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From White to Black Magic (Magic Training)

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I woke up feeling fresh and new after out battle against the lions yesterday. However I realized that I needed to have more magic perhaps something stronger than my lame wind magic. Zadi didn’t call me from the journey book that he gave me so I decided to practice today. What should I pick light or sound like my parents but they’re a little too supportive for me. Same with water and life I know that you can get some offensive magic but not as good as fire and thunder...speaking of those I didn’t think that, at the time that I would do better mixing with my wind magic. I decided on strength magic, black magic.  It gives me the ability to fly combined with wind It would be able to make powerful sand storms and stuff. So I was totally gung ho to try something new.

I had found a large tome in the market in Magnostadt a long while ago. I had hoped to find someone with someone with some sort of skill in strength magic since my family has every other magic but strength magic as their specialty. So I had to do it myself which made it quite difficult for me to learn. I flipped open the book. The spells were interesting but they were complex especially when I were to combine it with wind magic. I decided to go outside at night by the light of the moon so that I wouldn’t accidentally kill any unsuspecting person walking around during the day. It didn’t really mater when I did it seeing as strength magic is largely invisible unless there is a lot of it, then it glows black and seeing as I am still new to this I had to really put a lot of effort into imagining all of these damn effects so that they would work. I started, “Dhoruf!” I concentrated on levitating the leaf. It worked pretty well! So I was happy about that. I kept up with that for about a week before moving on to larger objects to use and levitate first a rock then a stool then I started moving living things it was hard to get them up at first but I trusted the rukh to guide me just as my father said to when I first started to learn magic. Slowly but surely I lifted my wand as the creature in question (a small rabbit I had found hopping around my quarters,) up in the air before setting it down gently to have it go its merry way.
Two weeks of practice later I decided to move on to my first combination spells. Firstly I pick up dust with the wind like my original Asfal habar but then I used black magic to create abrasive sand slashing my wand back and forth to sculpt the tree worked well. I could only imagine what it would do to flesh. For the next few weeks I honed this skill and made it one of my primary moves. Without even thinking I could manipulate gravity and other forces with relative ease. I felt so good being able to be like my father and mother slowly but surely.

I was totally ready for what Zadi would have in store for me when we next met. Because I now had two different types of magic under my belt, which meant that I could help out a lot more in fights and now that I had gotten the ball rolling, so to speak, it would be easier to build on that magic knowledge with different spell types. Being so great at magic I was surprised it took me this long to try something new like this. But I was glad to have done it.  


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