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Armory Supplies Run [ Job ]

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1 Armory Supplies Run [ Job ] on 24/10/16, 09:56 pm


Job Details:
Job Name:Rebuilding The Armory
Job Rank:D-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 Xp/ 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: After the armory was destroyed in the Kou-Reim Conflict, the military is short on supplies. Do your part to help by delivery much needed ore to the blacksmiths and wood to the carpenters.

Leaving his post at the main gate, around noon time heading into Kou with a heavy sign. Scratching the back of his neck gently as it itch, walking down the steet heading to the same old bar he usually heads to. Ariving there some minutes later, pushing the doors open with his left head directly eying the barkeep named Reggie. Walking over to the counter and proceeding to make small conversation. " Heyo Reggie, any new small working jobs? I need to make a quick huang before my night shift? " taking an seat now locking his hands together expecting to here something good.

" Hmm, seems the armory needs some help moving material that their shorthand on. Looking at you, you should be just enough horse power to get that material to them easily. " prompting that Aseroth could essentially help the workers, the barkeep reaching underneath the counter to get the job slip for him. " Seems legit, Emperor Yoshiro, needs all the support and help with improving the structure of housing, shops, and etc now and days " said Aseorth, the barkeep coming back up with a small tattered slip for the job. " Here yer go, ain't gonna take you much to finish this job. " Reggie said, " Mhm, indeed Emperor Yoshiro, does have quite the business to handle around the empire now " they both have a small chuckle than return to there previous facial expression and nod off to each other. Standing up out the stool taking the tattered paper going over the details of job expecting this to be rather easy as Reggie said. Waving good bye and leaving out the door of the small bar, looking both ways outside the building than turning to go toward the armory whistling a small tone. Taking his time to get there, taking in the scenery of the many houses, bars/taverns, shops, and slums possibly in the making of being rebuilded.

The tone produced from his whistle wasn't quite high but wasn't soft neither being a light melody pleasing to the ears nothing to over bearing. The clicking of his sandles on the ground growing louder as the stone beneath him got rougher as he came upon the armory, workers out side already eying Aseroth upon him arriving. The cheif of staff coming over to the him after a few shouting between the group of working man and women possibly. " Glad yer here, youngin, make ya self useful and go get the ore! We need it asap " nodding his head Aseroth, turned and started lightly jogging at 5 m/s in the direction of the resources where the wood and ore both resided. Cutting through the town quickly, picking up the jog to a light sprint of 10 m/s, keeping good form and scanning everything that could make him fall on the ground. Getting to the resource area close the entrance of Kou, picking up the Ore first, holding it with one hand not breaking a sweat yet, but doing small breathing excrises since he just finished sprinting. Collecting himself once more he spirnted this time more easily than before back to then Armory placing the ore's down.

" Alright, I'll be right back with the wood " Azeroth said with a small pfft from his lower lip. Sprinting back to the resource place near the entrance of Kou, collecting the wood up holding it with both hands this time with a firm grip. Aseroth, took his time to walk half way back to the Armory feeling the boringness in sprinting back and forth easily. The sun close to setting as he finally arrived with the last of the supplies, Cheif of construction giving him his huang with a great cheer along with some workers sending him off.

Word Count: 623/500


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