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Great Escape (Travel)

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1 Great Escape (Travel) on 18/09/16, 04:58 pm


Dante smiled as he paced through the city of Balbadd, it was a lively city, but something was missing, the cries of joy every day, the battle enraged cries that everyone in Reim would constantly scream, Dante couldn't help but think about Reim as he walked through the merchant run town, it was a democratic state, Dante enjoyed this idea but knew that a single ruler would be more convenient for the country.Dante had no right to criticize the state though as his sword clinked against the sheathe, the sheathe would be stop mid swing against Dante's leg, it didn't bother him much as his strong legs lead him to the docking yard, it was a warm crisp day as the sun beat down upon Dante's face like hell fire.

Dante enjoyed the sun light as he sat upon a large stone wall overlooking the docks, the beauty from the setting was enough to keep Dante silent as he would begin to mutter "This world is changing....I miss Reim and the people who use to adore me, I miss the privileges they used to give to a battle born warrior like myself, this place is ran by merchants and slavers, this is no way to run a country..." Dante would say clenching the handle of his blade as he would hop from the top of the wall falling roughly three meters to the docks as he would begin to walk towards the ship boarding items that were to be shipped through the open seas to the city of Reim, Dante would move quick onto the ship and into the captains quarters, explaining his issue the man would allow him to stow away until the journey was made as Dante would stand in the center of the ships deck, a calm breeze would blow as the ship would begin move, Dante would feel the ship wobble catching his feet on the deck refusing to remove his feet due to the fact the deck wasn't wet.

Dante's smile lasted the entire trip as the ship crashed through waves to get to the ports of Reim Dante saw it. The Coliseum a beautiful sight for Dante's eyes, the size of the Coliseum still the same as the ship began to slow Dante would hop onto the dock of Reim and speak loudly, "I'M BACK!" Dante would say slowly moving into the city calmly.



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