perception of the Kou Captain made it all seem like false words. Who brings Plainsfolk to the mountains by way of ships through a Kou port? Who blindly boards a ship following a man who didn't even know the geography of the continent and their destination? Not to mention that Solomon's efforts to explain how inconvenient it would be for Kou to have the Plainsfolk in their city sounded a lot like threads to Suishokun. The soldier was already on edge from dealing with unruly citizens and having orders from the Emperor to not attack them was worse. He could count on both hands the number of times his men had feces and stones thrown at them while being unable to lift a finger in retort. He was looking for an excuse to kill the "filthy invaders" and was glad that Solomon had given him reason enough.

Suishokun snorted at Solomon and spit at his words again, this time the snot filled saliva being aimed for the Imuchakk man himself. That was the Kou Captain's response. He turned his horse and raised his sword again, looking to his men. The soldier then turned back towards the tribesfolk and pointed his blade forward. The cavalry charged, battle cries roaring, hooves pounding the earth kicking up a small dust storm behind them. Suishokun himself gave Solomon a sinister grin and spurred his horse into a gallop that took him off to the side, past the man riding out to the flanks of the tribe, preparing to start slaughtering people with slashes of his sword from horseback. The foolish leader would hear the screams of his own people before being run down by Suishokun's men...

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Solomon could only shake his head slightly as the man in front of him spat at him, he knew from that moment that this was happening whether he wished it or not. Now it would just turn into just trying to protect the most that he could, thankfully he was able to trust Hiraku to have most fight back and as the captain lifted his sword to signal his men Solomon would jump towards his weapons thankfully they were only a meter away. Now weapons in hand Solomon would watch as the man charged past him, he could easily have used his pistol to attack the man however he wanted this man to fear him before he died. Lifting his howling axe he would say "Electrify Ronove" and by feeding magoi into it he would have it transform, this once beautiful jeweled axe now looked of that of another nature, a gray blade which showed two demons killing one another. Pointing his blade he would use Ronove's Spear and a bolt of lightning would shoot out of the axe, this was not targeted for the man but the horse he road on he knew that the horse was ahead of him however he would pump more magoi into his axe the farther he needed to go, he knew there would be men charging just behind him but thankfully the gap the captain initially gave them left him with time. This is the moment where Mamoru would force his way through the group of people to be standing just near the captain, however all it could do was growl as Solomon held his hand up to signal the beast back from him as he yelled at the captain. “You only have one moment to decide if you and your people will live or if my Djinn will fry everyone last one.” The captain would be able to now see the "abomination" as he called it, standing 200 cm in height as it showed its fangs to him waiting to attack. Solomon would hold Mamoru back however as he knew if he was to have any chance of his people not dying it would have to be from this man.

(If Needed)
However if the others of his group made it too close he knew he would have no choice and allow Mamoru attack the man as he would then begin to defend his group. If the choice was forced upon him Solomon would signal Mamoru to use Bloody Teeth by saying “Sic that man Mamoru” then the Mamoru would attempt to attack the man to sink its teeth into him and if it connected he would exert himself slightly to toss him 20 meters rather then 10 meters towards the direction of the men that followed him. He would know that he needed to defend as many people as he could so he would then begin by using his magic tool Heart of the Mountain the use Onyx Wall touching the ground a molten strip 5m wide and 30cm thick would appear right in front of him and a wall of onyx would appear from that strip becoming 3m tall he planned to use this wall to split the force attacking him so they could not just run straight into the group. He was prepared to sustain this ability if needed as he could not risk them head on. He would then yell out, "Any who are killed grab their weapons to kill more, target there horses first and kill the rider as they fall." He knew some of the group may be too panic'd to fight back and he would not wish for any of the young to fight in the first place however he did not have time to stop their panic he would just fight to protect them and trust Hiraku to do the same. Solomon would use his Sapling Pistol on  one of the men targeting his horse that would be heading straight to the wall as he knew his wall could not take the force of them all however if he also tangled up the men in the front he knew for sure it would slow the rest behind.  Feeding magoi into the pistol he would fire a single seed at the man on contact this seed would produce a tangle of thorny vines and hurt him quite badly.

