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Old Empire Strike Back [ Job ]

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1 Old Empire Strike Back [ Job ] on 26/10/16, 03:25 pm


Job Details:
Job Name:
Down With Yoshiro
Job Rank:
D Tier
Job Location:
Job Rewards:
59 Xp/ 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has taken control after the death of his father and siblings. Many people are nervous about his new ideals for the country. Help to organize a secret meeting for these dissenters and stoke the flames of rebellion

Walking down the late afternoon streets of Kou, this night lively with great deal of overflowing stalls and filled streets with many travelers with Yoshirl new ideals. Aseroth, scanning some of the travern, merchants, and little trinket shops moving in over to one stall selling merchandise with discouraging Yoshiro prosters, small straw dolls, and negative placement signs. " Hey, umm... stuff like this is outlawed, Sir " He said to the shop owner as he simply replied. " Yeah I know, but this won't stop me from selling my own supplies! " Movin his hand into the air indicating for him to leave. " Hmm.. what if I say meet at a bar called Couz? Owned by a guy named Reggie? " asking him a simple question.

" Why would you need to bring me to a bar? " asked the man " I have some ideas for ... against yoshiro rule " he'd lean in closer and speak lightly not to be heard. Leaning back after finishing his sentence he turned to disappear into the coward leaving the little shop owner to his own things. Aseroth, moving about the streets once more making small moves telling people the same information as the shop owner about his little ideas against Yoshiro. Humming a tone wondering the street by himself passing an near by alley way, suddenly grappled by his right shoulder being thrown into the alley way flooring. Starin into the sky noticing a couple hooded figures hovering above him speaking. " Hmm, we been watching your incorporation playing both teams trying to help people see both sides... we can't have you doing this! " one of the hooded man angerly rising in bass to his voice. " Calm now, calm... as you can see if you don't cooperate with us small group, we will expose your little act of side swiping placing you in jail with 'corruption' allegations " said an hoodie figure sounding like a female.  " Wha'cha want with me... Ughh your all just bothersome and I'll dispose of y'all quickly. " Grapping with both hands, his left gripping the pants legs of the man and right the leg of the female, squishing their skin easily picking them up as he stood up from the ground. " Enjoy your enteral slumper... " he spoke silently they both sending jabs toward his hands trying to break from the grip aseroth grip tightly wrapped around them, as he swung downward and knocked them against the pavement attempting knock them unconscious not killing them dusting his hands off as he swiftly went to pick up there bodies to begin traveling to the bar for the meeting. Slight anger in his eyes with a smile from battle thirst.

Reaching the door of the bar, noticing the medium amount of individuals whom gathered for the secret meeting. Scanning the room himself Aseroth placed the two people whom attacked him in the alley near the bar counter. The meeting just starting as one man stood on a stool. " We need to rise up, take back the country and reclaim the old heritage not this new peace and solution that Yoshiro!! The Yoshi!! Isn't giving us. " a few yeahs were heard from the coward as the man continued. " We need to bring forth faith, not war, prosperity, not discourage to the people, More stable jobs and work for the unfaithed whom had taken loss. Rebelling against Yoshiro to take back the old Empire which was feared and struck fear into people!!! Now we are mocked as a struggling empire trying to reconstructed and build up once again. " finishing what he said, people standing now hands in the air speaking out loudly with fierce stomps almost like if a bunch of drunken soldiers or travelers were cheering as a disguise not to be suspicious activity from the outside.

Aseroth just sitting in the corner just waiting for the leader to bring him his huang for gathering this firey coward of people wanting to bring back the old empire. The leader rising the hopes of the medium bunch of people as it sooned to near the end as he came from the stool he stood on to Aseroth, taking the two people from him and giving him his huang and leaving after they shook hands. Aseroth left after waving by to Reggie he Bar keep.

Word Count: 716/500
Stamina: 170/170


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