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02. Friends in Low Places

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1 02. Friends in Low Places on 13/09/16, 05:14 pm

Job Name: Alleyway Chaos
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100 XP|7,000 Huang
Job Overview: While the midst of a new King in the streets of Reim seem fine during the day, the nights are stalked with whispers of plans to try to attack the palace and relieve the King of his throne. While walking through the streets, you come across a group of mercenaries who are preparing to make an attempt at attacking the gates of the palace. They decide to instead turn their weapons on you. After taking them down, you report the incident to a City Official and they reward you for your service.


Enemy Name: Mercenaries x 4
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: 1 C-Tier
Feather Feet: Mercenaries are capable of moving at speeds of 15 m/s.
Back Scratch: Mercenaries attack using the back of their fist, dealing D-Tier Damage.
Twisted Strike: The mercenaries swung their arms up diagonally, striking C-Tier Damage.

All of their swords deal C-Tier damage.

The sight was truly unsettling. While a large stretch separated the collective from the grandiose entrance to the palace (100m), it seemed few came to its defense. Or rather few knew of the ill intentions meant for the monarchy of Reim.

Secretly, within the shadows of the grand kingdom, rumors of betrayal and rebellion flooded the channels of illicit information. Talks of insurgence were normally seen as treason, however, when a large enough group shared a common goal, it was easy to keep such horrible news from the ears of those more virtuous or duty-bound. It was a sad sight, knowing fully that individuals only came together so strongly in times of pessimism, but opted out of such collective effort to better the world. The alternative to bad echoed sentiments of good-natured actions, which spawned boredom in the eyes of many. Still, someone had to derail such a plan before they lost their lives at the hands of truly disciplined and merciless guardsmen.

Now, you can either turn away peacefully or die at the hands of the Royal Guard--- the choice is yours,” the Fanalis sighed, standing a mere several meters (5) from the group of four. While they were armed with pitch forks and lesser weapons of non-destruction, Azrael stood, Damocles attached to his back as the massive blade imposed some fear in the eyes of his opponents. If it weren’t from the resolve they held, and the fact that they had come too far to turn around, the man truly believed this could’ve been ended well before bloodshed painted the Reim empire streets.

Or an alternative,” He smiled, knowing the latter of the three options appeared to be the more serviceable. “Fight me and this random guy over there! You win, we back off and let you do your thing, and when you happen to lose, you return home and avoid death,” Without much care to who would be selected as his partner, the Fanalis simply pointed out towards his right, reaching into the crowd of surrounding patrons who watched with conflicting emotions. Enclosed in a circular manner, there was nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide. If Azrael would be joined by the randomly selected combatant (Styx) combat could ensue soon thereafter. Hopefully I would be over before the knights arrived and distributed their might upon the poor souls who thought themselves strong enough to challenge the power of a king.

Stamina: 195/195
Magoi: 30/30
Word count: 404/1000

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2 Re: 02. Friends in Low Places on 13/09/16, 07:58 pm


Magnos had just arrived in the Reim empire, his movement was swift through the town during the day, he had rented a seemingly run down room from a bar maid, it was roughly a block from the main entrance to the Reim empire, it was dark, Magnos enjoyed this type of environment most due to the fact it reminded him of seclusion, he moved through the dark streets his red hair flowing as he took each step, his crimson eyes seemed to pierce the soul as he noticed another one of his kind, a Fanalis on a mission apparently not too smart confronting a group of men, he didn't seem the most durable but Magnos would not simply count him out as he saw the man speak.

Magnos wasn't the brightest as his steps seemed to draw him closer, but his Fanalis instincts were strong enough to over hear the words "Fight, Win, Death" made Magnos creak his neck and squeeze his fist together moving his right hand to his robes middle section tugging roughly forcing the fabric apart with a slight tear as his arms would pull through the sleeves his dark grin would show, all Fanalis would have this due to there battle loving nature as Magnos's grin would show clearly, Magnos would see the man point towards him, this would be the mans mistake as Magnos would begin sprinting from a few meters(5), this would be obvious to anyone who would belong on the battle field.