Weapon Equip:

Just Passing Through [Plot] Yxa4
Djinn: Ronove
Type: Axe
Theme: Lightning
Chant: Electrify "Ronove"
Cost:]10 on cast; 5 per post
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Appearance: 132 cm Long & 80 cm in width from rod to longest point of blade. Inscribed the magic circle would appear just below in the centre of the two blades centred with the shaft.
Magic Function:

  • Impact Strike - Each overhead downward attack with Renove's Axe summons a small 10cm bolt of lightning in the instant after impact. This bolt will appear 10m above the user and then strike a desired location within 1m of the impact point. The bolt deals C-tier damage and numbs the victim making their movements sluggish for 1 post. This effect will not trigger if the blade of the axe does not make impact(opponent blocks an attack by clashing with the shaft or by using intangible means). This bolt can also be used to ignite flammables or provide a brief instant of light.

Ronove's Spear:
Name: Ronove's Spear
Tier: B-Tier
Djinn: Ronove
Cost: 30
Scaling: Range for each 5 magoi spend spent addition of 5 meters
Type: Lightning
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3
Description: Pointing his axe in a direction he can shoot out and bolt of lighting that will keep extending from that point for 20 meters. On contact the lighting will cause B-tier piercing damage.

Bloody Teeth:
Name: Bloody Teeth
Tier: B
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Verbal Command, ""Sic X Mamoru" X designating a target.
Scaling: Adding 10 Stamina could double it's distance
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30

Mamoru would sink its' teeth into the target digging them in deep to deal C-Tier damage and he would then toss it's target 10 meters in any direction.

Onyx Wall:
Name: Heart of the Mountain
Tier: C
Type: Ring (Magic Tool)
Magic Type: Lava [Heat + Strength]
Appearance: This ring is silver, inlaid with glowing rubies. The face is approximately 1.5 cm tall. The magic circle can be found on the inside of the ring.

Onyx Wall – Feeding magoi into the ring and touching the ground, causes the earth to form a molten strip 5m wide and 30cm thick. A wall of onyx quickly rises from the molten strip becoming 3m tall. The wall can be formed anywhere at any orientation from the earth within 10m of the user. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Sapling Pistol:

Just Passing Through [Plot] I6u4SU0
Name: Sapling Pistol
Tier:  C
Type: Magic Weapon - Pistol
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: An ancient gun that appears to be made almost entirely of wood. It is roughly 45cm long and has a magic circle carved into the butt of the handle.

  • Seedling Shot - Feeding magoi into the pistol allows the user to fire a single seed which travels up to 20m. The seedling will produce a tangle of thorny vines on impact which deal C-tier damage to the target. These vines grow to be 3m long and require C-tier damage to be fully cut or destroyed. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Magoi: 180/240
Stamina: 380/420

(Depending on how far my Spear skill would have to go I will minus off the Magoi as he plans on scaling as far as needed)


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The galloping of the cavalry was put to a swift halt before the lightning had even been fired. The soldiers on hoseback had seen Solomon's weapon transform and all of them immediately knew what that meant. An officer named Lieutenant Fu Gong was the one to give the command, "Hold!" Their horses reared and neighed in protest at having been stopped mid charge. "He's a dungeon capturer! Fall back!" The officer shouted at the other men as he turned on his horse and led them back up the hill. It was too late for the captain however. He was just about to slash down into one of the plainsfolk with his sword, oblivious to the weapon equip being performed from behind him, when Renove's Spear tore through the air and into the flank of his steed. The man let out a surprised yell as his horse crumpled beneath him and he toppled to the ground.

