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[Magilloween 2018] Rukh

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When people die, they all go to one place. It is there where souls flutter about through time. They guide us and weave fate itself. Taking on the shape of something so delicate, they are the source of magoi, a life force, that flows through all living things. This is the essence and duty of the Rukh. Yet something so pure can be painted black with hate and malice. On the scale of fate, there is good and evil to balance the tides. For that is the balance of life. If it to tip ever so slightly there would be ruin in the world.

There were not many reports of mysterious encounters with such beings as only some people could see it. Only the stories parents told their kids to scare them so they would behave and those told at night that elders told to scare the youth existed about the mysterious black rukh. It was known as a mass of black fae who will steal your humanity from this earth if you were caught alone in a bad place. This, however, was a comfort theory crafted from real events which no one quite knew how to explain.

Many people did not believe these stories and passed them off as just myths; Hoshi Fukao was one of them. He was a young merchant from Kou, finally arriving back home from his first successful expedition in Balbadd. Hoshi had brought back enough currency to feed him for a few weeks. He had returned to his empty, dusty old house. The floor boards creaked as he stepped inside, taking off his shoes and coughing from the atmosphere change. The quality of the air was horrendous compared to that of the outside so he decided to open up all of the windows in order to air it out.

"Ah! It's so good to be home!" he exclaimed, sighing in relief as he placed down all of his bags onto the floor with a thump. It was about sundown and his stomach rumbled, demanding nourishment. In his travels, he had grown quite thin compared to when he first left. "Alright, alright. Let's see what we have..." he mumbled, rummaging through his bags. Surely enough he had a few dried portions of meat left. "It's not the best but it'll be good for now." Hoshi practically scarfed the rations down until they were no more. It wasn't enough to fill him up but it sufficed until he could go to the market tomorrow.

The sun was still up and he decided to meditate to pass some of the time and relax his body and mind. He crossed his legs and eyes, slowly but surely falling into tranquility. This tranquil state was quickly disrupted by a loud crash which made Hoshi gasp and fall back. "What the?!" He looked over to the kitchen to see that an expensive vase had fallen off of the counter. In disbelief, he sluggishly made his way over, grabbing a broom on his way there to clean up the mess.

While sweeping up the glass he had cut his finger on a piece as it was being swept into the floor pan. A soft flutter of laughter passed by his ear and he looked around frantically for the source. Sighing he passed it off as nothing. "I must be more tired than I think," he murmured, holding his finger in the cloth of his shirt. The air suddenly dropped in temperature and got a bit thinner than it was before. Hoshi felt his chest get a bit heavier and coughed. "I must be coming down with something."

Hoshi made his way into his bedroom to lay down. His heart was still pounding from being startled by the vase falling. He climbed onto his futon and pulled his blanket over his body, closing his eyes. Hoshi felt restless, cold, and heavier than he'd ever been. Like the world was weighing him down. In frustration, he kicked off his covers and sat up. He went to speak but no words came out which freaked him out. Attempting again and he found he couldn't move either.

He began to panic; suddenly feeling very light headed and hot. Beads of sweat began to pour down his face as his eyes scanned the room in desperation. His chest ached and his heart felt as if it was going to explode. 'What is happening to me?! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!' He repeated this in his head as he gasped for air to reach his lungs. His throat felt tight as if someone was gripping it with all their might, only allowing small gulps of oxygen to enter him.

The laughter came back followed by soft insect-like fluttering. Tears streamed down his face as the sun finally laid itself down to rest and the moon came out. He had no idea how long he was sitting still like this but he felt helpless and more scared than he had ever been in his life. A small black insect fluttered past his face but he wasn't sure what it was. The only light he had to see was the faint moonlight peering through the window to his bedroom. The wind howled through his home and the wood creaked as it usually did.

There was a sudden feeling of dread as the fluttering got louder and louder. He wanted to scream but as he tried, again and again, no sound would escape his lips. Suddenly a force pushed him down flat. He was able to move now but not fully. It was like he was being held down forcefully by multiple people. Hoshi tried to struggle, thrashing his body in any way he could but it only made it worse. As the pressure increased, the less he struggled in fear of it crushing him. Soon enough he just laid there, waiting for it all to be over.

As his vision focused on the ceiling it was covered in pitch black insects that crawled and fluttered around his room. He felt watched and all he could do was cry and wait. 'Leave me alone...' He wanted to say it but he kept his mouth shut knowing no words would come out of it. The mass began to move closer and closer to him until they were on top of his body. His body was shaking in fear as they climbed over his helpless self. Hoshi shut his eyes and mouth tight hoping for it to be over. They began whispering inaudible things in his ear and all he could hear was a soft laughter getting louder and louder as they began crawling into his ear canal.

His eyes opened wide and he tried to scream as they forced their way in one after another, laughing at his agony. His breaths became gasps as he shook his head violently to try and get them out. 'It hurts... please stop...' Hoshi sobbed and hyperventilated, his mouth foaming from the agony they were inflicting on him. He could hear everything from the movement of their legs to the flap of their wings as they squished their bodies into his ears. As his eyes started rolling back into his head they began entering his open mouth.

Hoshi tried to cough but the beings climbing into his mouth began to quickly block the air flow, leaving him to only be able to breathe from his nose. He gagged and began vomiting but it didn't stop them from going deeper. He could feel them going down his throat and into his stomach, through his intestines, and coming out the other end. They began doing this faster, in a swarm, violating his very being. Gradually they became more violent, forcing their way through one side of his head to another. In a sick way, he felt relief he wasn't able to hear any more.

He wasn't sure what part of his body hurt the most. His ears bled and his vision blurred as they covered his whole body. His frail body convulsed violently from the pain that was being inflicted on him. It felt as if his body was being torn apart from the inside out; that he was going to die. 'Kill me... please,' he pleaded in his mind as tears streamed down his face. Hoshi eventually began to black out from the agony but not before they began forcing their way through his eyes. His vision gradually went black as he faded into unconsciousness; the last thing he saw was the flashing faces of various people he didn't know. Hoshi was relieved that it was finally over before exhaustion took over. Right before he passed out they mysteriously vanished, leaving him in a puddle of his blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids.


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