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Lowly road to Reim(travel)

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1 Lowly road to Reim(travel) on 13/09/16, 02:14 pm


Alexander's outfit slightly trailed behind in the wind as his movement was quick to the docks, his hand rubbing against the boat with his defective hand with what seem to be a disgusting look on his face he never really got used to his scaly hand as he began to climb onto the boat slowly walking to the ship's captain, the man was tall and bulky, he had a beard that stretched low to his chest and spoke very loudly, not at all aggressive more of an authority type of tone.

He spoke with what seemed with a boom "Welcome to me vessel, please do not break anything, this will be a short trip through the open seas nothing more, if you do not go to your rooms now we will have the guards take you to your rooms, the tides are too strong and can tear you straight from the ship" the man said as everyone scattered to their quarters, Alexander slowly paced behind, not too scared of the ship's crew the water and cold air made him want to be in solitary confinement anyways as he entered his room he felt higher waves as he began to mutter "Are we in the open seas yet?" Alexander would wonder as his left hand slowly rubbed his right hand "I need to join the Coliseum soon....So I need to lose my pacifistic ways..." Alexander would mutter standing and slowly beginning to do push ups on the hard wood floor he would stumble with most smashes from randomly placed waves and turbulence, Alexander bending his body to the waves as the ship would slow Alexander would stand and exit his quarters heading up the stairs to see the land of Reim roughly thirty meters from the ship, it had hit a rock in the shores as Alexander looked closer he noticed only one plank had snapped he made his way downward as the ship would derail off the rock Alexander would be trailing around the back of the ship as it moves slowly sinking and within ten meters the entire bedding area was flooded, Alexander unhooked himself from the rope and climbed to the tops as the reached the port of Reim the boat was almost sunk the captain was in tears on a life raft as Alexander standing on the tallest pillar jumped two meters onto the dock of Reim, he was surprised by the trip as he didn't bring anything he lost nothing, his regards were to the people who lost items as he began to enter Riem.

WC:400 travel complete

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