If that were all that had taken place, then things would be going well for Solomon. Unfortunately for him, he'd made a terrible mistake. In the time it took Solomon to reach his weapons, equip them properly, and then activate his metal vessel, Suishokun had already moved around to the side of the group of the tribe and was several meters deep into their ranks. This meant that aiming at his horse meant aiming through a crowd of Solomon's own people. The lightning bolt he fired ripped through a dozen innocent plainsfolk in addition to Suishokun's horse. Half of them died almost instantly, the rest screamed out in pain as they collapsed to the ground clutching their wounds. Those surrounding them backed away in confusion and panic, some turning to look at Solomon with fearful gazes. Eyes that all asked one simple questions...


Those at the back of the herd of people who had been holding misgivings and doubts in their hearts had been unable to hear Solomon working so hard to avoid conflict. The could only see what had happened up ahead with Solomon suddenly turning around and attacking their own for no good reason. "We've been betrayed!" Some of them shouted, "We never should have trusted this man..." others whispered under their breaths. The plainsfolk who were least loyal scattered and fled, breaking away from the group and even trampling others in their fear. When everything finally calmed down, only 300 people remained. More than half of the original group abandoning Solomon for what they had just witnessed as a reward for their faith in him to take a six month voyage.

Those who remained were still confused, panicked, and fearful towards Solomon now. He would need to work hard to restore their faith in him.

Meanwhile, Suishokun was stuck, one leg pinned under his own horse as he looked around in confusion not fully understanding what had just happened. "Wait! Where are you cowards going!?" He shouted towards the retreating soldiers. But none heard him and even if they had, they all had standing orders from Kou generals to retreat from any known dungeon capturers to report the incident up the chain of command should anyone survive the escape. The power of a djinn was no secret to Kou after having their war effort crippled by one dungeon capturer and their throne now occupied by another. The men on horseback would scatter on the other side of the hill, fleeing in various small groups, each one seeking to reach nearby towns and outposts where they might pass on the news that a dungeon capturer had arrived in the country.

It would be in Solomon's best interest to reach the Jade Dragon Mountains and leave Kou territory soon. Lest Kou's army prepare a more sizeable and powerful force to deal with him. But soothing the concerns his accidental attack on his own people had raised would have to come first. As they were now, his remaining 300 potential citizens were beginning to think they had made a terrible mistake in choosing to follow him.

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Solomon’s eyes widened as his ability went off, as this was nothing like when he trained it, he would watch as it cut through his own people and the horse he was aiming for, he would immediately release his weapon equip and it would transform back into its original shape. He would drop to his knees as if he was about to vomit, he knew he felt like he was. Solomon would watch his people as they yelled out at others and panicked dazed of what happened, he thought he knew his own ability but it was nothing of the sort looking back he would notice that the army that was oncoming now did not they were fleeing. However he himself did far much more damage than that army would have done, Hiraku was confused at first and even feared Solomon’s power however after looking at his face he knew Solomon had no intention of doing such a thing. However he still did not comfort him as he needed to calm most of the people around him as he was still someone they looked too. Largo still safe with the children on his back had moved deeper into the crowd of people around Hiraku, and Mamoru now stood near the pinned man just out of his reach. He looked over the group, and was stunned as he went from 1000 people to 300 in a blink of an eye with a skill that he though could only take down maybe one person. Solomon was in that of a shell shocked state on his knees he would only hear people like they were numbed out by water; he would stand but almost collapse again. However catching himself he would then walk towards the captain that was now pinned under his own horse, and begin to murmur to himself, “It would be too dangerous to keep him as a hostage.” Solomon did not really even care if people were listening to what he was murmuring at the time, however stopping just out of reach of the captain he would look back up again.

