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Job Details:
Job Name: Support For Yoshiro
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50Xp/3,000Huang
Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has taken control after the death of his father and siblings. Many people are nervous about his new ideals for the country. Help him out by talking to at least three citizens about the more peaceful country the new Emperor plans to form. Things you could speak about include his desire to unify under peaceful terms, his plans to focus more on improving standards of living within the borders of the country, or his firm stance against corruption in the ruling classes.

Roaming the streets of Kou, just getting off duty from his daily guard post. Aseroth, would ponder weather to go out to the store and buy some food or take upon another side job, rubbing the bottom of his chin puzzled at the thought. Some people outside a local tea shop holding up signs of the new emperor face, shouting " Corrupted emperor Yoshiro!! He doesn't know the people " were being called out by one elderly man about yay high.  Waving the sign around protesting in front of the little tea shop, Aseroth, shocked at the elderly man as he'd passed him mouth just open wondering why he was upset. Stopping serval seconds later he go up to the man and speak in a calm tone. " Old man, what brought you great disappointment with the new emperor? " He'd asked.

" Young Fella, you have no right to be here! Off my property and mind yer bussiness! " yelling at Aseroth not answering the question. " Some people need new buildings here and we ain't getting nothin' from the capital to support the structure! " the Old man, would begin to rented about. Aseroth, waving his hands as a roll of sweat fell down his forehead, speaking to the old man " The new emperor has a plan in place for reconstruction, or improvement of standard living. " he'd cut into the old man speaking. " Err.. Improvement to standard living, huh... does this mean my little tea should would get support? " The Old Man would say, with a simple reply from Aseroth again, " I'm not saying that he will get to you immediately, but your little tea shop will be handle in the improvement plan. " smiling to reassure the Old Man hopefully presuading him.

30 minutes later, back to walking down the street again. There one little child outside cursing the name of he empire and Yoshiro, saying that he liked the old emperor better before the new country laws passsd. " Little boy, calm your anger please. What has you so upset for anyways, your far too young to be this angry? " he spoke in a low calm tone, as the little boy replied in anger " My papa, has to be turned over to the soldiers for being a loan shark! I don't know what that means, but I just want papa " Aseroth expression with a laugh after hearing this. " Little child, your father has been hustling the poor and innocent  people and the emperor has finally caught wind of this and is proceeding the new law. " the little boy would start crying, and whining. The little boy talking through his tears. " Why must my father be sent to trail or jail! Why!! " the boy cried, Aseroth just sat there and patted the boy on the head giving him a bright smile. " Trust in the new emperor and his ideals as they helping many people out, coming from me a fanalis means a lot, hahaha " chuckling as the boy wiped his tears away standing outside his home.

Not far from the child himself, Aseroth position himself in the direction of screaming, clutching his fist together telling the little boy he going to investigate the problem. Shortly leaving hoping he made the child day.

Word Count: 535


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