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Monk Errands [ Job ]

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1 Monk Errands [ Job ] on 23/10/16, 02:43 am


Job Details:
Job Name: Meditative State
Job Rank:D
Job Location:Kou
Job Rewards:50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Overview:On top of one of the many mountains that surround the Kou Empire is a temple where a multitude of monks live. These monks at this temple have learned of a mystical recipe that is said to induce a powerful meditative state that can help one a find the answers to any problem that they may have. They need somebody to retrieve the herbs used to make these plants. They are found along the mountain ranges. They need 15 yellow bloom lilies, 5 purple tinted tulips, and about 10 green flute reeds. Be careful along the mountain side for bears and wolves are often spotted, it is not needed to kill these beast but one might have to in order to get to the herbs.

Aseroth, finishing his soldier duty for the day leaves his post and heads toward the local bar. Thoughts on his mind about getting a small pint and looking for a small job to do, walking along the streets of Kou Empire. " Seems like its busy in the city today, aha, nothing much from the rebels lately. I'll take that as a good sign " talking to himself out loud, some people discouraged at how he so boldly just speaking out loud in the road. Getting to the local bar, placing his hands on the doors and pushing the door open wide and stepping through heading towards the counter with the bartender cleaning a sole cup.

Looking around the bar noticing that not many people were inside, Azeroth just forgot about getting the drink and walked in over to the job board. Scanning through serval pertique job's to do, noticing the monks request. ' Hmmm, so the monks need some required supplies for a higher relaxation or meditation? Seems quite interesting ' thinking to himself, his right hand located in his lower chin stroking it, a clean shave on his chin. ' I suppose I'll go check the forest mountain range, hopefully don't need to attack any animals. ' making a slight frown at the thought, waving bye to the bartender even though they didn't talk or exchange any communication once so ever.

Leaving out of Kou Captial main gate, heading toward the mountain range. A single riggers blade rested on his belt sheathe and the job note in his right hand crunched up almosted balled up. The trail heading to the mountain range becoming more dense as he headed into the forest, nothing unusual at most, but keeping a caution statue. Breaking into a small humming noise as he'd swayed side to side picking up on a small tone. The ground benethe him getting more patchy and rough the mountains in the distance becoming clearer.

Aseroth, opening his mouth to release a small singing tone enjoying this little trip throught he woods. The forest depth has gotta bigger and the soft breeze becoming more mild, as he'd quickly notice a medium patch of yellow bloom lilys. Entering a cheer full jog of 5m/s, Aseroth quickly made way to the medium patch and knelt down to pick the correct amount clearing the correct amount out of 2 other kinds of flowers. Standing back up to his feet to place the gathered Lily's into his belt. Turning around from the medium patch reduced to a smaller one now since he picked from it, Aseroth would continue his search.

Twenty minutes after collecting one of the three flowers kind, a low snarling and growling could be hear along the path. Aseroth back to his humming not paying close attention the low growls, walked into the sight of a bear. Turning his head slightly, quickly noticing the bear and a patch of multi-colored flowers being of purple, green, yellow, and red. The Bear looked at Azeroth and begun darting toward him, running at a speed of 3 m/s, in a range of 5 m. Aseroth would cross his arms against his chest tighting his muscles bracing for the incoming attack of the bear adjusting his footing to stand tall against the heavy set bear.

The Bear would get on his hein legs, Slashing his claws mutliple times at the body of Aseroth hovering over him by 4 inches just about. Taking the blows from the bear, Aseroth, felt a small amount of pain while shortly moving back from the multiple attacks. Breaking his cross guard, and reeling back his right fist Smashing the fist toward the bear chest while it stands, knocking it backwards flying from brute strength into an tree besides the patch of flower. Knocking said bear out cold with a large fish marking on his chest. Aseroth rolling his right arm to get out some joint lockish, heading over to the patch of flowers and kneeing down to pick the correct amount of flowers for the purple tinted tupils, and green flute reeds with a cheerful tone.

Haven't collected said amount from the listed paper for the job, heading out from the dense forest section of the mountain range. Traveling to the Monks temple, arriving pretty late at night with minor claw marking on his forearm. The monk looking at Aseroth firgure with a questionable look upon his face but not speaking a word, only taking the supplies needed from him and bowing thankfully to him. Aseroth bowing and saying "Thank You" to the monk, awaiting to the reciving his huang. Upon reciving the huang, Aseroth took his leave from the mountain temple, paying his respect and bowing to members before taking his final leave heading back to the capital.

Word Count: 812/500
Stamina: 160/170
Magoi: 30/30
Abilities Used:
Basic Guard:

Basic Guard

Tier: D Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Defense
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks:  Taking a defensive stance, standing still in one stop preparing to take an attack.
Scaling: None
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina
Description: Crossing his arms together at the center of his chest, tighting his muscles to not receive deep wounds/cuts from the attack/assault/combo up to a C-Tier Amount of Damage.


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