“You can leave if you wish, I made such a terrible mistake off the get go not learning my own power, however if you continue to follow me you have to know that this was not intended.” He would yell out to those around him. He noticed that most could not hear him and that was understandable with noise that was being generated by the crowed, however he would then look to the captain and tighten the grip on his axe. He would bring his axe down as a basic attack targeting the man’s arm, “We could have avoided all of this.” He would say before doing so. If he was successful he would then walk to the other side of the captain and pin his other arm with his foot before using another basic attack to take off his other arm. Solomon intended to do this man pain however if he could he would draw it out, Looking to some of the people that were paying attention to Solomon he would then address them, “Stop his bleeding if you can, and get him out from under the horse, I intend to make him pay much more than this.”

Then whistling to call Mamoru and Largo forward he would move to the front of the group with them, he would ask the children to go back to the group kindly before then standing upon Mamoru, “Listen to me!” he would scream, if he had to use this fear to get their attention he would however that would be the end of it. “Again.... as I said earlier ... you can leave if you wish, I made a terrible mistake not learning my own power, however if you continue to follow me you have to know that this was not intended. I tried to avoid conflict, and I thought I knew the power I just used, but I was wrong and it back fired greatly. However in the future I will come to understand these powers fully before I use them so it is not something you will have to worry about ever again, not something this group will have to worry about.” Solomon would pause to look at the people before continuing, “Whoever is staying let us go now, we do not have the time to stop they may come back with a larger group, grab the wounded and let us go. We will allow the wounded a choice to leave when they are healed and they can survive... I am sorry, this is not what was intended.” Solomon would then hop off Largo to go check if they were able to stop the bleeding of the captain that would be arm-less or if he would be dead. If he survived Solomon himself would bend down and put the captain on Largo’s back. If the captain was already dead Solomon would then go ahead and chop off his head and tie it only largo’s neck before continuing forward. He knew there are such skills to revive people however with this man he would not allow it. Then looking to the remaining group Solomon would continue his journey for the jade mountains, watching as he went along for those that needed help, allowing the use of Mamoru’s back and he himself would carry anyone he needed to.

Occasionally as he walked he would become dazed as he continued thinking of what he has done, however he would come to with a nudge from Hiraku. Solomon could not even think to himself that maybe even some from his group may wish to hurt him if they were not too scared too however Hiraku would stand by his side knowing this, however he did not speak with him just yet.


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When Solomon gave his first declaration that those remaining who wanted to leave could do so, not a single soul moved. Aside from those tending to the wounded or weeping over the dead, all eyes were on him as he approached Suishokun with his metal vessel in hand. "Do your worst you stinking barbarian! I've killed hundreds of your precious plain's parasites, my brothers will kill hundreds more for thi-AAAAAARGH!" The soldier was bravely spewing venomous words right up until Solomon chopped off his arm. His terrible cries of pain burned deep onto the ear drums of the tribespeople nearby. The Kou soldier's agonized screaming becoming something they would never forget for the rest of their lives. Some saw this as retribution, but others only saw a terrifying cruelty in Solomon they had no known existed until today.

No one dared move to tend to Suishokun's wounds after Solomon ordered he be patched up. They just watched as Suishokun's wails died down into a cold silence as he passed out and soon died of bloodloss. There was a silence so thick one could drown in it among Solomon's people. The accidental attack on their group was bad enough, but now they'd witnessed a public mutilation. Even those who felt Suishokun deserved punishment for his foul words and xenophobic behavior felt that the sentence was far worse than the crime deserved. These feelings formed knots in the pits of the stomachs of those who stayed. When Solomon gave his speech, some were so repulsed be the entire ordeal that they chose to abandon the group as well. More of the tribe left, many preferring to risk death or slavery in Kou lands than follow Solomon any further.

Now, only a hundred and fifty remained. These were the families who knew Solomon best. Those with children that had played with Mamoru and looked up to the Imuchakk man. There was still fear in their eyes, but an understanding look of pity as well. They saw past the horrors of Solomon's actions and looked at his expression. They could see the pain he clearly felt, the regret over what had happened that shown in his eyes. The memory of the Kou soldier being chopped to pieces could never be forgotten no matter how much they wished. But the figure of Solomon's back as he personally carried one of the injured and led on towards the west was a memory they would choose to hold onto for the rest of their lives.

