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Caravan Protection I [Jumanah]

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1Caravan Protection I [Jumanah]  Empty Caravan Protection I [Jumanah] on 20/09/16, 08:04 pm

Job Name: Caravan protection I/II [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Portsmouth
Job Rewards: 7,000 Huang, 100 XP
Job Overview:
Not all raw materials can be found on site at Portsmouth. Some must be brought in from other cities over the roads. Unfortunately, many bandit groups have found this to be great pickings. While the army supports the caravans by patrolling the roads, they cannot be everywhere at once. You are hired, alongside other guards, by one such caravan to help provide protection. During the night, as the caravan makes camp, the bandits attack! There are many of them, but you have guards with you as well. It looks like things will be okay if you handle at least 3 of the opponents...

You may choose to kill the bandits, or knock them out and bring them to the authorities so they may serve their time.

Enemy Name: Seasoned Bandit
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
The Seasoned Bandit may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Seasoned Bandit has a shortsword, which is sharp enough to deliver C-Tier damage when attacking.
Gutting Stab: The Seasoned Bandit thrusts his blade to deal C-Tier damage to the gut of his opponent at 15 m/s, setting them up for his next attack.
Gutting Slash: The Seasoned Bandit slashes his blade across the gut of his opponent, dealing C-Tier damage at 15 m/s and opening up a hole in their stomach if his prior attack landed.

Enemy Name: Bandits (x2)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Bandits may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Bandits each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

Farid had plans for the young girl. Perhaps the feminine touch that Lilithia was unable to provide, but he would have to learn more about her. All the information he had was that her home was on the great plains, she feared her face, she was willing to work and her name. Last time they had met, he had let her know they should meet once more in the same place that they had initially met; the Portsmouth. It was a place always beaming with activity and a good deal. With all the business around, there was never a lack for work.

Farid had contacted the local caravans, inquiring as to the type of work available, after turning down some high security detail and then forgery sniffing job, he was able to get his hands on a simple mission. Protecting the caravans from the chance of bandits. Reports of the bandits were moderate but it did seem as if the job was paying ample for the type of work. More importantly, he wanted to find out a bit more from the girl.

She seemed nice and sweet but perhaps it was merely a facade, but also he was curious as to her mask, as well as her abilities.

The arranged meeting area was at the entrance of the Portsmouth. It was very much like its own village. There were walls for the security, afforded by the swell in taxes foreign and domestic. There were caravans and people coming in and out through the gates. A mix of aromas from the animals used to drive these wagons, to the native fruits to exotic perfumes as well as the sweat of man and beast who toiled in the sun for profit.

Farid was standing outside of the Portsmouth gate, keeping an eye out for the woman with a mask,eager and curious about her.



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Jumanah raced down to the meet point she didn't want to be late, her father had told her once that the best impression you could get easily that was good when going to a job was to be there on time. So she wanted to do just that since she didn't know her employer that well and she wanted to build up the best impression she could! She wondered through the crowds of people a she made her way to the meet point. She tried to be careful not to bump into anyone or cut anyone off either.

She smiled under her mask happily as she watched the animals pass her by. she didn't encounter them all too oftenly but she still loved looking at them though to most it looked like she never been one before when ever they normally could see her face and the look it held. She spotted Farid then and scurried up to him before bowing to him then "Hello sir im ready to work when you are." She said simply before standing up straight again and looked up to him.

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Farid felt there was a certain distance between them socially, and he wasn't having it. He walked towards her, pivoting on a foot so they'd be side to side and wrapped his arm around her neck, bicep behind her neck and his wrist in front. "You ain't gotta be so proper sometimes. Being proper stops you from getting to know the truth about people, sometimes."

He dipped his head so they'd be about eye-level without releasing her head. "Well, we're working for a spice caravan. They've got all sorts of nice stuff, saffron, cinnamon, sage, pepper, anise, garlic, you name it. Per weight, they have terrific value and they're inexpensive to produce. It's essentially a goldmine." He would finally release his gentle headlock, and pointed to a parked caravan with a driver, partaking of his hidden flask. His cheeks were rosey. He seemed to have a handle on his pair of stallions however. But these horses were much bigger than average. These horses were about 7 feet tall, half a foot taller than Farid himself.

"We just have to make sure, the driver the horses and the goods make it to their destination alright, I'll be walking along side the caravan. I want you to wait inside of the wagon and keep an eye out. My presence will function as a deterrent and you being in the wagon will prevent anyone from slipping past me if they attempt to simply steal the goods, alright? And don't forget to introduce yourself."

Farid walked up to the merchant first, giving him a nods and pointed to Jumanah, then mounted one of the horses without a saddle for now, as he grasped the reigns temporarily to keep himself steady on the horse.


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Jumanah blinked in surprise at him putting his arm around her and lightly blushed due to it but kept looking up to him as he spoke. "O-oh, sorry sir- I mean Farid- I... what should I call you now then?" she said wanting to make a good impression and say the right things but she had no idea what to say or what he wanted her to call him. It was pretty clear that she was nervous but was still trying to do her best at doing the best job she could do. She lowered her head to keep looking at him as he lowered his eyes to hers in level.

She nodded in understanding then as he explained what they were to do now as she looked to where he pointed then to the caravan. She noticed the driver and blinked at the way he looked and the flask he drank from. Was he sick and drinking something to help him? Maybe... why else would he look that way? She did remember hearing how her mother told her that her rosey cheeks once and drink was from her being sick so she shouldn't try any of her drink. Yeah that was probably what was up with this guy.

"Okay, that shouldn't be too hard." When they walked up to the man and bowed to him before holding out a hand to him. "Hello sir, I am Jumanah Necowl, I will be helping to protect you and your goods today."  After introductions she would nod to him and start to walk back to the opening in the wagon before pausing and looking to him again. "Oh and I hope you feel better sir!" She said trying to be friendly, she knew that feeling sick was never fun so she really hoped this man would feel better soon.

She then would for to the back of the wagon and hop in then before sitting down smiling softly. The introductions with farid were a bit rough but seemed over all well, and the one with the merchant seemed to go well as well and hopefully her wishes of good health gave him a possibly even better first impression of her! She smiled happier at the thought and wobbled a bit back and forth as she closed her eyes happily. Today was starting to get even better already!

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