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The Purse Snatcher [ Job | Solo ]

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1 The Purse Snatcher [ Job | Solo ] on 04/10/16, 11:19 pm

The Purse Snatcher

xxxxxx It had been a while since she was last in a town. She suddenly stopped in her tracks in the middle of a busy road, looking up towards the clear sky. Diana squinted as the bright sun hit her face. "It feels nice..," she murmured, softly smiling. After soaking in the warmth she lowered her head, rubbed her eyes, and continued on her way down the street.

xxxxxx A strong aroma of spices and herbs filled the air around her. Diana followed her nose to a shop that had been serving a variety of foods and stood on her toes to try to see why there were so many people hovering around it. The area gradually got more and more congested; getting louder and louder as the crowd got more excited. Being on the shorter side, she couldn't see anything and decided to go on her way.

xxxxxx She continued down the road a bit more, looking at the wares that some of the people were selling. It was a small town but she noticed that it brought in quite the bit of tourists. Diana held out her arm and whistled, a soft bird call echoed gently in the air. After a few moments the vulture clipped onto her arm, it's talons dug into her skin, making her wince. Some children stopped to look in awe and approached her to investigate further.

xxxxxx "Miss, could we pet it?" asked a young girl. Diana gazed down at her and bent down to the childs level and nodded. Bellona cooed and ruffled her feathers at the childs touch, making Diana smile. "Wow..." the child gasped, amazed with the vulture. It was a peaceful moment. Diana loved to see children fascinated with animals as it reminded her of herself when she was younger.

xxxxxx When the child was done petting Bellona she thanked Diana and ran back to her friends who were too shy to come over. Suddenly she heard a woman's frantic crying for help. "Y-You can't have it! S-someone help!" she cried. Diana looked around for the body who was in need and sent Bellona up into the skies. The vulture flew low over the area and Diana did not hesitate as she wormed her way through the crowd.

xxxxxx The woman had just lost the struggle with the thief that made away with her belongings. "Please, anyone! That was all I had! W-without that I have nothing!" The woman panicked and kept pointing in the direction the man went as she fell crying to her knees. Diana met eyes with the woman and made chase after the thief.

xxxxxx The man was easy to track as Bellona flew low over him, just out of his reach. Diana could better follow him as he swatted at the bird. Thanks to her Fanalis blood she was able to catch up with the burglar, chasing him into an empty alleyway. "F-fine! Y-You want to fight?!" he shouted defensively, clutching the woman's bag, along with a few other items in his hand. Diana signaled Bellona to come down and the vulture landed on the ground, extending her wings and squawking at the man.

xxxxxx He threw the goods to the side and drew a shoddy knife from his pocket, running at Diana to slice her. Diana put her index and thumb to her mouth and whistled a unique pattern. Without delay Bellona flew at the assailant, thrashing her wings and holding her talons up. "I-I'll kill you and your stupid bird!" he growled, barbarically slicing at Bellona.

xxxxxx "Scum," she muttered, whistling again in another tone. In the transition, Bellona took a light hit to her body before pulling herself back to recover. Blood dripped down her feathers and onto the pale dirt below. Diana tensed up and grit her teeth, "Do it," she commanded. Bellona took no time in flying upwards to gain momentum before flying down at great speed, folding her wings into herself and slamming into the man, knocking the wind out of him. The man bent over and fell to his knees, coughing violently, clutching his chest. "You... bastards..!" he cursed, writhing in pain.

xxxxxx Diana walked over to him and grabbed him by the shirt collar, punching him in the face repeatedly. The man managed to jab his knife into her arm, she grit her teeth and groaned. Bellona flew over and knocked the knife out of his hand as he went in for another stab. It wasn't soon until she had knocked him out, Bellona nuzzled her arm and cooed. "I know..."

xxxxxx Diana gathered the things he had stole and made her way out of the alleyway. To her dismay she couldn't find a guard anywhere, it disgusted her that the man would still be free after this and it bothered her. She made her way back to where the woman was. She was surrounded by two other women, consoling her. Now that Diana got a proper look at her, she was just a foreigner from Kou. "Here," she said, handing the woman her belongings which were now bloodied from her wound.

xxxxxx "Thank you so much!" exclaimed the woman, embracing Diana tightly. She couldn't breathe and her arm throbbed in pain. As the blood seeped from her arm onto the woman, the woman pulled away, touching the wound gently. "Oh dear... you're hurt because of me? I am so sorry!" The woman bowed deeply and rummaged through her bag only to pull out a handkerchief. "It is not much but it'll stop the bleeding for now. Get yourself to a doctor right away, please!" She wrapped the cloth around Diana's arm and tied it tightly. Diana squinted and winced at the pain. "Thank you..." she said, turning from the woman. "W-wait!" the woman grabbed her shoulder and moved in front of her, placing a bit of money in her hand. "For doing what no one else would have done. You're truly my hero," she said softly, smiling sweetly at Diana. Diana was confused whether she should take the money or not but before she knew it the woman scurried off before she could say anything.

Stamina (155 / 185) | Word Count ( 1025 / 500 )

Whistle: Defensive Soar

Tier: D
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Defensive
Range: Close (1m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be in the area and range to hear the whistle command which would be about 5 meters. Must be able to see the attack coming and is not able to dodge intangible attacks. Will sometimes take damage during the parry.
Scaling: Increased damage per 10 stamina spent.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina
Description: Diana whistles in a specific tone that signals Bellona to fight defensively, blocking up to D tier attacks with it's wings and talons. Bellona will block by shielding her body with her wings or intercepting attacks with her talons or beating her wings. Can't be used to block intangible attacks.

Whistle: Dive Bomb

Tier: C
Class: Beast Tamer
Type: Offensive
Range: Close (1m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be in the area and range to hear the whistle command which would be about 5 meters. Must be able to see the target and be in range. Has recoil damage.
Scaling: Increased damage per 10 stamina spent.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina
Description: Diana whistles a specific tone to signal Bellona to dive at an enemy. Bellona folds her wings back, diving at the enemy with her large body to tackle them, dealing C tier damage.  On impact, Bellona takes a bit of bodily damage from the attack and returns to Diana. This has a chance to cause the enemy to be staggered.


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