Magnos wouldn't make much small talk as his white scale like hand and the rest of his body would wiz past the man(Azreal), and into the group of the sinners, Magnos would only deem it such, they were surrounded in pure darkness, strapped in lots of battle gear that may let them fight at a high potential, Magnos could not let them get prepared as his first move. His right hand with horse like speeds and C tier bare damage would grip upon the far left soldiers head gripping harshly against the skull, the scales on Magnos's hand pressed hard against the skull as Magnos began to carve a dark curious grin into his lips before snapping back into his normal mood as he would hear a sheathe open he would hope it was his ally, but Magnos would look and see as the second to first on the left would Twist Strike at Magnos, the man(Azreal) seemed close enough to save Magnos however the attack itself was off set, and would only land in the facial area of Magnos's body.

(Wc 400, (Same pools))

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3 Re: 02. Friends in Low Places on 13/09/16, 11:03 pm

It wouldn’t take long for the events to escalate drastically. Without warning and lacking hesitation, the red-haired man creeped from the depths of the crowd, only to sprint forward viciously into the group of mercenaries. In truth, from the hair and eyes alone, one could simply deduce the stranger was of Falanis origins. Still, it was odd selecting one randomly from a crowd, knowing the rarity of their breed and how most were selected for various human trafficking and labor forces throughout the world. It was nice to see another free one, or at least what Azrael assumed to be a free man.

As he ripped into the collective body of oppositions, Azrael looked on carefully, his eyes calculating each step as his smile intensified. While attempting to maintain his composure, the sheer bloodlust that came with being of such a refined warrior face easily overtook its vessel at times. In reality, the man was struggling this very moment to not act carelessly and jump into the heat of battle without a plan. Still, something had to be done as the stranger (Styx) clasped one individual, only to have his life threatened by another who reacted to the man’s onslaught with a blade attempting to crash down.

Sprinting forward, Azrael—with blinding speeds—advanced and easily made his way to intercept the attack. With a powerful fist, he would thrust his knuckles into the shoulder of the occupied hand. The force alone easily interrupting the execution of the Twist Strike and would serve to further damage him. The attack alone was enough to force the mercenary to cry out in pain, knowing a bone had been broken upon contact. This was only answered by a spinning heel kick from Azrael, who leaped into the air, delivering his attack instantly following the success of the first. The ending result being the opposition falling to the ground unconscious as both attacks were critically placed for the most damage possible.

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4 Re: 02. Friends in Low Places on 15/09/16, 04:55 pm


Alexander would let out a sigh as the blade would miss him, hearing a brutal crack from the mans shoulder after Alexander would grin as his rage would begin to build, the whole idea of a bloody battle excited Alexander as he would watch his companion beat the man he counted two more bodies left, his right hand dripping with crimson droplets slowly crashing to the ground, his companion almost three feet from him caused for a little sanctuary as Alexander would grin his foot grinding into the dirt harshly before Alexander would bolt out, the men on the right were looking quiet odd, they didn't have much armor, like at all as Alexander's hand would meet the far right mans head moving him further from the other man, his feet lifted from the ground as Alexander would run five roughly feet from the other guard as the guard whose head laid on Alexanders hand would smash into the wall harshly and without fear.

The man's head seemed to crack as the force applied was far beyond his durability as Alexander's smile would grow as he would smash the man's head several more times against the wall, turning back to see what the other man was up to (Azreal) and what the guard lacking in skill obviously having two fanalis smash through them with little to no problem, Alexander's right hand covered in blood his eyes grew colder than normal as he'd begin to think 'Why does it feel so good...' Alexander would think releasing his grip of the man as he would watch for the guard and the man that Alexander thought was going to win with no problem, Alexander planned to introduce himself after all the men were disposed of, wanted to get the work out of the way to avoid any further problems in the city.


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