One Week Later

Many of those who had abandoned the group had also abandoned the supplies they were carrying as well. Rations that were stretched incredibly thin to feed a thousand were now more than enough to feed the mouths of the several dozen people remaining. While the food issue was no longer a problem, it had been hard for the tribesfolk to get over the tragedy they'd faced not so long ago. But now, at last, the Jade Dragon Mountain range had come into view just a few days ago and spirits were starting to rise once again. There was one last trial Solomon would face before reaching their goal however. Just as they reached the border, where the mountain range was just steps away, the sounds of thundering hooves beating the earth could be heard once again.

An army appeared on the horizon, but they came to a halt forming a vast wall of soldiers that would not permit Solomon and his people a path back to Kou. This army did not pursue Solomon and his small group, but they were certainly sending a message. Strung along ropes across the entire wall of soldiers were the severed heads of the many plainsfolk who had abandoned Solomon during the journey. Not all of them were dead, but most were and now what remained of their corpses was being shown off to Solomon and all his people. A sign to show that they were not welcome in Kou.

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After some time had passed Solomon could easily understand why so many had left him, however he knew if he found himself looking at the captain again he knew he would kill him the same way or much worse. He was already quite surprised that some of his own had not attempted to attack him yet, whether that be fear of him or fear of going without him he was unsure. As Solomon thought to himself as they walked aimlessly towards the mountains he would then be interrupted by a pat on the shoulder, “At least those who stayed will be strong, and that is how you will have to look at it... and just know you are not alone.” Solomon would just smile as he kept walking, he knew Hiraku was trying to be there for him however at the time he could just not give him a response. Then as they continued to walk that is when the group and he would see in the distance the border of the Jade Dragon Mountains, there was a slight relief among the people and Solomon. That relief would quickly disappeared as they reached the border, with the pounding of the earth Solomon knew what was coming, everyone would turn to look and see an army appear, Solomon would just stand to watch the army he would immediately see the people that had left him strung up. Others would get more of a distance from the group as they were prepared to run, however Solomon knew that if they wished to attack they would have been in a charge far before now. Solomon would turn his back to the army to address his own people and Hiraku, “We shall continue onwards, they just do not wish for us to return .... However what they do not know is I will return and others from our group will return and there will be nothing they can do to stop us. If we did not start a war earlier with this country we sure as hell will, when we are ready.” Looking back at the army behind him he would point, “Look at each of their faces, and look what they have done to people who did nothing to them. Engrain them as an image in your mind as I promise you that each and every one you see will eventually be dead.”

Solomon would then pat on Hiraku shoulder as he passed him to continue the journey, “They will be strong because they will have to be.” Solomon would lead the remaining group of people towards the mountains, his goal was to go as deep into the mountains as he could as he wished to be as far from Kou as he could be. But he had to be reasonable as well looking at his supplies he knew he would have to be careful not to stretch them too far. When himself and the group would begin to come out of sight of the army behind them he would then pike a piece of wood that was used for someone’s walking cane who was no longer with the group into the ground, then walking over to largo he would say to Hiraku, “Keep them going.” He knew too many of his people already feared him, then when the group was not paying attention to him he would then take the captain’s head off largo and smash it onto the cane so he would remain there for them to see if they were to follow. Leaving this was like his own message to them as he would the drag his feet making a line with the pike in the middle of it. He would then hop onto of Largo which would allow him to quickly catch up and lead the group once more. From here on out he knew he would have to obtain the trust of his group as they were few and he knew one day he would go to war with them. However his first goal was to make them understand that they would have to travel far enough to make it not worth Kou’s time to follow them.


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No soldiers attempted to follow Solomon, their purpose there was simply to send the message that he was not to return lest he risk even more of his people's lives. The small army held position there for a week, only sending scouting groups into the outskirts of the mountains after three days to make sure Solomon and his people weren't simply waiting out a chance to re-entered the country. After the week passed, the soldiers dismantled their camps and left leaving the area to return to their original posts.

Imperial Capital: Rakushou
2 weeks later

Inside the luxurious hall of the Emperor sat Yoshiro on his throne. His eyes were bloodshot and bags hung heavy underneath them. Despite this, his expression was light and cheerful. The young prince had never been groomed to take the position of Emperor, that honor went to his older siblings. Thus, he didn't have the discerning eye for law or politics of a statesman. Nevertheless, he was full of ideals and dreams of a better future for his country. Yoshiro had thrown himself fully into the work of governing by day and studying by nights, as well as whenever a break in his duties allowed it. Now was one such time as he sat on the throne with a bamboo scroll unravelled across his lap and held up by one hand while the other supported his yawning head.

Emperor Yoshiro was going over a few notes on how trade was managed within the empire when one of his advisors strode in through the main double doors. "Ah, Yi Fuhan! Is it time for the afternoon audience already?" Yoshiro asked with excitement. He'd been letting in citizens by the dozens each day to speak with them about their plights. In truth, he rarely had a means to truly fix the root of their problems. Though he may have been emperor, Yoshiro did not control the skies or the land. Complaints about famine and drought could only be soothed with gifts of huang and rice from the royal stores, not solved. Even so, he enjoyed seeing the looks of happiness on his subjects faces when they graciously accepted his generosity.

Yi Fuhan, on the other hand, held a look of disdain hidden by his bowed head as he saluted the emperor in greeting. Initially he thought the idea of the audiences was a good one, but after only a week, many people caught on to the fact that Yoshiro was being so generous. The waiting line to meet with him had grown by the hundreds. While many were holding legitimate complaints about how they had no food now that all the conquered fertile lands were given back to the plainsfolk. However, there were also many who simply dressed themselves in a farmer's clothes and came simply to collect the hand outs. Yi Fuhan had counseled Yoshiro many times to stop as the royal stores were not limitless. They were already dipping into the emergency coffers set aside for times of great calamity, but Yoshiro refused to deny the "needs of the people" and so Yi Fuhan had given up on trying to dissuade him.

"Not yet, Emperor. I come bringing an emergency report from the south west region of the empire."

Upon hearing this, Yoshiro's face fell. He'd already been having trouble from those provinces in all sorts of ways. Villages refusing to pay taxes, others rising up in revolt, and endless complaints from the military stationed there asking permission to put down the unrest with violence. "What is it this time..." Yoshiro asked, his expression focused and concerned. Yi Fuhan bowed and then gave his report explaining what had happened with Solomon and his people.

"They did what!?"

Yoshiro stood to his feet outraged. "I gave strict orders not to use violence to settle incidents in the empire!" Yoshiro swept his arm to the side in his anger and grit his teeth.

"My emperor, the intruders were not citizens but rather former enemies of the empire. Surely your soldiers were justified in thinking those orders only applied to citizens of our great empire."

Yoshiro took in Yi Fuhan's words and then sat back down with a stern look. "You're not wrong. Even so, someone must take responsibility for this. Who is the general in charge of the region?" The emperor asked, his voice now more calm and composed. "Were they to have disobeyed my father then surely they would have lost their heads. But I am not my father. They are to be stripped of their rank and sent to prison in the far south. Along with any officers that served directly under them during the incident." The imperial decree was made and thought Yoshiro valued the opinions of his advisors, it would not be overturned. Yi Fuhan bowed once more and then turned to leave. "Yes, my emperor!"

However, as the old advisor left he thought begrudgingly to himself, "Under your father, these men would have been rewarded for taking initiative to defend our borders and our country...not punished..."


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